9 Telegram features have changed messaging forever

9 Telegram features have changed messaging forever
9 Telegram features have changed messaging forever

Telegram is turning nine years old today! The messaging app started in 2013 and has since become one of the fastest growing messaging apps in the world. It continues to surprise its users with new features. We looked back at some of Telegram’s most impactful features and put together a selection of nine features that we think have changed messaging forever.

Today marks Telegram’s 9th birthday and in such a short time, it has made a big impact on messaging. With 700 million users worldwide, the app is continuing to grow and develop new ways to monetize its features. Despite all of the changes, one thing has remained constant since the beginning – Telegram’s creativity when it comes to messaging apps.

The tumultuous start of Telegram

Telegram is one of the fastest-growing messaging apps in the world; however, it also happens to be the messaging app that enables the spread of conspiracy theories and criminal activities. Being controversial טלגראס קישור is nothing new for Telegram, as it has had a tumultuous history since the beginning.

This all started with the Pavel and Nikolai Durov, brothers who developed VK – Russia’s largest social media platform. In 2013, when the government requested they delete some pages and hand over private user data, the brothers refused.

These 9 Telegram features have revolutionized messaging

Telegram is a messaging app that prioritizes privacy and security for its users. Its features include end-to-end encryption for conversations, which means that these chats are not stored in the Telegram cloud and are therefore un hackable. Aside from its privacy features, Telegram also offers other cool features that have inspired other messaging apps, such as group chats, self-destructing messages, and more.

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1. Reaction to messages

Telegram was the first messaging app to allow users to respond to messages with immediate reactions, which was a huge hit! It’s a great way to show an immediate response without cluttering up the thread. Now, other messaging apps are playing catch-up. WhatsApp only introduced the feature this year.

2. Interactive stickers

Stickers are a great way to add some personality to your messages, and Telegram has a great selection of stickers to choose from. WhatsApp also has a sticker feature, but it’s not as easy to use as Telegram’s, and the stickers aren’t as cool or fun. Not convinced? All we’ll say is: where else can you find fire-spitting unicorns?!

3. Editing sent messages

One of the great things about Telegram is that it has an editing button for messages, something that most other messaging apps don’t have. This really sets apart from the competition. And it’s had an impact! WhatsApp has announced this year that they are working on editing button, and even Twitter is now looking at ways to allow users to edit their tweets.

4. Messages that self-destruct

Telegram’s auto-destruction feature is a safety measure that allows for messages to self-destruct in secret chats and private cloud chats. With this feature, users can set a timer to watch messages go “poof”.