000webhost- Ultimate Stop For Free Web Hosting

000webhost- Ultimate Stop For Free Web Hosting
000webhost- Ultimate Stop For Free Web Hosting

A website is the heart and soul of online advertising and helps your content to reach more of Internet users. Nowadays, building a website hardly requires any knowledge of web design or web development due to the availability of a large number of free website building services. Thus, the main hassle is not web development, but the web hosting.

Your website’s design might be flawless, but if it is not hosted properly, all the efforts will go to waste. Now, you may have seen that there is an array of web hosting services on the internet but guess what? None of them can compete with the prowess of 000webhost.

000webhost.com is a free web hosting service provider that hosts a large number of small websites on the internet. It has been providing excellent services relentlessly with 11 years of industry leadership. It supports almost all kinds of databases such as PHP, MySQL, and Cpanel, with absolutely no advertisements.

Exclusive Features of 000WebHosting

Before proceeding with the features of premium plans, you should first know about the benefits and features offered by the regular or free package before you purchase a premium plan from 000webhost for added benefits. It is indeed very impressive that 000WebHosting can offer so many features for free, making it undoubtedly the best web hosting service among all. The features of the free package are listed below:

1. Leader in Free Web Hosting

000webhost is one of the best web hosts that provide its services for free, without any advertisements and formalities. It has a very high Google ranking which is also one of the reasons why it has millions of users. The best part of all these is the fact that you can publish your domain for zero cost. Although it offers premium packages with added benefits, the free package itself has enough benefits to host a website properly and effortlessly. You just need to sign up and begin your work.

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2. 99% Uptime Availability

Uptime percentage is a dependable measure to check how good a Web hosting service provider is at keeping their servers up and running. A high uptime percentage means that their servers are active and running for almost all the time, barring any technical difficulties and hence any site you host would also stay active almost all the time as well. 000websitehosting guarantees you a 99% uptime where servers can even reach a magnificent 99.9% uptime. Moreover, it is probably the only free web hosting service that gives you a proof of their guarantee. If you are skeptical about their promises of a high uptime, then you can check out their live monitoring feature which assesses the uptime percentages.

3. Huge Database Support: PHP, MySQL, cPanel and more

000webhost supports a large number of database formats, unlike most of the free webhosts. It supports PHP and MySQL with almost no restrictions, hence making it stand out from the rest of the free webhosts. It also gives free cPanel web hosting, which is quite impressive for a service that is provided for free. Moreover, other than PHP and MySQL, it also supports other databases such as Curl, GD2, Zend, XML, fopen (), PHP sockets, loncube, Loader, .htaccess and many more.

4. Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

No other free webhost can provide such a strong bandwidth and a large storage space as 000webhost. Here, every account receives a large space and bandwidth with unmetered links and connections to the servers. The free package gives you an impressive 1000 MB disk space and a 10000 MB bandwidth.

5. In-Built Free Website Builder

000webhost helps you create your website within minutes in a hassle-free process. It has a lot of free templates that you can work with. No elaborate knowledge for web designing is required when you use this website builder. You just need to select your preferred template, add your content and publish. You can create website elements like a gallery, contact form, banner, subpages and a lot more with just a click.

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6. Easy Website Installer

000webhost helps you install CMS scripts without any hassle. You do not require knowledge of web development to install CMS scripts as this is the first free web hosting service provider that enables you automatically install a large CMS script easily. The autoinstallation feature is designed to make installing scripts easy. It offers you over 50 popular scripts and hence helps you turn your website into a brilliant resource.

7. Make Money Online by Referral

The unique feature of 000webhosting is that it offers an affiliate program to make money online by promoting their products. It is a very easy way to make money and requires few simple steps. You just need to sign up and get your referral code. You will then have to share the personal promo link online through social media, forums or personal website. You will collect points for every registration that was made through your promo link. They provide a satisfying amount of money ranging from $5 by referring five users and $100 by referring 100 users.

Pricing and Packages

There are three kinds of packages:

000webhost- Ultimate Stop For Free Web Hosting
000webhost- Ultimate Stop For Free Web Hosting

1.    Free Web Hosting: It gives 1000 MB disk space and 10000 MB bandwidth. It enables free domain hosting, two websites, 2 MySQL and sleeps for 1 hour daily.

2.    Premium-Silver Web Hosting ($3.49 Per Month): It offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space and hosts unlimited websites. It also prevents your website from sleeping.

3.    Business-Gold Web Hosting ($7.95 Per Month): It has all the features of the silver plan, with additional benefits of live support and issues free SSL certificate to protect your website from cyber threats.

 is possibly the best free web hosts among the rest, providing you with the best basic features for free. However, if you want additional security and consistent performance, then it is best to opt for premium plans. Web hosting is an important part of running a website, so you need to choose and invest cautiously.

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