10 Best Travel Apps To Use for Android in 2017

10 Best Travel Apps to Use In 2017

Travelling is really amazing since it brings us the astounding option to get out of our regular hectic schedule and cherish ourselves with peers and family. However, going to an unknown land often brings in some trouble along with itself that in turn may ruin the entire travel plan.

In today’s fast-paced world, when all our solutions are confined to the smart phones, planning a trip is not at all a big deal. Another big issue arises when you have made a plan and unfortunately, the bad weather ruins your plan. WeatherBug offers the provision to the travellers through which they can trace the weather conditions, humidity percentage and thus, plan their trip accordingly.

Here are some best travel apps for the year 2017:

1. Skyscanner

This app covers making provisions for hotels, rental cars and flights. It also lets you see the cheapest dates to fly through your month calendar.

2. Yelp

This helps you get the range of prices regarding the famous travel spots. The app offers a category where you can explore the latest deals and a sorted list of destinations at affordable rates.

3. WeatherBug

The weather of the location is the sole focus when you are planning a trip and for that, there can be no better application other than WetherBug. It offers you a detailed overview regarding the humidity, temperature and lighting to be predicted around the place in the days to come. Moreover, the Doppler Radar effect presents the precipitation range and the speed of hail or snow around the location.

4. Gasbuddy

This is an excellent app with flexible options that allows you to locate the nearest gas station. In a foreign place, where you know nothing, if you cannot find the requisite stuff, it can certainly create a big trouble for you and a gas station is one of those important elements affecting your tour.

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5. Google Trips

It is a single place that allows you to plan your trip and carry out your reservations at ease. The user friendly platform of this app helps you search the sites of attraction and thus, you get to know about the nearby destinations. You can also use this app in the offline mode without access to the web connection.

6. Kayak

Kayak is regarded as the go to trip planning destination for a good deal of reasons. It searches across a lot of travel sites and helps you fetch the best accommodation when it comes to booking rental cars, hotels as well as flights. You also get price alerts and learn whether you should grab the deal later or wait a bit. It acts as an amazing trip planner offering all information details at just a glance like a hotel number and more.

7. Google Translate

It is quite obvious for us to be unaware of the language of a place where we have planned our forthcoming trip. However, communication is needed at every step of the journey. Hence, this app helps you to deal with the language of the place and assist you to speak in it in a way that you can at least make the people understand your requirements.

8. Hopper

This offers you push notifications wherein you learn when to buy the tickets for your next flights. It analyses and tracks billions of flights and thus is efficient to save up to forty percent of your next flight budget. It allows you to book in just sixty seconds or less by offering a simple user interface.

9. HappyCow

When you are travelling to a distant land and you are not at all aware of the kind of meals available at the place. Do not let yourself starve for days. Rather use this app and track the vegetarian and vegan restaurants at the location to make your meal orders.

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10. Booking.com

It stands to be one of the most popular travel apps that feature more than one million motels and hotels. You can also track information about the nearby landmarks, local attractions and similar other attributes in a travel location using this app.

These apps will surely make your travelling go at ease.