20 Fun Facts About Bill Gates You Probably Don’t Know

20 Fun Facts About Bill Gates You Probably Don't Know
Bill Gates Fun Facts

In 2015, The Richest Man in the World Ranked in Forbes List “Bill Gates”. He is the Computer Programmer, Investor and the Co-Founder of Giant PC Software Company “Microsoft” According to Internet Slang Some People also Called Bill Gates as American Business Magnet. Currently Bill Gates Net Worth is around 79 Billion Approx. and There are Many Interesting Facts about Bill Gates you never Know. These Interesting Facts about Bill Gates may be Useful for you to Increase you General Knowledge and It is also Amazing to Know the Fun Facts About the World’s Richest Person in the World.

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20 Fun Facts About Bill Gates You Probably Don’t Know

  1. Gates Doesn’t Know any Foreign Language – He said on Reddit Chat that “I Feel Pretty Stupid that I Don’t Know nay Foreign Languages. When He Goes to China or Japan Like Countries They Face Problem to talk with Their Presidents.
  2. Sponsor a Machine that Turns Poop into Drinking Water – This is Totally Crazy Fact that Bill Gates Sponsor a Machine that Converts Your Poop into Drinking Water.
  3. Bill Gates Earn $250 Every Second – It Means $15000 in Per Minute. It about $20 Million a Day and $7.8 Million a Year. It is amazing that One Person can Do that Shit that Every Second a Single Man can earn $250.
  4. Don’t Bother to Pick a Thousand Dollar – Bill Gates Earn $250 per second and If He Drops a Thousand Dollar, He Doesn’t Bother to Pick it Up Because There are 4 Seconds to Pick that $1000. In That Time He Already Earns it Back.
  5. Bill Gates 63th Richest Country in the World – According to World Richest Country Calculation. If Bill Gates is a Country So, He is the World 63th Richest Country in the World.
  6. Donate $15 to Everyone on Earth and Still a Millionaire – If Bill Gates Donates 15 Dollars to everyone on Earth and He is Still Have $5 Million Left in his Pocket.
  7. Michael Jordan Will Wait for 277 Years to Become a Bill Gates – The Highest Paid Athlete Michael Jordan from the United States. If He Didn’t Eat & Drink and Keep his Annual Income at $30 Million. He Will have to Wait for 277 Years to Become Rich as Bill Gates.
  8. Gates Pay US Debit by Himself in Less than 10 Years – United States’s National Debt is About $5.62 Trillion. If Bill Gates Wants to Pay the Debt by Himself. He Will Finish in Less than 10 Years.
  9. Make Road to Earth to Moon with $1 Bill and Travel 14 Times – If You Change Bill Gates Money to One Dollar Bills, You can Make a Road From Earth to Moon 14 Times Back and Forth.
  10. Gates Become a Good Coder in His School – He Writes a Computer Program for Scheduling Students in Class and He Altered the Code that He was always Placed in a Class with “Interesting Girls”.
  11. Scored 1590 from 1600 in His SATs – In SAT (Standardized Test Widely Exam for College Admissions in the USA) Exam Bill Gates Score 1590 Out of 1600. It is Pretty Amazing that SAT is a Very Difficult Paper to Pass out and Bill Gates Get 1590 Marks.
  12. Gates Become Millionaire in the Age of 30 and in 31 Became Billionaire – He Aimed to Become a Millionaire in his Age of 30 and After One Year in Age of 31 He Became Billionaire.
  13. Have No College Degree – Like Other Successful Billionaire Like Mark Zuckerberg, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs Bill Gates have No Degree.
  14. Arrested in 1977 New Mexico – Bill Gates is Arrested in 1977 New Mexico for Jumping a Red Light and Driving Without a License.
  15. Used to Fly Coach Until 1997 – Bill Gates Used to Fly Coach Until 1997, He Already Earned 35 Billion at that Time. Now He Have its Own Plane Named “Big Splurge”.
  16. Bill Gates Foundation Spends More than WHO of US – According to Survey, Bill Gate’s Foundation Spend on Global Health of World Each Year than the WHO of United States.
  17. Bought Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex for $30 Million – Bill Gates Bought Leonardo Da Vinci’s Codex in 1994 for $30 Million. Few Pages of this Codex is used s Screen Saver of Windows 95.
  18. Save Million Lives – Bill Gate’s Name is the Top List to Saving Millions of Lives with Medicine and Healthcare. He donates a Big Amount of Money to Charities and Healthcare. He almost Donates $ 28 Billion so far.
  19. Pay Annually $1 Million House Tax – Like a Big Man Bill Gates also Pay a Big Amount of Money Annually Amount One Million Dollars.
  20. Spend $1 Million a Day, Still, Need 218 Years to Spend all his Money – If Gates Spend almost 1 Million Dollars a day. It Would Take 218 Years to Spend all his Money.


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