4 Reasons to Back Up Your Company’s Computers

Your Company’s Computers
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When you think about data backup for businesses on Your Company’s Computers, you might initially think about endpoint backup, which is typically about backing up individual computers. Backing up these devices is an important part of data protection for businesses, but not enough companies do it on an incredibly regular basis. Here are four great reasons to start looking into these solutions for Your Company’s Computers and for cloud backup solutions for businesses.

  1. Laptops Are Often the Target of Theft

If your employees regularly bring their laptops with them, you need to be on high alert for the possibility of theft. Laptops are stolen regularly from both individuals and companies, and if an employee’s laptop goes missing, there are two problems: data leaking to unauthorized individuals and a loss of data from the company. Backing up your employees’ laptops essentially negate that second problem, allowing you to keep working regardless.

  1. Ransomware Attacks Are Becoming More and More Common

Some experts estimate that by 2025, as many as 75% of companies may have faced at least one ransomware attack. That means if you haven’t faced a ransomware attack in the next few years, you’ll be one of the lucky ones, and you’re unlikely to keep escaping it anytime soon. An object lock backup for your employees’ computers will ensure that if ransomware does get onto their computer, you can just wipe the device and re-upload all their information, with no loss of data and no need to pay ransoms.

  1. Data Recovery Is Often Expensive and Time-Consuming

If an employee breaks a laptop, that doesn’t necessarily mean the data is lost from that laptop; you can often bring the broken device to a data recovery expert and extract that data, which is good if there was extremely crucial data on the laptop that you don’t have anywhere else. However, data recovery is very often expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. It’s much better if you don’t have to go through the process and you can just recover the data yourself from the cloud.

  1. Device Migration Can Be Frustrating
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Technology degradation is definitely a problem that many companies struggle with, and your employees will likely have to move to new devices every few years. However, with the migration process also comes a slew of other problems, most notably that setting up the new device can be frustrating. How much easier would it be for your employees to be able to log into the cloud and just automatically download all their old data to their new device?


Backing up employees’ endpoints is one of the ways that you can keep your company safe. Whether you’re protecting your company from loss of information, you’re making it easier for employees to migrate to new devices, or you’re avoiding a trip to a data recovery expert, backing up these devices makes things easier for everyone. It’s a great way to make sure your employees always have the best access to their own information, no matter what happens to their devices.