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4 Tricks In Creating A Badass Geeky Setup

Geeky Setup

No game master or MMO royalty would settle for a dull Battlestation. Hence, a considerable segment of manufacturers has their goods ready to satisfy the demands of the geek market and Geeky Setup.

Still, achieving a badass geeky setup is easier said than done. People who were too ambitious spent a year’s worth of revenue only to have an orgy of unruly junk.

If you’re experiencing this drama, don’t blame yourself. The nerdy stuff comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Moreover, the niche is too broad that it would seem hard to find an easy fix. 

Fortunately, there are tricks to keep everything in control. Here are five clever hacks bringing that idea of a fantastic game room to life.

Theme Combinations

As the geek realm covers a wide range of references, it’s hard to stick with one theme. You might find yourself wanting to fuse two concepts in a corner or have a full immersion of pop cultures in your bedroom.

These combinations won’t be a problem, but only if they look good together. If there is enough space, use an entire wall for your gaming stuff, which may include your gamer station. On the adjacent surface, fill it up with the content of a different theme. It could be an anime or manga mural.

Retro works well with anime and gaming genres. You can add a collection of zombie tech with old consoles and still feel that everything works in harmony. As such, it is a must-try for millennials who want to relive the old days whenever they want to.

You can even keep a turntable and a collection of vinyl records. This small nostalgic arrangement may be expensive, but completing this setup is an achievement. Be frugal on the maintenance by using basic stylus cleaners and stocking up with high-quality but reasonably priced Stanton cartridge sets.

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LED Lights

LED lights take gamers into another world. They set the mood and enchant a different glow on your devices. Still, you need to practice discipline and only use a color combination that blends well.

These elements also define the theme of the space. If you want retro, you can go for neon lights that take the form of an 8-bit character. For an environment ala The Matrix, green is the go-to color.

Space-Savvy Solutions- Geeky Setup

Not having the luxury of space is a common problem for people who want to impress their guests or followers with their dreamy anime-themed rooms.

These gorgeous otaku rooms made use of smart space-savvy stratagems like using a loft bed so you can fit a mini-lounge underneath and investing in sleek glass cabinets to display a collection of figurines.

Another tip we would want to include is using a vertical configuration of decors. You would need a tall rack for your DVDs and drawers for games instead of letting them flow atop a bulky table.

Focus On Your Battlestation

Don’t force a grand idea to manifest if you work on a very limited budget. Focus on improving your PC setup and leave the collection for later. Unlike the costly figures that take time before they grow value, your tech can quickly generate revenue.

Purchase a badass CPU case, invest in a cool mechanical keyboard, and add high-definition monitors that will support your work and gaming activities.