$40,000 up for grabs if you can hack Facebook and Instagram accounts

$40000 up for grabs if you can hack Facebook and Instagram accounts

Facebook will pay you up to $40k if you can hack into Facebook or Instagram accounts.
After receiving a severe backlash from across the world after the Cambridge Analytics scandal, the Facebook team is hell bent of securing the privacy of its users. After fixing numerous security concerns on the platform, Facebook I now offering up to $40k to people who can hack a Facebook or Instagram account.

The Facebook’s bug bounty program is among the most generous in the industry. It has been running since 2011 and has successfully worked with hundreds of white hat hackers to debug numerous sections of Facebook code that were vulnerable to hacking attempts.
In a recent post, Facebook announced, “The researchers who find vulnerabilities that can lead to a full account takeover, including access tokens leakage or the ability to access users’ valid sessions, will be rewarded an average bounty of:
$40,000 if user interaction is not required at all, or
$25,000 if minimum user interaction is required.
This change applies to all products owned by Facebook, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. “

Ensuring its stand on the privacy of its users, the company has been constantly increasing the bug bounty challenges to attract talented white hat hackers and security researchers to exploit the already sure and well-built Facebook infrastructure. To elucidate the post also said, “By increasing the award for account takeover vulnerabilities and decreasing the technical overhead necessary to be eligible for bug bounty, we hope to encourage an even larger number of high-quality submissions from our existing and new white hat researchers to help us secure over 2 billion users.”

Some of the biggest holes in the infrastructure however come from apps that run on the Facebook platform and requires user permission. Controlling access to these apps is paramount in maintaining the privacy of its users.

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