5 Reasons You need to Try Disposable Vape Pens

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Over the last several years, fans of cannabis products have largely taken to vaping as their primary way of ingesting cannabis products. Whether you’re looking for THC heavy products or products with CBD only, there are surely disposable vape pens on the market that meet your desires as a cannabis user. When shopping for vape products, make sure that you pay attention to where you buy it from and what ingredients are in your products. The best hemp products are made with real plant extract, and often contain something called terpenes. These are the compounds that give the plant its flavor and smell. Keep reading for a few reasons that disposable vape pens are a great way to get the relief you need! 

Great For Beginners 

For those that might be new and interested in vaping, but feeling a little intimidated on how to get started, disposable vape pens are definitely the way to go to get started. For beginners, this low maintenance option for ingesting CBD or THC products is a user-friendly way to get a feeling for how the product works and how it will affect your body. When you purchase more advanced systems and products for ingesting cannabis, it can feel like you’ve wasted money to find out that the product doesn’t work for you or you simply don’t like it. Disposable pens are a low risk way to try a few things out! 

Easy to Use 

Disposable pens are extremely easy to use! This is another thing that makes disposable pens something that everyone interested in vaping should try at some point. Most of them require no charging, and are ready to use right out of the box. Simply unpack your product, and take a steady drag on the tip to start enjoying your cannabis product! We recommend starting slowly, and increasing your pull as you get a feeling for how the product is going to affect you. Plus, vape pens are a much easier way to control the dosage you’re getting. Edibles, tinctures and oils can often be difficult to dose correctly and often people find that they take too much or too little. With vape pens, you’ll feel the effects much faster and get a better sense for how your body will react to the product. 

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The best part about disposable vape products is that they tend to be more affordable than things like tinctures, edibles and advanced vaping systems. This makes it even better as a product to try out a few different flavors and strains without committing to a complicated battery system that uses expensive cartridges. Many brands make disposable versions of their most popular strains, so you can always go for something more intense or different later on. 


Vape pens in general are more compact and convenient than carrying around traditional flower and a pipe. Or even edibles for that matter! The odor alone can be enough to leave those at home. Disposable CBD pens are compact, discreet and easy to carry around with you in a bag, purse or backpack. These are much easier to transport compared to things like tinctures, oils and lotions that can be messy and frankly annoying to carry around! 

Explore Different Flavors and Strains 

Because they are affordable, compact and easy to use, it makes it much easier to try a few different products from your favorite brands and get a feel for what you like best. The combination of taste and feeling can differ for everyone, and one strain of cannabis might not be preferred by everyone! Whether you’re primarily seeking CBD products or products that contain THC, figuring out what you like is the best way to enjoy cannabis’s many benefits to their fullest. 

The bottom line is that disposable vape pens offer a great solution for beginners to CBD and THC products in general. They are affordable, easy to use and a great way to try out a few different popular strains for top level brands on the cannabis market. Their simplicity combined with being compact and discreet make them an easy way to enjoy your cannabis product without the hassle of carrying around oils and tinctures which can spill and leave an odor in your bag. Disposable pens can fit right into your pocket and you’re ready for your day! These are a great way for new and interested vapers to get a sense of what products and flavors they like while getting a clear understanding of how products affect their bodies. Pens offer a quicker onset than things like edibles or tinctures, so you’ll get a clear picture of whether you like it or not. Make sure to always research the products you buy, and make sure they’re made with the best ingredients out there!

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