5 Technologies That Raise Popularity Of Live Casinos!

The PR Newswire reports that – the technological advancements in the last decade have already put online casinos into a spin. They had supposedly expected a massive growth of 5.9%, reaching a whopping $500+ billion value. The Covid-19 pandemic propelled it further. The industry expects to add another $150+ billion to that fund by 2025. Massive, right? But what is the reason behind this sudden popularity of live casinos? A healthy blend of convenience and social interaction – all within the limited domain of a place (which is mostly your home). But, to all asking – what is that ‘X’ factor that fuelled this growth? Technology is the answer! 

This comprehensive post will give you a precise insight into the key reasons behind this growth and the types of technology that providers of live casinos use to ease the client’s demands. Let’s give you the details –

Why are live casinos so popular? 

The key reasons that have backed the rise of live casinos include the realistic experience, the coterie of available games, the high bonuses and returns, and the reliable streaming quality. Another characteristic feature that has surpassed all these points is the precise use of technology. In fact, when you connect with live casino websites like the 777 casino, you can get to see for yourself how live casinos utilize technology to enhance the returns and upgrade the bonus levels. 

Thus, the player’s chances of a complete loss/failure are reduced marginally, and even in the worst of games, he gets a standard return. One may vouch for the fact that – technology has been able to increase the winning percentage of the players and upgrade the security levels – which in the long run has only bettered the clint-dealer relationship. Thanks to technological advancements, the player is awarded visually enchanting streaming, which invariably improves the gaming experience. Clearly, technology has turned out to be a strong package. 

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So, do you want to know which type of technology these casino games use? Also, how have they eased the demands? Read here – 

What technologies are used in live casinos? 

In this section, you will get details of the plethora of technologies used and their range of positives – 

  • Video Streaming Technology 

This concept is associated with the – usage of HD cameras to steam the dealer’s feeds to the player’s desktop in real-time. Therefore, as the players and dealers are involved in this game, they can interact with each other, compete, and throw game deals – all at once in the current time. Apart from the fact that it is highly thrilling, this also gives an opportunity for the players to change the flow of the game and win back, even in the worst of games. 

  • Blockchain Technology 

As you are already aware, the unchangeable ledger has benefitted and secured multiple business domains; in the casino business it has opened up a new payment mode for starters. Since it is a decentralized format, it has brought the utmost transparency to the gameplay. Along with that, this has also allowed players to cover their identity, track their gaming ways, and ensure that they get positive returns. 

  • Random Number Generators (RNG)

This is one of the biggest positives that technology has brought forth. The concept of RNGs implies that the outcomes of the game are random. Targeting the menacing practice of predetermined outcomes wherein only a section of people/a person wins rounds after rounds, this uses number generators to pick out the winner randomly. Hence, cheating and untoward losses in the game are reduced to nil! 

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

If you compare the current gaming standards with those of previous times, you will see that the winning rate for every player is higher. In fact, the chances of a complete washout are marginally reduced. It is here that the technology of optical character recognition is put to use. The stacked bar charts and other pie graphs help to keep the game fair and detect discrepancies in the game (any external force meddling with the strategy of the game or phishing attempts). Thus, it heightens the gaming experience and maintains the security as well.

  • Metaverse – A new addition 
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The latest technology that has intervened in the domain of live casinos is – the Metaverse. For the unversed, Metaverse is a digital gathering space, and now players can interact with each other in this space while they are within their characters. This has, therefore enhanced the levels of virtual reality and allows the players a supreme gaming experience they previously were not privy to. 

How technology has enhanced security? 

You have read about the various technologies behind these live casinos and how they have ensured the consistent rise of live casinos. What is left to note is – the security levels that they bring along. 

Unlike previous times, live casinos in the current times, due to their wide prevalence and utmost engagement, use technology to secure their outings. Whether it is a stringent checking system or constant identification queries, every online casino has a minimum of 2-3 layers of secure connection. This has certainly improved the reliability of the client base, who now are assured that their hard-earned money or a chunk of their gaming investment will not vanish. Also, phishing rates have declined considerably – giving way to a higher number of first-time players turning into patrons. 

Clearly, if this trend continues, undoubtedly, reaching the expected figures in terms of online casino business will become much easier. 

Parting words 

Whether you are an avid gamer or a newbie traversing this domain, you have seen for yourself – how live casinos are already gaining popularity and how the use of different types of technology has fuelled its rise. The Covid-19 pandemic did hurt the global business domain vastly, but the online casino market flourished during this period. Therefore, on a parting note, if we have to state a cautionary note, it would simply be – that though technology has secured and upscaled the standards of casinos, as a responsible individual, you must check the casino’s background which you are trading with. 

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