6 Year Old, all alone post Father’s Death: Saves Mother’s life through pictures

(Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A Michigan girl of 6 years, merely was left behind all alone to look after herself for 24 hours while her father lay down dead and her mother was unconscious.

Police Chief Terence Green of Mt. Morris Township on being asked about the incident told WJRT, that according to the evidence present on the spot of the mishap the man and his 36-year-old wife overdosed with the illegal substance which found in their home during the interrogation.

According to Greene’s addition to the interrogation, the 6-year-old had tried to awaken her parents the moment she found them lying on a mattress out of action, on Thursday. She informed the police that immediately threw water on them, but none of the two returned to their conscious state.

Helpless of what to do next, the girl eventually started taking photos of her parents who were lying on the mattress. Soon with the help of Facebook Messenger, she sent those pictures to her grandparents who were residing in Tennessee. It is her grandparents who after coming across the pictures called up the authorities and informed them about the incident within no time. This was what Green told after his interrogation and spot examination.

Tho other policemen in addition to the interrogation of the incident told that they saw a pit bull gnawing on the 40-year-old man’s face.

Police credited the brave girl child for being able to save her step-mother’s life. Her mother is still hospitalized, but she is seen to be not at all cooperating in the investigation procedure.

The girl, post the incident has been taken to live with her biological mother. The interrogation on the same event is continuing.

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