7 Ways Modern Robots Can Transform Your Business

Transform Your Business

Transform Your Business7 Ways Modern Robots Can Transform Your Business

Robot adoption has been on a steady rise in recent years with a notable surge in sales witnessed during the pandemic period. If you are still fence-sitting or are yet to transition to robotics for automation, then you may be missing out on a trend that might affect future competitiveness.  Here are seven proven ways modern robots can transform your business.

Robots and Cost Reduction- Cut Production Cost

A single robot can greatly reduce your cost of production by handling more tasks and being more efficient than human workers. Modern six-axis industrial robots can be customized to handle several tasks at the same time or seamlessly move from one task to another. 

Most companies that have moved to automation using modern industrial robots have seen upwards of 60% in cost reduction. 

Sometimes adding robots to your setup does not necessarily have to mean replacing workers especially if most of them are skilled. Modern collaborative robots or intelligent robotic arms are designed to help skilled workers be more efficient and effective. The cost incurred in performing everyday tasks will decrease significantly as there will be: 

  • Less wastage– Using a robot arm to perform routine tasks means workers can be more precise or accurate with measurements and how they utilize materials which translate to less wastage. For instance, if you run a food processing company and have workers prepare and mix ingredients using cobots, they won’t waste as much.
  • Fewer Downtimes-Machines or robots are made to operate on a 24-hour schedule without stopping. This means you can get more done at less costs
  • Allow creative use of time– Your workers will spend less time doing routine tasks that can be automated with a robot. This means fewer manhours and reduced labor costs
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Many businesses that use robots or are thinking of adding them to their production setup usually do it because they want to reduce the costs associated with workers. In a fast-paced world where demand can push your production to the edge, automation can greatly reduce your staff overheads, especially in peak periods. 

Increased Productivity 

Robots are generally known to increase productivity by a huge margin where they are deployed properly and potential their potential maximized.  When you use robots in tasks they are good at like picking and placing items, sorting through stuff, or doing mundane tasks like mixing raw materials, you will see your production numbers skyrocket with the same or lower costs. 

Of course, robots cannot be used for every task in all businesses. Some tasks such as customer support or creative problem solving are best left to human workers. A new trend in the use of robots outside traditional factories is the pairing of humans with robots.

For instance, major e-commerce warehousing providers now deploy robots alongside human workers to boost their productivity. In these setups, a single worker can do work that could have taken ten or more workers to complete if they didn’t have robot assistance. 

Automation Helps in Employee Development and Retention- Transform Your Business

Employee development and retention are some of the key functions of human resource management teams in modern organizations. However, in a labor-competitive business environment and rising costs of production, accomplishing these two important tasks can be difficult for most managers. Using robots to help workers can help your business attract, develop and retain skilled workers.

Robots take the routine, tiring, and potentially dangerous tasks away from your skilled workers allowing them to concentrate on more important tasks that they enjoy doing.  This can greatly increase staff morale and make your company more attractive to top talent in your industry.  Studies have actually shown in the past that companies that have embraced automation usually attract the best-skilled workers and rarely have to deal with employee turnover. 

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Robots Will Make Your Business Price Competitive

In the past decade or so, any company, especially those in manufacturing, that needed to stay in business and compete with cheap imports had to move their factories abroad where labor is cheaper and other production costs lower. However, this no longer has to be the case if businesses can see the potential automation has to make them more price competitive. 

By using robots to produce goods in a country where labor is expensive, you give yourself a chance to compete with cheap imports.  This has been the only way for countries like the United States to bring factories back home in recent years and it has been a huge hit so far. One can argue that the robots that were meant to take away jobs are bringing jobs back to these countries. 

Robots Will Improve Your End Product

Being machines that rely on software and precise calibration to perform tasks, robots have better precision than human workers. For example, you can see a clear difference in the quality of a paint job done at the factory using robots and that done by humans in a body shop. Using robots in producing your goods will definitely reduce human error and inaccuracy for a better-quality end product. 

For the longest time, this has been the challenge small or upcoming businesses have had to deal with. In most cases, bigger companies with resources can mass-produce high-quality products consistently while smaller businesses struggle with the same. Luckily, the emergence of new, cheaper robots made for small and medium-sized enterprises has changed that. SMEs can now purchase cheap robots or access expensive robots using the robot as a service (RaaS) business model. 

Robots Can Help with Compliance

Anyone who has been involved with the production of consumer goods knows the compliance pitfalls they have to deal with regularly. This problem is often exacerbated if you are having human workers handle your products from start to finish or manufacturing abroad. Robots and automation in general help businesses refine and standardize their production process thus guaranteeing compliance. 

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Investing in robots is usually a big decision for most businesses but their ROI is always quick and worth it. Transform your business today by automating using modern robotic solutions.