8 Skills Your Laravel Developers Must Possess


Laravel has become one of the most famous PHP frameworks in the last few years, so it’s not surprising that the demand for developers who can work with the Laravel Framework has increased in a significant way.

A Laravel developer should always intend to create robust and safe solutions for each project and satisfy the user’s needs or solve various problems.

However, not all developers have the necessary skills and talent to become what you desire. That’s why hiring Laravel developers through a global talent network is a smart move since, even though the market is global, there aren’t as many top developers as you may think. Hiring via a talent network allows you to choose from a large talent pool and find the most suitable developers for your project.

Still, what to look for and which skills to address remains the main question. Therefore, we will see the top ten skills your future Laravel developer must have.

Let’s start.

Patience Is Necessary

A Laravel developer must have the patience to work on complex projects. The more complex the project, the more patience they’ll need to finish the work in the best possible way.

The developer can only solve one problem simultaneously, even though many have multitasking skills. However, it often requires some time to view the big picture and find the minor things that must be done. Your developers will sometimes have to test again and again to find errors, and this isn’t possible without patience; therefore, patience is a virtue in the development world.

In short, your developers have to be patient enough to understand things and move forward after many failed attempts, and this takes determination and time, and the fundamental of it is patience.

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Self-Learning Habits

Another crucial skill for any Laravel developer is to have self-learning habits since it’s precious when they teach themselves by their own will.


Because it saves a lot of time and money and reflects interest and proactivity in your company, which improves them and the business simultaneously. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay them for training programs or courses if necessary, but it’s even better when a developer has the willingness to learn something new all the time.

Great Communication

Great communication is not just about talking but also about listening. So, properly expressing opinions, ideas, challenges, and visions is more than necessary for the decision-making process. 

Furthermore, great communication is necessary both for communicating with technically knowledgeable developers and colleagues from other departments and clients who don’t know a thing about Laravel. If a developer is a great communicator, they can explain things, even to people who don’t know anything about development.

Teamwork Awareness

Every Laravel developer needs to have teamwork awareness and a strong will to work together with other people since every project is a collaboration. Without teamwork, nothing is possible, especially if they don’t know how to avoid internal and external conflicts, always react negatively to feedback, and so on.

Every Laravel developer ends up working in a team at some point in their career, and the same goes for your future Laravel employees. Therefore, they have to know how to keep track of others, collaborate, accept others’ opinions, motivate, etc. 

In essence, many people know how to use Laravel, but only a few of them have the necessary teamwork awareness to move your company forward.

Talent to See Details

One of the crucial skills your Laravel developer should possess is detail-orientedness since they have to be able to look at the big picture and make sure all details are thoroughly checked and there are no errors.

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Of course, this isn’t easy, and developers with this skill are considered better than others who don’t. In short, each good developer has the talent to see details, but only a few of them are truly great at this aspect – those are the ones you should hire.

One Whose Brain Is Highly Analytical

A developer’s brain has to be analytical to work as a developer in the first place, but a high-quality developer needs to provide something more than asking the right questions and reviewing things from a different perspective.

A great Laravel developer should be able to go beyond simply searching for solutions to issues and analyzing them and be able to offer something different that others can not think of. It’s easy to watch a Laravel tutorial and beneficial as well, but it’s something else to know how to offer a different solution.

What differentiates a good from a great developer is being able to analyze and find solutions fast since deadlines are all over the place.

A Desire to Be Active in Online Communities

“I know that I know nothing,” said Socrates, and this is a definition by which even the best developers in the world should live by because the development world is constantly evolving.

Therefore, you should hire a Laravel developer who has the desire to be active in many Laravel communities since they are a place where they can learn a lot from other developers, offer their knowledge to exchange experiences and ask for help any time they have a problem. 


Lastly, your Laravel developer should have the ability to empathize with and understand team members and the problems they face to find a way to make the process function for everyone.

They can have the best technical knowledge in the world, but it won’t mean anything if they don’t have a sense of empathy because suggesting new ideas is much easier when there’s an understanding between team members. If empathy is present, there won’t be negative feedback and fear of saying something, no matter how anyone feels about an idea.

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The same rule applies to empathizing with clients and users since if they have empathy, they will be able to view things from their perspective.

Since now you know what to look for, it’s time to start the Laravel developer hiring process!