(9+) Tricks for Finding Cheap Products !

Best Free Android Productivity Apps For Business
Best Free Android Productivity Apps For Business

The Internet is a huge marketplace with thousands of online shops. Most people just look for good-looking products and buy them. Economists shop around for tricks and coupons to save their hard earned money. This guide offers tricks and life-hacks to help you find the best deals while shopping online.

Add Coupon Browser Extensions

There is some victory in paying for products online using coupons. Thanks to browser extensions, you don’t have to spend hours searching for coupon codes. Add browser extensions that help you hunt for deals on all major retailers.

Best Free Android Productivity Apps For Business

Some extensions like couponfollow.com do all the hard work. They find coupons from all major retailers and apply them whenever you shop on those retailers.  You can maximize your savings by using additional tools like price comparison platforms. Sign up for newsletters and install additional browser extensions.

Use Student Discounts

If you are a student, you can save up to 10% of an item’s value by taking advantage of student discounts. You don’t have to be a student to get the coupons. Many retailers simply ask for a school ID or an email address form your college’s domain. Of course, some may find it wrong. But if your ethics are flexible, don’t miss out on the deals.

Best Android Apps for College Students

Retailers mostly offer students discounts related to laptops, books, software programs and other items used in school. Since students are often a huge audience for software companies, students’ deals are run regularly. Follow the brands on Twitter and Facebook and you will never buy tech products at the retailers’ price.

Use Rebate Sites

Before you checkout, download a rebate app to check whether they have offers for the same products. Rebate sites are paid to direct traffic to retailers. They share their commission with you to keep you loyal to them. A typical rebate site can save you between 2% and 20% of the products you purchase.

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Rebate sites usually have a set of rules you must follow to qualify for deals. Some require that you shop using their links severally before you can qualify for a rebate. A few use point-based systems so that the more rebate points you accumulate, the better off you become at earning points. Sign up with more than one rebate site to maximize your savings.

Join the Membership Reward Program

Many online retailers thrive through repeat customers. They offer discounts, great customer services and all types of bonuses to ensure customers keep shopping on their website. If you have a favorite retailer, make sure to check whether they have a membership program.

Most membership programs ask for personal details like your email address and buying habits. Starting the same day, you start receiving discounts and coupon codes for products you’ve probably wished you could buy. Members often get higher discounts than new comers because the retailers understand you are most likely to purchase again.

Use Different Profiles and Browsers

If you shop on the same retailer regularly, you may not get the same discounts as new customers. You’re already a customer and don’t require much enticing to buy again. The merchants use all forms of stalking techniques to ensure you don’t view their offers for new members.

Delete your cookies regularly and use a different profile whenever you can. The retailer will lure you all sorts of offers thinking you are a new customer. Once you are at the checkout, they can’t back off their discount simply because your name or credit card number looks familiar.

Avoid Geo-Targeting

The top brands set different prices for different customers. Upper-class neighbourhood shoppers have their own pricing which is often more expensive than suburban or rural area members. Use a VPN to conceal your real home location and get the retailer’s average prices. Alternatively, compare prices when you are away versus while at home. If the prices differ, use a VPN or shop only while at work.

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If you are a brand loyalist, follow your favourite retailers on social media. When new products are launched, everyone gets the same deal. It’s only after the brands start advertising do they offer different deals for varying sets of people.

Fill your Shopping Cart and Abandon it

Several retailers are known to entice customers with discounts when they appear to be ignoring their shopping carts. Things get better when you try cancelling the cart list. After shopping around and picking items, no retailers want you to bail out at the last step.

So, just do it. Add items to your cart list and wait for several days before making the purchase. You might just get a 20% discount you could otherwise missed-out if you purchased immediately.

Use Gift Cards

Large brands ask you to fill out surveys in exchange for gift cards. If you are free, have fun being part of the companies’ market research surveys. A typical gift card is worth $5, but some can be worth $50 or more. Some people also sell their gift cards for money less their ideal value.  With the cards, you can save on your next Xbox purchase. Save money for groceries or even fees.

Shop Around

The first retailer you go to is rarely the cheapest. Companies price their items differently even when the products are similar in every way. Save money by understanding the average price of a product. Bestreviews.guide includes prices from different retailers and displays the best deals to save you time.

You can also do the comparisons manually. Visit a retailer you love and check their prices for products you are after. Make sure the products are not different in terms of quality as you won’t be getting the same value. If you are purchasing electronic products like smartphones, the manufacturer’s websites tend to offer the best deal.

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Purchase an item after doing 2-3 comparisons. Save time by using widely available tools, referral sites and even rebate platforms. Shopping around can save you up to half of what some retailers price the same product.

To Conclude

Never rush to check out items online. The best deals aren’t far away. Make the effort of finding gift cards and coupons. Join membership reward programs and ask for discounts if you have to. Many are the cases you will save money and get the quality products others purchase at expensive rates.