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5+ Best Ways to Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive (2020)

We All have a Computer or laptop we use it for so many purposes like online work, education, entertainment, online shopping and so more. We use the internet for sharing data with friends and downloading Movies, Games, Songs, Software, and thus more. When we use the internet, it can infect our computer with viruses, trojans like malicious threats.

So you have to protect your computer by using the best and top-rated Antivirus. Every one use pen drive and when we use an infected pen drive on our computer or laptop. Pen drive automatically creates shortcuts, which makes your data unreadable and corrupt. If you already facing that problem then today is your last day to facing that problem we have some Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive.Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive

What is the Shortcut Virus?

Shortcut virus is a new virus program that makes your all data in the shortcut. It will not erase your data, but it hides and corrupt your data. On the internet has shortcut remover programs or tools available in the software. If you format your pen drive and it does not mean the virus is gone because when you again plug in your pen drive, it will come back.

Method 1. By using Command prompt Option

If you want to remove all Shortcut virus applications without installing any software, then we have a solution for this you can easily remove shortcuts virus from your pen drive by using the command prompt (CMD). If you do not know about CMD so follow the below steps.

  1. Firstly plug in your USB drive into the pc or laptop.
  2. Click on the window button or start menu to open the “Run” and type cmd and press enter.remove shortcut virus from pendrive
  3. Doing the second step copy below command and paste in command prompt which you open already and press enter.

Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive

ATTRIB G:*.* /D /S -H -R -S
Replace letter G with your drive letter.
ATTRIB = It represents the attributes of drive.
-H = It is show all your hidden files in your USB drive.
-R = It recreate the files on your storage device.
-S = It broke all link of files from system.

Method 2. Creating a BAT file to remove shortcut virus from pen drive:

Are you know about Batch file programming? If you know then its pretty good, If you do not then do not worry about this programming. We give you easy steps to create a bat file for removing the shortcut. You do not need any type of software for creating bat files it works in notepad. Just follow the below steps to create a bat file.

  • Open your Notepad from your computer or laptop.
  • Copy below code and paste it on your notepad.

@echo off

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d G:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d G:*.*

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d G:*.*

@echo complete

  • Replace G with your drive name.
  • After doing the first, three steps press “Ctrl+S” to save. And set any name which you like but at the end of the text type “.bat” (removeshortcut.bat) and save it on your desktop.
  • Now close your notepad and double click on the BAT file which you create and save on desktop.
  • Your all shortcuts virus from the drive will be removed and your original files back.

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Method 3: Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive By Tweaking Registry Files

This method is very simple to do or understanding if you do not want to use any type of third-party software. But one important notice for you if you understand the below step then you can do otherwise forget this method and try some other method. Because if you are doing the wrong thing, your computer will be in trouble.

  1. Open the task manager by pressing ctrl+shift+esc. Or you also open it by doing a right-click on the taskbar and then click on “Open Task Manager.”
  2. Go to the Processes tab, scroll down to find wscript.exe then click End Processes.
  3. Now open Run By pressing “window+R” and type “regedit” and press enter. It will show you the Registry Editor.
  4. Now click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER => Software => Microsoft => Windows => CurrentVersion => Run
  5. Find the odwcamszas key and right-click on it and delete it.

Method 4: Use Smadav Antivirus

Smadav Antivirus is the best option to remove shortcuts virus from pen drive. This software is very lightweight software with an awesome interface and easy to control. When you plug in your pen drive in a computer or laptop, it will automatically start scanning. It is very good for computers and laptops.

  1. Firstly you download and install this software. we also provide you download link below.
  2. After installing plugin your USB drive on your computer.
  3. Now it automatically starts scanning.
  4. After scanning it will show you the list of infected files and hidden files.
  5. Now you can easily delete all files from your computer.

Method 5: Using WinRAR Option

You all are using WinRAR for compressing the data. But you know that winrar is also Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive. It is lightweight software with awesome interface and graphics.

  1. If you have Winrar, then go to the second step if you do not have then download just click the below link.download-button
  2. Plugin your pen drive on your computer or laptop.
  3. Open Winrar Software.
  4. Open your pen drive in the Winrar interface.
  5. Now you see your all file, press “ctrl+A” for selected all files.
  6. After selecting all right files click on it and create a Winrar file.
  7. Now open your pen drive and copy the raw file to your hard disk. Now you have a backup of your data.
  8. Now your pen drive data is safe in your computer and format your pen drive now your pen drive is safe from viruses.

Grammarly Premium for Free on 2020 (100% Working) Access Code

Today we are going to discuss working methods by which you can enjoy Grammarly premium for free. As the official developers have divided the Grammarly experience into two different subscriptions. Free and paid of course. Today we will be sharing three different methods by which you can also access Grammarly premium without paying a single penny.

We all make mistakes and learn from them. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to literature writing. You can write thousands of paragraphs, but the chances of them having some sort of grammatical mistake are very high. So we use specific tools to fix our errors.

One of the best tools available to us is the Grammarly premium tool. Grammarly helps in proofreading the written document and suggests possible corrections with a simple to use interface. Also, each part of this process is automatic. You don’t have to look for the correct spelling or the proper grammar syntax anymore. Grammarly will do with a single click.

What is Grammarly Premium Account?

Grammarly premium is a well known professional grammar correction tool with the capability of writing different writing styles, including British and American English. The primary purpose of Grammarly is to give suggestions to your mistakes while you write a paper or an email. Grammarly is straightforward to use software that comes in the form of a browser extension.

You can easily download the extension from the chrome web store. However, if you wish to use the premium features of Grammarly, then you have to purchase a Grammarly premium subscription package. The Grammarly premium package is very costly and almost not affordable for students and bloggers. So today, we are going to discuss some ways on how you can get Grammarly premium for free. This post is handy for those people who wish to improve their English grammar and write 100% grammatical error free writings.

Grammarly Premium for Free on 2018
Grammarly Premium for Free on 2020

So if you have made up your mind on writing error-free content, then you have to use Grammarly Premium services. Grammarly’s primary motive is to help you write error-free content. It checks multiple errors, which could be either a simple typo or a complex string of sentences.

Whatever it is, Grammarly will take care of it for you. Moreover, it checks for verbs, sentence fragments, tenses, adjectives, and also suggests unique works that match up with your content. So, we can say that Grammarly premium is the perfect example of the best grammar correction tool which is available for content writers.

Sign Up in Grammarly PREMIUM ( 30% OFF Bonus )

Now you don’t have to install bulky software to run this service. It stays connected to its server whenever you write a document or any kind of post on online platforms. Also, it works like humans – it will find the errors and will also suggest correct solutions for it. And the best part is that it works everywhere, in emails, messages, blog posts, etc.

Furthermore, your writing skills will also enhance if you continue to use Grammarly premium. We humans learn from our mistakes. And Grammarly works like a virtual mentor who points out your flaws in your writing and suggests corrections to it. So in no time, you will be able to write grammatical-error-free content quickly.

A short review of Grammarly premium

Grammarly Premium for Free on 2018
Grammarly Premium for Free on 2020

Before talking about how to get Grammarly premium for free, let us talk about Grammarly itself. So as we have already mentioned earlier that its one of the best grammar correction tools available out there. Lex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn launched this tool in the year 2008. The best thing about Grammarly premium is that it also checks for Plagiarism. Plagiarism means to check whether your data is copied or not. This function is of ultimate help to students and bloggers who wish to write unique content.

Grammarly Premium Features

Grammarly Premium for Free on 2018
Grammarly Premium for Free on 2020

Grammarly comes with a bunch of features that we are going to mention below. First, it acts like an English professor. It will detect your mistakes and will help you to fix them. The quality of your content will increase exponentially if you use Grammarly premium services free. Every unique content contains an unusual number of sentences, phrases, punctuation, and grammar. These all areas are already covered by Grammarly premium features. So without any further wait, let us get to know some of the premium features by Grammarly.

#a) Correction The Grammar

It’s one of the primary functions of Grammarly. The good thing is that it is also available in the free version as well. However, in the premium version, it is more accurate and faster as compared to the free version. In the free version of Grammarly, you can only fix up to 150 errors at a time. However, with Grammarly premium, you can fix up to 250 errors in one go. This helps so much when you need to correct writings in bulk.

#b) Show of Alternative word

In Grammarly premium, you will never face the problem of phrase repetition. Whenever you are crosschecking your document with Grammarly, it will suggest you alternative works for your phrases and sentences. This helps you to increase the uniqueness of your article, which further helps to optimize the material from an SEO point of view.

#c) Plagiarism checker

Grammarly also supports Plagiarism crosschecking. Which means that it will check your content, whether it is copied or not. This feature comes in handy when posting unique content is of utmost importance. So you can use the Plagiarism checker feature to make sure that all the content you post is 100% exclusive.

#d) Show an example for easy understanding

Grammarly premium shows where your sentences are wrong. It includes the ba use of tenses, adjectives, and nouns as well. And it shows examples as well so that you can rectify those mistakes without getting confused.

How to Get Grammarly Premium for Free?

Grammarly Premium for Free on 2018
Grammarly Premium for Free on 2020

Now you have come to the section of this article where we are going to reveal the trick on how to get Grammarly premium for free. As Grammarly premium is very costly for an average user, that’s why this tutorial will help many people who cant afford to buy Grammarly premium. So be tuned, as we have various methods for free Grammarly premium, and we are going to discuss them all below. Let us get started.

1. Get Grammarly Premium Account Via Using Flikover

Flikover is a group buy service which distributes premium services at an affordable price. You can get free Grammarly premium access by signing up there. The first month will be free of cost for you. Besides Grammarly, you can also get other premium products at cheap rates too. Such as Aherf, Semrush, Word Ai, etc. These tools are used for various purposes and come with a premium price tag. It is excellent that Flikover provides these tools at lower prices.

2. Free Grammarly premium account for  Lifetime by Grammarly cookies

You can also access Grammarly premium if you have premium cookies with you. You can use these cookies to trick Grammarly servers that you are a premium user. Don’t worry if you don’t know about how to use cookies in your browser. We are here to guide you through Grammarly free premium access code

1. First, you need to download a chrome extension which will help you to manipulate cookies in your browser. This extension is available on Chrome web store; you can find it by the name of “Edit this cookie.” Or you can download it via the link given below.

Grammarly Premium for Free on 2018
Grammarly Premium for Free on 2020

Download Chrome Extension EditThisCookie

2. Now, Visit the Grammarly Premium cookies page and copy the all cookies from there. We are giving links to premium cookies down below.

Grammarly Cookie Page 1

Grammarly Cookie Page 2

Grammarly Cookie Page 3

Grammarly Cookie Page 4

3. Open Grammarly and then click on edit cookies option. This option will become live in extension window ar the top right corner of your chrome browser.

4. You will see a trash icon. Simply click it to remove any present/active cookies from the page.

5. Now click on the import button and paste the premium cookie code, which you copied from the link above.

6. Hit paste and click on the Tick to save the cookies.

7. Just refresh the Grammarly page, and you’re ready to use Grammarly premium.

3. Get Grammarly Premium for free by  access codes ( Grammarly Edu Code)

There are many offers by which you can still access Grammarly premium services for free via using some open access codes. Now, these access codes can be used when you’re signing up for a new account. These access codes are known as Grammarly Edu codes, and these were created to help college students.

Simple sign up on Grammarly with your email name and desired password. Make sure to use the Grammarly codes on the next screen. If one of them applied successfully, then you can access Grammarly premium services for free. We are attaching a few Grammarly premium codes down below.


From Editor’s Desk

So, guys, this is how you can access Grammarly premium for free. Now many people need these premium services offered by Grammarly. Unfortunately, they don’t have much money to afford it. So, if you know any of your friends who might need this. Then please share this article and spread the love! Thanks for reading 🙂 Stay happy.

10+ Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android Users 2020

Hi guys, here we come with a fascinating article that is “Top 10 Best Selfie Camera app for Android Devices”. The craze of taking selfies is not new; we all have been taking selfies since the camera become common in our life. Now the days, smartphones are coming with high-resolution front facing the camera, some phones are specially made for taking selfies.

Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android – Now the time we all have android phones with high- resolution front-facing camera that comes with 16 MP or more. But the stander camera comes in between 5 MP to 8 MP.

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It is showing us how the selfies craze is going popular day by day. The main reason behind taking selfies is a social media platform; peoples are a craze for social media. They spend their minimum of 2 hours a day; millions of peoples are posting their new photos on social media sites.

List of Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android Device in 2020:-

Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android
Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android

If you are reading this article, that means you are also crazed for taking selfies. And you are looking best selfies application that makes your photo better. So here we have listed Top 10 best selfies taking apps for an Android smartphone. There are fantastic apps that make your photo much better. So let’s check them out below, and I hope you will like it.

1). B612

B612 is one of the best and viral these days for taking selfies. There are so many features for fun that you will not find anywhere in other selfie apps. In this app, you can make the excellent video clip with sound, just press and hold the record button for recording.

This app also supports rear a camera that means you can record video through your rare camera as well. There are so many excellent filters in these selfie apps which you can choose or download according to your taste. But trust me, it has excellent filters which you can use while clicking photos or recording videos.

2). Beauty Plus

Beauty plus is one of the best apps for taking selfies, and I am personally suggesting you install this app on your smartphone. This app has a positive rating on Google play store and has the best reviews by the user.

This app also adds a radiant complexion for awesome faces and photos. There is a skin-smoothing makeover tool that helps you to retouch the skin tone and make your photo more impressive. It has one more tool for you that is blemish remover; with this tool, you can easily remove your pimples and other skin marks.

3). FotoRus

FotoRus is another best application for an android device for taking selfies. This app will click your photo in high resolution. There are so many filters that will make your selfie photo into an excellent photo. The best feature of this app that every selfie you will take on this app.

You can make a profile picture on your Facebook or Instagram account without cropping. In this app, you will get so many awesome frames for making a collage, and you can put text on it as well. The size of this file is 42 MB; you can easily install it on your Android phone for free.

4). YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the best and excellent apps for making the selfies awesome. There are a lot of effects which make you make your photo better. This app is also detecting multiple faces while clicking the selfies, which means you click selfies in groups. You can also make fresh video clips by using lots of filters for making it awesome.

It will instantly choose the beautification level according to the weather. There are lot more tools like skin smoother, which automatically dry your skin, makeup tool that will remove your wrinkles, pimples, and fine lines. The best feature is that you can easily cut the background and use the new experience to make the photo better, just like a green screen.

5). Perfect 365

Perfect 365 is Best Selfie Taking Apps for those who want to take selfies manually. With this app, you can remove your pimples; face retouching also changes your hair or hair color and lots more. You can too clear or whiten your teeth; it will convert your photo into the model.

For girls, this app is beneficial because this app has more than 18 makeup tools that help you to customize your photo; you can change a shadow, lipstick color, liner, and more. This app is available in the Apple app store; yes, this is only available for I phone users.

6). Retrica

Retrica is the most popular application on google play store with positive feedback. This application is my personal favorite because I am using retrica in my pc since 2010. You can click awesome photos with high filters, make a collage, videos and GIF as well.

There is also a stamp option that you can stamp your picture with replica’s original stamp or use more other marks. You can instantly upload pictures on social media platforms by retrica.

7). Sweet Selfie

Sweet selfie is another trendy selfie camera that most of the peoples are using on their phones. It takes beauty selfie within a second with an excellent filter. On this app, you can also use emojis and stickers on your photo while taking selfies.

You can set the timer for a better click with filter or emoji and also support the selfie stick. So if you are looking for the best selfie camera that has a lot of filter effects and emojis, then install it on your Android device.

8). oSnap

oSnap is not so much famous and also not useful in the photo editing app, but there is one benefit that it is taking selfies to go well. In case you are going somewhere and you want to take selfies on the go, this app is perfect for you.

You can take selfies with your front-facing camera and rear camera too. This app offers you to tap anywhere on the screen for taking selfies. You can click anywhere on the screen, and it will make your picture easily.

9). Best

Best is another not so popular, but it is the Best Selfie Taking Apps you ever use on your Android phone. It has so many fabulous features that make you picture much better. There are professional photographic filters that you can use to make the picture better.

It also detects your face automatically and adds a glow to your facial skin. It is developed by camera 360 a, and you get it from Google play store for free.

10). Candy Camera

Candy camera is another one of the popular selfies camera app available in Google play store for the android device. 2 million peoples are using this application per day. It has a real-time filter option that allowing you to see pictures with a filter before clicking.

There are 100 plus different filters that you can use before or after taking pictures. This app is also free to use and get it from Google play store for free.

(5+) Best Free Music Android Apps in 2020

If you have a hobby to listen to music in your free time so you must need to read this crazy post. Every youngster is addicted to listening to music in their smartphones and computers So, that why guy am I here to talk about the best free music apps for android where you can get free music without paying any penny.

You can use these android apps to listen to your favorite music and download it in your smartphone. We can make this list of apps according to the rating and popularity of these apps. You can choose your desired one that better suited to you. Many of the time I faced that problem of not getting the right music according to our need so that’s why we compiled the list of best free music apps for android.

Best Free Music Android Apps
Best Free Music Android Apps

Spotify Music – Best Free Music Android Apps

Spotify is now the best android app to listen to songs online and you can get most of all songs around the world. This android app can have vast numbers of songs search that users can listen to on their android devices. You can also create a playlist in this app that you listen repeatedly like the list and albums of your favourite songs etc. You can play any music at any time. Moreover, if you want to listen to your songs offline then it also allows you to download your track for offline listening. You can also buy its premium services that include the following.

Features of Spotify | Best Free Music Android Apps :

  • Play any song, any time on any device–mobile, tablet, or your computer
  • Download music for offline listening.
  • Enjoy amazing sound quality.
  • No ads – just uninterrupted music.
  • No commitment – cancel any time you like.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the best known free music library where you can get your desired songs with a lot of features and facilities that every music listener must need. You do not need to sign up in this app and there are no more annoying ads that interrupt you while listening to your favorite music. In this app, you can also listen to the favourite radio stations and sort your music with the help of artists, albums and more.

Features of Google Play Music :

  • Radio curated by experts for anything you want to hear
  • Store up to 50,000 songs from your personal music collection
  • Smart recommendations based on your taste
  • Listen on Android, iOS, and the web

Free Music Player: MixerBox

Basically it uses the third parties API that lets you play online music via this android app.  It is a pretty good app in which you can get a variety of different songs from different artists. You can get this android app free from google play music without spending any money. Currently, this app has 4.1 user rating and have a very good review from average end-users.

SoundCloud – Music & Audio

SoundCloud is a Platform for Listen high-quality music and lets you play the latest songs. It is used by most people who use Soundcloud as compared to other android music apps because of its popularity and it also available on the website platforms so you can play online music on their site also. In SoundCloud, you can put your own songs and make playlists and also promote your songs to make it popular. Currently, SoundCloud made some changes in it that are disliked by users but in future it will be fixed. You can get this app free on Google play store. Soundcloud is also deserver to get listed in Best Free Music Android Apps.

Features of SoundCloud :

  • Discover new and trending music you won’t find anywhere else
  • Listen to your favorite tracks and artists from a variety of genres, countries, and artists
  • Connect with friends and your favorite artists to hear what they share
  • Personalize your listening experience by liking favorite tracks to listen later


Pandora is the best Android app for free music I ever have seen. It include all the features that a music listener must need. This, you just enter into the music world where you can play any type of song and also found most of hit popular old songs. You can get your favorite music according to the artist.

Already a Pandora listener? Even easier. Just log in and enjoy the same free radio service. Your Pandora is the same across the web, on your phone, on your TV, and in your car – access your free personalized radio wherever you want to hear great music or comedy. It is rated by 1.6 million users and has a 4.4 user rating that is excellent.

(10+) Best Android Password Managers with Fingerprint

Hey Guys, Today we Comes with a very interested and useful Android app which is very helpful for you that is the best password manager for Android. Everyone has an android phone with some Apps which they used in their daily life. We all are using Social Media apps like -: Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram and more and we also use a shopping app for shopping. Even we doing Online banking, Recharge, Money Transfer. Every app asks you to log in or sign up without Clearing these you can not use any App.  So you have So many Different Accounts with different Email, username or Password.

Some times We Can not remember our password so the best solution is to use password manager. But the main Problem Which we face every time that is choosing the best password manager. If you search on play store it shows you lot of password manager its pretty confused. But Now you do not have to worry about it as you know our site always give you the best suggestion. We test so many password Manager and selected some password managers for our lovely users. Below we give Review best password manager for android.

What is a Password Manager?

what is a Password Manager ?, I know you already know about Password Manager. But some people do not know about password manager they think that its a file manager with New password Feature. But Guys Its not a File manager its a best password managers which helps you store passwords encrypted. It gives you so many options like -: Sync and Keeps them local only, Change web Password With a click and more. The Great Feature is that when you create or login your account first time in android it automatically store your password or email. Below is the list of Best Password Managers for Android.

Dashlane Password Manager | Best Password Managers 2020

best password managers

Dashlane Password Manager is the best password manager and better than other password managers. Dashlane is compatible with Google Authentication, Create Secure Cloud backup for you all accounts. Dashlane Password Manager Save and store your password when you log in to the site. Dashlane has a password generator Means Its Generate Every password in a great way that easy to understand. Dashlane also has Digital Wallet that means you can store your credit card information on it. it can automatically fill Your Credit card Detail When you will Shopping Online.

Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager - best password managers

Keeper Password Manager is Best and World’s Number one downloaded Password manager So that’s why we also listed this one in best password managers 2017. Using Keeper Password Manager you can protect your password and other personal information from your Android Devices. Every Day Millions of people use this password manager it protect your private information and save your data against hackers. It stores your unlimited data or Password from an android phone. you can log in with your Fingerprint its a great feature to protect your data. It automatically Creates Strong Password from your android phone.

Keepass2Android Password safe

Keepass2android Password Manager - best password managers

Keepass2Android is an open Source Password Manager for android devices and deserved in the list of best password managers. It gives read/write support for .kdbx files. It provides you good interface or awesome Graphics. we can Protect our data or password using with a strong password. The Application is automatically locked after the time specified in the settings.

Lastpass Password Manager

Lastpass Password Manager - best password managers

Lastpass Password Manager is a good and free App for Android Phones and tablets. Its basically design to remember and manage Our All Password. It automatically fills all details or password on the websites. You can store passwords and log in Details, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords For Security, track personal information in photo & audio notes, and more. You also can log In with one password instead of dozens It means We do not need to remember our passwords. Five Million of the above users use this Lastpass password manager app.

aWallet Password Manager

awallet Password Manager - best password managers

awallet Password Manager can safely Store your passwords, Credit card information, web accounts, and other personal data. Like another password manager, it also creates a strong password automatically and fills all credit card details on web site while shopping and other works. It never shows any types of advertisements on you Android Device. It has an Auto-lock feature that means you just set the specific time your device will automatically be locked.

OneSafe Password Manager (Paid)

Onesafe Password Manager - best password managers

OneSafe Password Manager is a very Good Password manager but its paid app. It is available for a cost of 4.58 US Dollars. If we Forget our pin, remembering all emails or passwords to your bank accounts and social media so you do not worry about it OneSafe Password Manager can handle everything. OneSafe Password Manager is a super security app it stores your all personal information, passwords, Credit Card Number, and other data in one place with hard security.

1 Password – Password Manager

1Password Password Manager - Next Level Tricks

1 password manager is free for everyone and its good manager with awesome graphics. It is very easy to use and understanding anyone can use it without facing any problems. You can store your all data, passwords, details, credit card information very safely. It creates a strong and easy password for you that protect your all data.

Password Safe

Password Safe Password Manager - Next Level Tricks

Password Safe is also good for your android device which is free to download from Play Store. you can protect your all personal password, information with using this password manager. As you know you store your all passwords and personal data and you also restore or backup your all data very easily. It has a rating on Play Store  4.5 and  Approximately 0.5 million users download this App.

mSecure Password Manager

best password managers - msecure Password Manager

mSecure Password Manager is very good and fully updated with modern lock and new awesome graphics which is available on play store for a cost of 10.11 USD Dollars. It has an auto-lock feature after a specific period. It has the best storage or backup feature means it will store your all data and emails. it restores and backup your SD card also.

Enpass Password Manager

best password managers

Enpass Password Manager is also a good password manager which helps you to protect your personal data, passwords, emails and so more. Enpass password manager takes care of your all data, passwords, email or personal data is a safe and easy way which you understand easily. It creates an extremely strong, unique and unguessable password for securing your important data, passwords or other details.

10+ Best Android Diet Apps to Stay Healthy & Fit (2020)

Summer is here which means you have to need your body fit. In summers you are wearing shorts and lose clothes and if you are Fatty then it’s a big problem for you. Mostly Fatty people start dieting in summer But they do not know what to do or what to do not on dieting. They start running in the morning and evening but they do not eat food because they are in dieting and after one month they have to manage their weight.Best Diet Android Apps

But you really think that this is the right way to dieting, No not at all. If you scarify your food for just losing weight and you say I am in dieting so you getting into hot water. Because it just loses your weight with lots of harms it’s not a real meaning of dieting. Here we test some dieting app which helps you lose weight with a lot of benefits. You can easily manage your weight by using these best diet android apps which we suggest below. Every App teaches you about what eat or whatnot. These apps provide you best dieting tips that keep you healthy.

My Diet Coach – Weight Loss –  Best Android Diet Apps

My Diet Coach is the best diet android apps. In a free Version, it gives you four features showing Photos, Tips, the reward for motivation, Diet Diary. In the pro version, it gives you three more features food craving panic button, a weight chart, and a points system. It Performs like a real Diet coach which suggests you low fat and highly energy gainer food. This app has some basic features also like tracking your progress, a reminded you to eat food or drink water, calorie counting.

Diet Point Weight Loss

Diet Point weight loss has more than 130 weight loss diet tips, innovative meals, and complete grocery lists. it also gives you a faithful shopping list for every diet plan so you do not have to worry about shopping. it has also 500 more tips to keep us healthy and fit. It has more features like body mass index calculator, weight tracker, weight monitors it’s like a personal pocket-sized weight loss coach.

Diet Plan Weight loss

Diet plan Weight loss is the great android application it’s available on Google play store for free of cost. This app for those people who actually want to lose their weight. This app suggests you about food and also give you a list of low-calorie food. According to this application, you will eat three healthy meals and two snacks per day with around 1500 calories. Now, what you think just download this app and start simple diet plans for losing weight.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Calorie Counter by Fat Secret is also a weight loss best diet android apps like other applications. This app easily finds nutritional information for which food you eat and easily track your all meals, exercises, and weight. it gives you a food diary in this diary have so many weight loss plan and track what you are eating. it has some great features like a weight tracker, diet calendar, bar code scanner and finds nutritional food and restaurant which is nearest for you. It also gives you recipes of every food which app suggests you. and it has Facebook or Gmail log in the feature as well.

Calorie Counter – My Fitness pal

Calorie Counter is an awesome application and free of cost from the Play Store. helps you to lose weight and fit Body with great Dieting tips and nutritional food. This app creates a personal Diet Chart with some exercise and healthy food which lose your weight quickly. It has the largest food database over 6,000,000 foods on it with 350 exercise tips training and daily updating. you can easily import recipes just visit on an only recipe site and import and track it with just one tab it like a miracle. 88% of people lose their weight within 7 days.

Diet Watchers Diary

Diet Watcher diary is a very complicated best diet android apps but it has a lot of features that why we adding it on our dieting app list. This app is available on Google play store to the cost of 2.19 USD Dollars. This app comes with Dropbox for backup and syncing, bar code scanner, Body mass index calculator. It has lots of basic features for those who want everything on-hand approach. This application has no free version that means it’s good and has lots of features that help you to lose weight.

Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

Fooducate weight loss coach is specially designed for Diet food with calories and nutrition. Its suggestion about food means which food loss your weight, keep you healthy, achieve fitness goal to eat real food which is suggested by this application. This application shows you how to eat right, it will change your diet, it motivates you to show photos. There are 250,000 Unique products with unique exercise for you.

Bodybuilding Diet workout plan

Bodybuilding Diet Workout plan helps you to lose weight and fitness which builds your body in shape also. You can easily build your body by following the diet or exercise given by this app. it is fully worked in offline mode and specially designed for athletes. it also suggests that what you will or when you will eat. You have an option that selects an off-season or in-season diet. It has 90% diet and 10% workout which happens in a Gym. this app gives you tips for a workout in very simple steps.

The Complete 5:2 Diet

The Complete 5:2 Diet application is also a paid application which is available on Google play store for the cost of 3.5 USD Dollar. It has a great feature like calories counter, body mass index, BMR, Target calorie calculator but it will not allow you to add your own exercise routine in. You can choose 2-3 workout plans for your first day.

Lose it!

Lose it! It is another best diet android apps that something-something the same as much you need. it also comes with a food database, bad code scanner, calories counter and so more if you buy the premium version. It specially customizes for weight loss plan which keeps you fit and healthy. This app gives you a suggestion about food means which food loss your weight, keep you healthy, achieve fitness goal to eat real food which is suggested by this application.

FIX – “Screen Overlay Detected” Error in Apps on Android Marshmallow

If your android device running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow so you definitely face the “Screen Overlay Detected” issue cause they need some special permission on Marshmallow for security purposes. There are many apps that show that the same issue of Screen Overlay detected.

Now that time android does not release an update regarding this bug but maybe soon they will wrap it up. Most of the users face this issue with Facebook messenger apps but there are much more apps that show the same error. There are a couple of ways to get rid of this issue forever. So we can demonstrate both of the ways.FIX - “Screen Overlay Detected” Error in Apps on Android Marshmallow !

on some of the devices like one plus 3 and other. they won’t be able to enable the app to cause the option does not work there. So guys we also have the solution to this problem that helps you in an efficient way. You just need to follow these steps and after that, if this first method does not work with your device so try another method to cover up and ger rid of this android issue.

Steps to Fix “ Screen Overlay Detected ” Error in Apps on Android :

  1. Just go to Settings >> Apps >> Tap Top Setting icon and you see some options regarding those apps.
  2. From that option just follow Special Access >> “Draw over other apps” and you will see the next screen.How to Fix “Screen Overlay Detected” Error in Apps on Android ?
  3. On this screen, you can see all those apps that require a Draw over other apps so if some of the apps are disabled. Just enable those apps.
  4. If apps are already enabled and show Screen Overlay detected then disable and enable it again. you can see in images.
  5. When you are on the apps page, just choose any app that shows you that issue and tap on it.
  6. On the next screen, just enable “Permit drawing over other apps“.

NOTE: If apps are already enabled for “Permit drawing over other apps“ and still show that screen overlay error. So just disable and enable it back to fix this issue.

Currently, Many of devices like Samsung S5, S6, S7 Edge, Samsung J7, One Plus 3, Micromax, LG G5, Moto g4 plus who running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and other popular devices show the same issue. Most of the apps like Facebook messenger, Paytm, Cheetah Mobile’s CleanMaster issued that error. But you can use this method to get rid of Screen Overlay Detected Issue.

The alternative to Fix “ Screen Overlay Detected ” :

According to research, we find out that many users have an android device on which the “Permit drawing over other apps“ that is permanent disabled and you can’t enable it. So guys we also have the solution to this problem. You just need to see the below image and you know how to do it. On the above screen, you see that info icon.

Click on Info Icon, on the next page you will get all information of that particular app. Now tap on permissions and enable all those permission on that page and that’s It.FIX - “Screen Overlay Detected” Error in Apps on Android Marshmallow !

From Editor’s Desk :

Guys, You can easily solve the android issue with this tutorial. Simple you need to locate the settings and follow up the simple steps and enable that app to “Permit drawing over other apps“ and then just reboot your android device. After that reboot, you can’t see any screen overlay issue with that app. If you have any kind of query related to this article. So please let us know in the comment section. We can reply you back as soon as possible.

10+ Most Amazing Prank Websites on Internet Right Now 2020

Here, we came with a very fun app, everyone loves prank websites. So if you want some funny website which will allow you to irritate your friends, then here we are listing you ten different prank websites list on the internet.

All these websites created for trolling and pranking your friends. And this will also make you feel genius amongst your friend’s group.

You should definitely try these websites and allow some fun in your monotonous use to life schedule.  So, you should try these prank websites. And, make your life interesting and also flaunt your intelligence in your friend’s group. prank websites that you can’t exit

Many of you guys demanding some websites where a user can’t exit but guys those sometimes contain virus or malware so we are here only share those safe prank websites list that is not harmful to anyone. Trolling your friend via prank websites is the best way to prank your friends easily via whatsapp text or Facebook text. You just need to get website links and just scare your friends. troll website links

List of the 10 Best Prank Websites to Amaze Your Friends in 2020:

#1 Facebook scary prank

Facebook scary prank
Facebook scary prank

Emotion is a very easy way to handle and create also. Here we are providing you some scary and fear full prank website that your friend can get goosebumps after visiting this website. This Facebook scary prank website allows you to scare your friends from these websites. This is one of the most amazing and unique prank styles. And this scary thing always works when it comes to scaring some other.

#2 Crashsafari

We always want to rule others pc and mobile. And want to irritate them. So here we came with a very amazing prank website link where you can able to handle your friend’s pc or mobile and hanged them. You just have to send the link of the crash web browser to your friend’s pc or mobile, and when they open them the pc or mobile will get hanged until they restart them.

#3 Hackertyper

Hacker Typing on screen prank
Hacker Typing on screen prank

Hackertyper is one of the funniest prank websites on the internet for trolling your friends that you a very big hacker. This website will allow you to type like a hacker and allow you to show someone that you are a really very good hacker. But the reality is something else.

#4 Google Gravity

Google Gravity
Google Gravity

We are really blessed as we have the gravity, it makes us stable. Just imagine if you can able to feel this gravity in your pc, then it would be more awesome. Yes, here this Google gravity website will help you to feel the gravity in your pc.

#5 Fackeupdate

Fake Winodws Update Screen
Fake Windows Update Screen

This fake update website is the most amazing window prank pc, this will allow you to irritate your fellow mates a lot. You just have to create a fake window 7 and window 10 update on your browser screen. And when you enter it in the browser your screen will show blue screen death on your screen and with this, you can prank anyone.

#6 Update Facebook Status from Any Fake Device like iPhone

Now a day’s social networking sites play a very vital role in anyone’s life. We share each and every moment through that. Here we are talking about one prank website which will allow you to update fake status from any fake device like iPhone from this website. And this will help you to troll your friends by updating status from any premium devices and allow to irritate them a lot.

#7 Create Fake Whatsapp Messages Prank

Just like face now we all are busy in our Whatsapp only. We even stay stick to whatsapp only. There we chat, call and share our entire important things. Here we are allowing you to create fake WhatsApp message and allow to irritate your friend.

#8 Red Button

Red Button Prank
Red Button Prank

The red button website allows irritating your friends. This website allows you to create a button that you can add do not press the red button every few minutes. This will pop up on the screen. And, you’ll enjoy using this awesome online service.

#9 Google Terminal

Google Terminal
Google Terminal

This Google terminal will allow feeling your pc looked like the 80s. You just have to open this website and search any query in the 2019search toolbar and then you will get results in the terminal. This website is amazing and you will feel like time is gone back in the ’80s.

#10 Create Fake Facebook Status

Create Fake Facebook Status
Create Fake Facebook Status

This website will help you create unlimited face Facebook status and you can post it and all will look just real. Anyone can’t able to distinguish also. You can able to irritate your friend by updating fake updates all the time.

From Editor’s Desk

So, in order to close this article. I hope, that you’ll like the content and if you have any desire to suggest or point out something in the content. Please, feel free to comment below. I; ll be very happy to help you out. Thanks for your time. See you soon!

10+ Best Free VCCs Virtual Credit Card Providers India – 2020

There are many limits when you only have one credit or debit card with you. You will not be able to avail of 2020all the offers that sites offer you occasionally. Furthermore, there is also a transactional and withdrawal limit on all credit and debit cards associated with your bank account. If you do more transactions than the pre-specified free limit than you will be charged in the name of debit car maintenance charges by your bank. But this isn’t desired, right?

So there is a new concept of virtual credit card India. Virtual credit card India are the new approach for digital money. You can keep your money in wallets instead of bank accounts and use these virtual credit or debit cards just like the physical ones.

Ther are many shopping outlets and online deas which you can advantage if you access to multiple credit or debit cards. You will get more cashback and discount if you use these cards as most of them are directly connected to these shopping outlets. The best thing about these virtual credit card system in India is that even kids can use it! You don’t need a bank account to use virtual debit cards, all you have to do is create a digital wallet, and you will get a virtual Visa or Maestro card associated with that account. Furthermore, you can also enjoy doing international shopping as these Virtual cards support international billing. So you can buy products from international sites lie Aliexpress or Dhgate etc. by using a virtual credit card for international payments India.

List of Top Best Free VCCs Virtual Credit Card India 2020:-

As we talked that you can use Virtual Credit cards for multiple reasons. Some of them might be virtual credit card international payments or might be taking advantage of some cashback scheme. Moving on, in this list, we are going to tell you about services that will give you a Digital Maestro Card.

1. FreeCharge

FreeCharge was one of the first mobile wallet services that started this virtual credit and debit card thing. So you can expect some top-class features in their virtual card, and the most important of them is that this virtual card supports maestro pay. You can use this card anywhere on indin as well as international sites. This maestro virtual card is attached to Yes Bank so it can be used to avail any discount offers or cashback on Yes bank account users or Maestro card users. You can use this card after you sign up for FreeCharge App.

Click here to Download Freecharge app from Google Play Store

2. Yes Pay by Yes Bank

After FreeCharge, Yes Bank also started their virtual card services for the user. This virtual debit card is powered by MasterCard so you can use it for online transactions on any site worldwide. Furthermore, Yes Bank also have started the UPI payment method, so it becomes easier to load cash into this virtual debit card. Being a Virtual debit card from Yes Bank, you can avail all offers exclusively for Mastercard and Yes Bank customers.

Click here to Download Yes Pay by Yes Bank app from Google Play

3. Zeta – RBL Bank

Zeta started its Virtual credit card India service with unique security features. It includes a dynamic pin which changes every time you open the wallet application. This step by Zeta secures users from any kind of online fraud activity associated with virtual credit card India. You can also request a prepaid virtual MasterCard for offline purchase and card swipes which is again powered by Yes Bank. You can use their offline cards at e-POS machines, malls, markets, departmental stores, etc.

Click here to Download Zeta Super card app from Google Play

Top Free VCCs Virtual Credit Card India –  Visa Card

We have talked about virtual credit card India which is good as they MasterCards. They can be used for international transactions, but some people like Visa enabled cards too. So let’s discuss about some apps which offer virtual credit card India based on Visa chips.

1. Udio

Udio provides prepaid virtual and physical visa debit cards. They are great and secure and can be used even if you don’t have a bank account. All you need is a mobile phone to create your own account, and you will get a virtual card. You can further request a physical one if you need it to swipe at malls, hotels, etc. Udio also gives some great cashback at selected malls like BigBazaar and Cafe Coffee Day. Its virtual credit card India service is based on RBL bank so you can also avail cashback and discount offers limited to RBL bank customers.

Click here to Download Udio Prepaid card from Google Play Store

2. Payzapp by HDFC Bank

HDFC bank also joined the service to provide free virtual cards and let users enjoy HDFC bank features and cashback offers. You will always see huge cashback offers on online outlets like Flipkart and Amazon while buying electronica and other goods. Getting a virtual HDFC credit card is very easy as all you need is your mobile number to create a virtual online wallet. All you need to do is install the Payzapp app and sign up for your account and load cash into your wallet. Then you can start using the card as per your wish.

Click here to Download HDFC card – Payzapp app from Google Play

From Editor’s Desk

So, guys, these are some great best Virtual credit card India service which you can use according to your needs and avail great cashback and discount offers. We also have mentioned some Virtual master cards above which are ideal for virtual credit card international payments. You can also use these cards for virtual credit card India PayPal for accepting and sending payments through PayPal. However, these aren’t the only virtual credit card providers in India, but these are the best and most trustworthy.

How to Save Data When Using Your Favorite Social Media Apps?

Are you looking for a way to save data when using your favorite social media apps? Are you looking for an alternative to save your mobile data while still enjoying the social media platform? Then, my dear friend you are at the right place because today I am going to talk about how you can save data when using your favorite social media apps on your android device. so, read the article carefully because it is going to be very useful for you. I have gathered some tricks and tips for you which will save your mobile data rapidly. So without wasting any time, let’s have a look at them one by one.

How to Save Data When Using Your Favorite Social Media Apps
How to save data when using your favorite social media apps

Save Data when Using Your Favorite Social Media Apps

After experimenting with some numbers, I have found To Simple ways by which you can reduce mobile data usage rapidly. All you need to do is just speak some settings in your pre-existing apps or you can also install the light version of your Favourite Social media applications. It will help you in saving data when using your Favourite Social media apps. Let’s have a look at the methods which will help you a lot.

#1 Tweaking the Android application Settings

#1_#1 Save Data on Facebook

How to Save Data When Using Your Favorite Social Media Apps
How to save data when using your favorite social media apps

Everyone uses Facebook a lot, if you can save a little data on every use then it will be very helpful in saving the overall data of your mobile package. The option to save data on Facebook is available on the Facebook application In Your android device. Just simply open your Facebook app and find the settings option. You may probably find it on the top right corner under the three lines icon. And select Data Saver and turn it on. see, how simple it was To Save data on the Facebook app.

#1_#2 Save Data with Instagram

How to Save Data When Using Your Favorite Social Media Apps

Similar to the Facebook application, Instagram Application is also having the settings option under which you can turn on the data saver. So in a Way, It will help you in save data while still using your favorite social networking app On Your android device. After turning the settings on, Instagram Will stop showing you’re annoying Popup Ads/videos That way consume more data from your mobile data packet.

#2 Using the Light Versions of Apps

Another method to save your mobile data package is to use the light version of the apps that you are currently using. For example, you can use Facebook lite instead of the Facebook official app. let’s have a look at what you will lose and what you will gain after using these light versions of the social networking apps.

#2_#1 Using Facebook Lite

Officially smaller in size than the traditional Facebook app. this Facebook lite application will allow you to save data while still enjoying all the features of Facebook. Just because it has a smaller size than the official Facebook app, it will save a lot of space on your smartphone device and, the main thing is that it is optimized for running on slow networks so, it will use very less amount of data than the original Facebook app.

#2_#2 Using Twitter Lite

Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has also There Twitter lite, which may help you in saving space on your android device as well as saving your mobile data. It is specially Optimised For slow internet. Add, you can also change It Settings to only download the images or videos that you want to see so, it won’t Download any additional ads or media content that you are not interested in.

#2_#3 Using Messenger Lite

Same story with the messenger lite application. It will save a lot of users’ data by not displaying annoying ads, unwanted features that you may not use in your messenger application. You can install it on older android versions, and it can support the lowest and device that you may be running in today’s technical world. The application is only 10 MB of size so it saves space on your smartphone as well as saves data from your mobile data package.

From the Editor’s Desk

In the end, I want to say that – I hope that it will help you a lot in saving your data while still using your favorite social media applications in your Android device if you have any doubt or any improvement suggestion for me to add in this article please leave a comment below. I will be very happy to read all your comments. and I will try to reply as soon as possible. thanks for your time and Faith. and thank you very much for keeping this place beneficial for all the users by interactive feedback from your comments.

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