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Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows (2019) – Record Keystrokes in Windows


Keylogger is basically a Data logging program – And, it can be useful in many cases. But, Sometimes Hackers do create their own versions of the Keylogger program and uses them to steal from the dumb computer users. So, if you don’t want to be one of the victims of the Keyloggers. You can read this article ‘best free keylogger for windows‘ completely to enhance your knowledge about the computer world.

Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows
Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

best keylogger 2019 can be useful as well as harmful to others. It is a tool – which is a Bad person carries – can destroy your world. But, If a Big official group uses – It can increase your productivity. Keyloggers are also used by Big multinational companies to keep track of employee and Sometimes activities on the server. So, It can be said that “One’s Tool is other’s Weapon.

What is Keylogger?

A keylogger is a Program, which sometimes can be used for malicious purposes in order to steal the confidential information form your Computer. It can Log the Keystrokes – from your keyboard. And, You may think – What will it do, used by logging the keystrokes?

My dear friend, The keylogger can make your confidential data (Username and passwords of the websites/bank account login etc. etc.) vulnerable. It can log the details in the background – without you knowing about it. And, in the meantime – it will use your internet connection to send those details to its master. And, Far away somewhere – he’s waiting for bypassing all your securities with this little piece of code.

List of 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

Here is the list of top 6 best free keyloggers – which I think you should know about. Because it will help you in maintaining the level of security you want. And, the knowledge will make you more aware of the threats you can face in this digital era. best free keylogger for android

#1 Spyrix Keylogger – Best Free Keylogger

Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows
Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

One of the Top keylogger in the list of keyloggers available online. It comes with free inbuilt keylogging feature, Employee management scheme, Remote cell phone monitor and much more. The main benefit of such application in your children of employee’s computer is that – you can restrict the access to few websites and keywords those are not needed to be searched.

#2 Kidlogger

Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows
Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

Kidlogger is second in the list, But it is not lower than any other program. This keylogger has its own pros and cons. The Program comes with real-time web monitoring And keystroke pressing. Moreover, it also records the log of files and folders accessed by the users on the Computer. So, this one will definitely help you out in tracking the user activity.

#3 Actual Keylogger – Free Keylogger for Windows

Actual Keylogger is another great Keylogging program. Which Helps in various unique features for keeping tracks. The program can record the applications used, Keystrokes and Screenshots etc. Various web activities, Hardware changes and other stuff related to all kinds of Software & Hardware Penetration methods.

#4 Revealer Keylogger

Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows
Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

Revealer Keylogger free is also a keylogging program – which helps in additional features for tracking the computer activity in past time. The Keylogger allows you to protect data via passwords, And remote monitoring of the system. So, You should give this simpler one a try. This has few functions but it is as simple as a novice user can easily handle.

#5 Ardamax Keylogger

Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows
Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

Ardamax is a great alternative to the Spyrix keylogger. It contains free keylogger and it takes browser screenshot at several intervals of time. Sometimes you can also enable the Microphone recording of the laptop and other devices. So, The Email tracking of the system is also possible.

#6 Refog Personal Monitor

Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows
Top 6 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

Last, but not the least. Refog Keylogger is a great simple alternative to the kidlogger program. It has a great additional feature of recording Social Networking Sites and Chats. The User interface is family friendly and you can easily block adult websites and keywords form the system.

From Editor’s Desk

So, in this section of the article – I just wanna say that. If you have any doubt or suggestion about any part of the article. Please Feel free to Leave a comment below. I’ll try to help you out. And, it would not hurt to appreciate the good work. 🙂 I’ll not charge for making any comments below. Thanks for your time. See in the next article.

Top 8 Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking Online ! (2019)


Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking 2019 – In the Current Era, Everybody wants to Learn Hacking but this is not an easy task until you have a newbie and don’t aware about computer & network security. Before Entering the world of hacking you must have a basic knowledge of computers. This article is basically dedicated to youngsters who are crazy about hacking and want to become an ethical hacker. learn ethical hacking free

So We have a list of Ethical Hacking Websites that provide you a content on hacking tutorials and article on security that help you to gain knowledge in the game of hacking. We compiled these websites list because on the internet you need to search again and again in google so using these sites you can easily get your solution.

If you are looking for Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking online in 2019 so guys here are the best refrences that can help you to learn Ethical Hacking Online for beginners. you can also check out best site to learn hacking for beginners free.

Every Newbie wants to learn to hack as quick as they can. So This Post is definitely for those who have less time to reading E-books and all types of theory shit. Just learn basics and put into the practical work and it gives you the more experience than books. So that’s why we posted the Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking 2019 here. best site to learn hacking for beginners

Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking for Beginners

You can use these site to educate yourself and learn about ethical hacking and hacking stuff from the internet easily. Many of people search on the internet How to hack facebook, hack Google, email and twitter stuff like that So guys It is possible If you learn to hack in deep and do experiments by yourself to test that tutorials and tricks. There are other many underground hacker sites that can help you a lot. Sometimes called as Darknet Websites or Dark Web. ceh: certified ethical hacking course

Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking

Basics of Hacking – There are two types of Hacking Ethical(White Hat) and Unethical(Black Hat). Unethical hacking is illegal while ethical hacking might be considered as legal. So these are a website that offers you white hat content so guys Keep in mind you are new in hacking so don’t perform any hacking & cracking tactics that not infringement to any cyber law.

FAQ – Many of people always asking us questions that “Can you hack facebook for me ?” and all that shitty things. So let me explain you one thing that Facebook is one of the most popular social media and make billions of dollar So you think you can easily break into this. I do not tell you that facebook is not hackable but it is not easy as you think. You need to study for a year a dlearn every basic and upper leel of hacking to go into this.

List of best websites to learn ethical hacking:

After Sorting the list of Best sites which is capable of offering a suitable content for newbies we compiled the list of best websites to learn ethical hacking. You can get all types of your queries from these below sites. just explore these sites and you can learn a lot of things related to computer and security.

Hack a Day | best websites to learn ethical hacking:

Hack a Day is one of the first ranked sites to offers hacking news and all types of tutorials upon hacking and networks. You can get your most of the resource on Hack a Day Site. Many of hackers use this site to get the latest news in the world of hacking and news around the globe. It can give users mixed content like hardware hacking, signals, computer networks and etc. All types of latest cyber attacks updated here with the detailed description so hackers and newbie aware about it. This is not only for hackers it also for people who are in the field of Digital forensics and security Research.

Hack This Site

This is another site to get hacking tools and other resources. It is like hack a day site that gives you hacking news as well as hacking tutorials. You can sign up for this site and get more features of this one. In the left sidebar, you can see all types of site links and challenges related to programming. They can offer users to free underground training on hacking that peoples aware about the hacking world and stay safe or get interested in hacking.

Eccouncil-CEH Ethical Hacking Course

CEH which stands for Comprehensive Ethical Hacker. It provides you comprehensive ethical hacking and network security training courses to learn white hat hacking. You just choose the hacking course package and join to get trained to become a professional ethical hacker. From this site, you can get all types of courses that makes you a certified ethical hacker. Many of youngster now these days pursue this course named E-CEH and they call himself a hacker but This is not suitable because they easily provide you the certificates.

You need to learn deeply from their official websites where they share some of hacking myth and tricks. People are really going with the forum because people discuss on new stuff of hacking so you gain new knowledge on hacking and cracking. We can share this hacker websites list because many of you guys demand it.

Also, Read Top 10 Hacking Tools used by PRO Hackers!

Evilzone Forum

Evilzone is a hacking forum where you can see the discussion on hacking and crack. On this site, you could see tons and tons of questions and answers regarding ethical hacking. So, you will need to register to get your ID to raise your questions there. Professional hackers will post the solution to your queries. The community people are very serious and so don’t be a kid in asking simple hacking tricks.

Break The Security

As the name of this site explains the motive of the site. Break The Security offer all type of hacking stuff such as hacking news, hacking attacks and hacking tutorials. They also offer you various types of useful courses that make you certified hacker. It is very helpful if you choose the security and field of hacking and cracking. This is one of the most popular and used sites by hackers and crackers because on there they can share almost full tutorials on how to hack and all So, that’s why most of the hackers prefer this site.


SecTools which means security tools and this site is dedicated to delivering important tricks regarding network security and so that you could learn to fight against the network security threats. They also provide security tools with detailed description about it. best site to learn hacking for beginners free

Hack In The Box

Hack In The Box is a popular website in providing security news and happenings from the hacker underground. You can get enormous hacking articles about Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Programming and much more. This site also having a forum community and hence users can discuss hacking tips. learn ethical hacking free

From Editor’s Desk:

Guys, there are many sites on the internet where you learn ethical hacking and do hacking course But here we sorted some of the major websites from everybody easily start and learn about hacking stuff that how the hacking world’s going on and you-you easily enter it. If you have other sites that are suitable to learn hacking guys let us know in below comment. Soon we will add to our list and this way you can alos help our visitors.

How to Hack into a Windows 10 Computer ? [Hack Windows 10 Password]


Hello everyone, how are you doing? Today, we are going to discuss one of the most asked questions in our blog about how to hack into a Windows 10 computer. If you ever use your friends or siblings computer and find a lock screen then it indicates that the computer is password-protected. And without entering the password you won’t be able to access the system. There are many ways to hack windows 10 password but you need to learn first that how you can crack windows 10 password.

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate 2 ways to bypass the login screen and access the computer normally even if you don’t know the password. Please note, that you should only use the methods from this guide for personal purpose only, do not get into any mischief activity that might be considered as illegal. So, let’s jump into the solutions and see how to hack into a Windows 10 computer. You can see here that how to hack windows 10 password without using command prompt and any software.

Solution 1: With UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD)

Ultimate Boot CD or UBCD is a Windows password reset program that can reset the password of your locked computer even if you don’t remember the password. It is a simulated little program that manipulates with logon registry entries in any Windows computer and helps you to reset the password of your computer. Here’s how to use UBCD to reset a Windows 10 PC –

Step 1. Download UBCD on a working computer. Next, burn the ISO image file on a flash drive or CD/DVD and make a bootable drive.

Hack into a Windows 10 Computer
Hack into a Windows 10 Computer

Step 2. Boot your locked PC with UBCD and the Ultimate Boot CD options will appear on the startup screen. Select “Parted Magic” from the list and press Enter to continue.

Hack into a Windows 10 Computer
Hack into a Windows 10 Computer

Step 3. On the next screen, choose option 1 and continue. UBCD should be loaded automatically on the display monitor now.

how to hack windows 10 password using command prompt
how to hack windows 10 password using command prompt

Step 4. Click on Start > System Toos > Change Windows password

Step 5. Now choose a new password for your computer and save the changes.

Restart your PC and use the newly created password to access your system normally.

Solution 2: Hack into Windows 10 computer with UUkeys Windows Password Mate

Another way to hack into a Windows 10 computer is to take assistance from UUkeys Windows Password Mate. It is an excellent and marvelous Windows password recovery tool that can not only reset the password from your Windows 10 computer but it totally destroys the password from your PC. In short, it will remove the lock screen from your computer making it easier to log in to your PC without using any password at all.

Top benefits of UUkeys Windows Password Mate

  • Bypass all Windows computer passwords effortlessly including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 95/98/2000 and so on.
  • Remove every type of password from your PC like picture, PIN and text passwords.
  • Works with all kinds of accounts such as Microsoft, local, administrator, root, and domain user accounts.
  • Compatible with most hard drives such as NTFS, FAT32, IDE, SATA, SSD, HDD, etc.
  • Attractive user interface and easy to use.
  • Dedicated support available.

Steps to hack into a Windows computer with UUkeys program –

how to hack windows 10 password using command prompt
how to hack windows 10 password using command prompt

Step 1. Install the Windows password reset program on a different working computer and open the software to see its main user interface.

Step 2. Plug in a blank USB stick or CD/DVD to create a password reset disk by clicking on “Burn USB”. Alternately, if you are using a CD/DVD then click on “Burn CD/DVD” to create the password reset disk.

Step 3. Reboot your locked computer with the password-reset disk. If your computer doesn’t recognize the device then go to BIOS and change the boot priorities.

windows 10 password cracker usb
windows 10 password cracker usb

Step 4. UUkeys program should be opened at the home screen now and all you have to do is to select the Windows version as Windows 10 and choose the username linked with your PC. Then click on “Reset Password” to remove the password from your PC and restart to login to your computer normally.

Final Verdict:

This tutorial is very helpful for those who has forgotten their Windows computer password or wants to hack into any password-protected Windows computer. UBCD is amazing if you get lucky but with UUkeys program, it is 100% assured that your password will be removed no matter what. In addition, there will be no data loss at all and you can even add new administrator user on your PC directly from the program.

6+ Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android ( 2019 )


Are you looking for an app from which you can schedule a Fake Incoming call to your device?  Then, you are At The right place. Because in this article – I am going to talk about best fake incoming call apps for the android device that you can use to get out of an awkward situation. These situations can arise anytime, anywhere! So, these kinds of apps can be very helpful.

Fake incoming Call apps can be proved a lot of time saver, in situations like stuck with annoying friends or annoying group. So, without wasting any time let’s have a look at all these faking coming call apps one by one. Don’t forget to grab your cup of coffee! You’re going to need it a lot.

Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android
Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android

Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android Device

Although, there are many apps available on the Play Store that can fulfill this requirement of a fake incoming call on your Android device. but, there are some apps which are on the top of the list. so, based on the user rating I am making a list of this app here. and I hope that it will help you out.

#1 Fake call – Prank

Fake call – Prank is the best fake phone call app for your android device. It has a great user interface and it is very easy to set up. all you need to do is just tap a few times on your screen and you are ready to go! In the case of emergencies, an uncomfortable scenario –  you can simply open the app and click on it. put your phone back on the table. And boom! After a few Seconds, You will get a phone call from an unknown number. And that can be your excuse to leave the party.

#2 Fake a Call

Fake call – fake caller id is another alternative for the best fake phone calls apps in the android device. Like all the other fake call, apps you can use this one also to trigger and schedule a fake call after a certain amount of time. Just, set the phone and put it on the table. The app will take care of everything.

#3 Fake Call

Fake call is an app with a simple name, but it is also one of the best fake phone call apps that we have in the play store. You can use this app, and it’s very easy and simple to use user interface will definitely help you in setting up a fake call. It is very easy to use and very user-friendly also. You must give this one a try.

Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android
Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android

#4 GogoCall

GogoCall is a great alternative for fake phone call apps for your Android device. you can make custom settings in this application. and, you can also make it change the name, number, image and sometimes you also can play the pre-planned voice recording to which you will talk so that, your conversation doesn’t feel completely fake.

Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android

#5 Text to Escape

Text to escape is a great feature of free open source IIFTTT application on the web. IIFT TT stands for if this then that. it is an amazing tool that you can use to customize your use of your Android device. you simply to install the IIIFTTT application in your device and you can set the condition to Trigger the call, for example, you can also Trigger a fake phone call from a text message that you will send to a specific number. this is an application filed with the great features. so you must give this one a try!

Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android

#6 FCR Fake Call

Last but not the least, FCR fake call android application is a great tool for getting out of awkward situations in life. You can use FCR fake call application in your android device with custom phone numbers, titles ringtones and you can also use a predefined voice recording to make it more real.

Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android

From the Editor’s Desk – Fake Phone Call Apps

So, in the end, I hope that you have liked this collection of best fake call apps for your android device. And, if you have any doubt or suggestion to add in this article please leave a comment below and I will try to put that suggestion in the article itself. Thanks for your time. I’ll see you in the next article. Bye Bye!

(5+) Best Free Tools For Monitor Calibration (2019)


Are you looking for Best Free Tools for Monitoring Calibration of your Screen? Are you finding some tools to easily calibrate your Monitor? Then, You are at the right place. Because, Today I am going to talk about Best Tools For Monitor Calibration. I have made a list of 5 Best Tools that are Free to Monitor Calibration. Let’s See them in the list below.

5 Best Free Tools For Monitor Calibration | 2018
5 Best Free Tools For Monitor Calibration | 2019

List of Best Free Tools For Monitor Calibration

Although, There are many Free Tools for changing monitor calibration. But, based on the popularity of the tools and User ratings available at various platforms – Here are some Best Free tools For Monitor Calibration. Let’s have a look at them.

#1 The Lagom LCD Monitor Test

One of the Best Monitor Calibration Tools available for changing monitor settings is The Lagom LCD Monitor Test. The tools it offers are very professional and it allows the user to select from given settings. Easy to use interface makes it more professional looking program for the layman user. you must give this one a try. There is a reason, why it is at the top of the list.

#2 Online Monitor Test

Online Monitor Test is another great platform for the Desktop Monitor Calibration. It contains a large variety of tools that allow you to do almost all the task that you require to do with your PC monitor. The Program comes with pre-built Blur test, Gradient test and other possible tests that you can perform with your Monitor. Try this one with your monitor to check its genuinely.

#3 Photo Friday

5 Best Free Tools For Monitor Calibration | 2018
5 Best Free Tools For Monitor Calibration | 2019

Photo Friday is the best alternative for Free Monitor Calibration tool. This website is mainly for the Photographers, but can also perform various other tasks. One of them is calibrating your monitor screen for the best capacity of Output. You can test all the possible color layouts and color codes for your Display calibration.

#4 W4ZT

W4ZT is a layman way of performing a Desktop Monitor Calibration. You can use the chart given to you and use it to perform a calibration test. You can also try to auto-testing the color pallets and RGB layout of each pixel on the screen using auto testing option. This one perfectly deserves a Try from everyone.

#5 The Monitor Calibration and Gamma Assesment Page

This one is last, But not the Least. the monitor calibration and grammar assessment page is a great tool to run simple tests on your Monitor Display. It helps a lot in calibrating the Monitor settings and color correction.  the platform allows you to use different color schemes and features in real time so, you must give one a try!

From the Editor’s Desk

That’s all for now. I Hope, you’ll like my article. If you are in doubt or want to suggest anything new to make it better. You are welcome to the comment field below. I’ll be very happy to read and answer your comments. And, one thing is for sure… I’ll definitely not charge for making good appreciation comments. Thanks for your time.

6+ Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch ( 2019 )


Are you looking for some customized best heart rate monitors for your Apple watch? Are you bored of your default apple watch interface about heart rate, monitoring? Then, my dear friend, You are In The right place. Because in this article I am going to talk about some of the best heart rate monitors for your apple watch. So take out your apple watches and follow the article thoroughly. Let’s time into the list of best heart rate monitors for Apple watch. And, learn more about them one by one.

List of Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch

Although, you can find many heart rate monitors for your apple watch that you can customize your apple watch with. But, there are some best heart rate monitors applications based on the user rating and the number of downloads they have it in the app store. I am keeping all these factors in mind while generating the list of best heart rate monitors for Apple watch.

#1 HeartWatch Heart & Activity

Just have a look at the screenshot below. You will understand that heart watch ap is very attractive heart rate monitoring application that allows you enjoy the readings of your heartbeat, work, work out, sleep and be sitting idle in a very beautiful and interesting manner.

6 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch
6 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch

#2 Heart Graph

Heart graph is another great alternative for heart rate monitors for Apple watch. As the name suggests, this app allows you to see all the information in a graphical form. Which is a very technical and scientific way of displaying data. You can get data Of Different activities in a day Like, A separate graph of Morning Walk, a separate graph of running, a separate graph of ideal time in a day. so its all depends on you how you want to manage and Visualise Your data in this application.

6 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch
6 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch

#3 Heart Analyzer

Heart analyzer is another best heart rate monitors, which comes with a basic but smooth user interface. Which allows you to have a look at all the important readings at once. So you don’t have to click on various options one-by-one to have a look at different aspects of readings. You can see all the important information on one screen. The application keeps and I on your workout time and sitting time in a day.

6 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch
6 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch

#4 Cardiogram for Apple Watch

Cardiogram for Apple watch is a very good heart rate monitoring application for your Apple watch. and, this application is pretty much same as the default apple watch application that comes pre-installed in your apple watch. but, it allows you with another kind of customizing the output screen. and my takes away the Boring interface to display the data.

6 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch

#5 FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor application is one of the best alternatives for smartwatch heart rate monitor the user interface is tremendously simple and this makes the application very user-friendly. The application allows you to monitor heart rate in very customizable screens. The application also supports Android devices but they have recent recently switched to the Apple watches. so, you can use the data in your Android device also.

6 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch

#6 Zones for Training

Last, but not the least. Zones for training is another best heart rate monitors for Apple watch. It comes with trendy looks. The best thing about this application is, it allows you to monitor the data of your heartbeat, working, ideal time etc in the real-time interface. And, the simple user interface allows the user to easily share the data among other Android devices so all in all this is a great alternative for monitoring your heart rate in your Apple watches.

6 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch

From the Editor’s Desk – Best Heart Rate Monitors for Apple Watch

So, in the end, I hope that you have liked these Third-party heart rate monitors for Apple watch. if you have any doubt or you want to suggest some other applications which can make your apple watch much more beautiful than the boring interface that comes by default. You can leave a comment below about that and I’ll try to add those suggestions in the article thanks for your time. I’ll see you in the next article.

(10+) Best iPhone Music Apps to Enjoy Music (2019)

Best iPhone Music Apps
Best iPhone Music Apps

Best iPhone Music Apps – Apple was one of the major reasons that the audio players got so advanced with the introduction of iPod. The modern day technology is so insanely developed that there are a million applications providing high-quality music services on your iPhones/iPods. These apps provide vast libraries of music to you at your fingertips because these are the Best iPhone Music Apps.

List of Top 10 Best iPhone Music Apps :

So there are millions of apps in the category of Music, even if you have a 256gb iPhone but seriously you don’t want lump up all the music apps in your phone. Well, let me tell you which are the best iPhone music apps which you should get for having a good time listening to music.

1.) Apple Music (Pre-Installed on iPhone) – Best iPhone Music Apps

Apple Music is Apple’s first music streaming service, and it offers you complete access to any song in the Apple Music library. It is integrated with beats music and has the other radio streaming option. Apple music has over 30 million titles to choose from, which makes it so competitive with the other apps in the genre. Apple music is a combination of Apple’s simple music app + the streaming and download music service just like Spotify. Apple music has a very interactive user face, it recommends you music according to what you like and listens to.

The biggest advantage to using it on an iPhone is that you can navigate through the track on a lock screen or on control center (When the app is minimized). Apple doesn’t let any other music app to use this feature unfortunately and trust me it so convenient to have that in an app. So Apple makes tops the list for best iPhone music apps. monthly subscription of $9.99 ($14.99 for the family plan)

2.) Spotify Music

For the iPhone, if you weren’t happy with apple music then your next best option would be Spotify. it is one of the largest music streaming services around and the biggest competitor for Apple Music. You can stream music from the huge catalog and download content for offline listening. One benefit of Spotify is that there is a free tier that allows you to listen to anything in shuffle mode on iPhone and iPad without having to pay for it. Monthly subscription of $9.99 ($4.99 per additional family member)

3.) Shazam

Music is all around us at some point of the time, You might be a music geek but come on you cannot know all the titles at all times. Maybe you heard a new song at this party and you are wondering its name. Well, Open shazam, give it a few seconds and it will show you the track name and provides with purchasing options, lyrics, and a convenient means of streaming the tracks once recognized. It has its own charts of most shamed tracks and stuff, which makes it one of the essentials.

4.) Soundcloud

The overall music experience and the user interface might be low comparatively than other apps but Soundcloud is just for raw talent. This is a platform where musicians, artists, and the bands put up their music. From the mainstream artist’s profiles to young new talents, You’ll find them all. You Follow people and their music or follow certain genre style and get music in your stream from that genre. It is a great application for those who want to really dig in and explore great new music.

5.) Traktor DJ for iPhone

This app is by native instruments, which are the best at making tools for DJ’s and producers. NI developed the famous and world no. 1 software for mixing tracks, traktor. The same software has been brought down to iPhone for Apple users at just $1.99. This is the best in the business, it has allot of features and you can really dig into it easily. Every other Dj apps may fall short of something but traktor won’t. It is an essential app for the iPhone and the best music app for iPhone in terms of mixing music and Djing.

6.) YouTube Music

YouTube Music is probably aimed at the music video lover’s, YouTube does have a huge catalog of music videos and those who like to like to listen to music but also watch that HD music video’s, in that case, this is the app for you. With a premium Red account, you can listen to the music whether your phone’s display is on or off which is pretty good as the regular YouTube app does not have that feature. Moreover, its recommended section shows the most precise recommendations then all other apps in the music category.

7.) Google Play Music

If you have a YouTube Red subscription, then you even have a Google play music account automatically. The service is from Google in which you can play and stream music with or without playing its video and continue playing it even with app minimized. Again just like the other apps this one has a huge collection of over 30 million songs. definitely a good app for the iPhone.

8.) Tidal

Jay-z’s own music streaming service. High-quality good music streaming service, needless to say, a good and a large library to choose from. It mainly hosts the exclusive content from artists like Kanye West (life of Pablo). It mainly focuses on Hip-Hop, R&B, soul music but also house other genres. You can stream MP3 quality tracks for $9.99 per month, or upgrade to the High-Fidelity tier for CD-quality songs. it really does deserve a spot for the best music app.

9.) Pandora

Pandora has been providing personalized online radio for years, and the service is continuously improving. The service provides with custom radio stations with its amazing algorithms based on a specific track or artist, delivering songs catered toward you.

There’s no longer a 40-hour-per-month listening cap for the Pandora mobile app (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), so you can enjoy as much custom radio. To avail its premium service at ($54.89 per year or $4.99 per month), you’ll enjoy ad-free playback, more song skips and access to the Pandora desktop app.

10.) Musixmatch

It might now be handy for everyone but the app has got the world’s largest catalog of lyrics, and as such, the app lets you listen to the song in your library with synced lyrics. You can search for song lyrics, the working is pretty much like Shazam, it can identify a track playing around you and just give you the lyrics for it. It is handy for those who enjoy singing and want song lyrics.

From the Editor’s Desk :

So out of those million music apps, these are the top Best iPhone Music Apps which you should look forward to. All of them are great in their own need and sense which got them to the list for best music apps for iPhone. If you like the list, let us know below in the comments. Thank you.

Top 10 Best Android Diet Apps to Stay Healthy & Fit ( 2019 )


Best Diet android apps 2019 – Summer is here which means you have to need your body fit. In summers you are wearing shorts and lose clothes and if you are Fatty then it’s a big problem for you. Mostly Fatty people start dieting in summer But they do not know what to do or what to do not on dieting. They start running in morning and evening but they do not eat food because they are in dieting and after one month they have to manage their weight.Best Diet Android Apps

But you really think that this is a right way to dieting, No not at all. If you scarifies your food for just losing weight and you say I am in dieting so you getting into hot water. Because it just loses your weight with lots of harms it’s not a real meaning of dieting. Here we test some dieting app which helps you lose weight with a lot of benefits. You can easily manage your weight by using these best diet android apps which we suggest you below. Every App teaches you about what eat or what not. These apps provide you best dieting tips which keep you healthy.

My Diet Coach – Weight Loss –  Best Android Diet Apps

My Diet Coach is the best diet android apps. In a free Version, it gives you four features showing Photos, Tips, reward for motivation, Diet Diary. In pro version, it gives you three more feature food craving panic button, a weight chart and a points system. It Performs like real Diet coach which suggest you to low fat and highly energy gainer food. This app has some basic feature also like tracking your progress, a reminded you to eat food or drink water, calorie counting.

Diet Point Weight Loss

Diet Point weight loss has more than 130 weight loss diet tips, innovative meal and complete grocery lists. it also gives you a faithful shopping list for every diet plan so you do not have to worry about shopping. it has also 500 more tips to keep us healthy and fit. It has more feature like body mass index calculator, weight tracker, weight monitors it’s like a personal pocket-sized weight loss coach.

Diet Plan Weight loss

Diet plan Weight loss is great android application it’s available on Google play store for free of cost. This app for those people who actually wants to lose their weight. This app suggests you about food and also give you a list of low-calorie food. According to this application, you will eat three healthy meals and two snacks per day with around 1500 calories. Now, what you think just download this app and start simple diet plans for losing weight.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Calorie counter by Fat Secret is also a weight losing best diet android apps like other application. This app easily finds nutritional information for which food you eat and easily track your all meals, exercises and weight. it gives you a food diary in this diary have so many weight losing plan and track what you are eating. it has some great feature like a weight tracker, diet calendar, bar code scanner and finds nutritional food and restaurant which is nearest for you. It also gives you recipes of every food which app suggest you. and it has Facebook or Gmail log in the feature as well.

Calorie Counter – My Fitness pal

Calorie Counter is an awesome application and free of cost from Play Store. It Helps you to lose weight and fit Body with great Dieting tips and nutritional food. This app creates a personal Diet Chart with some exercise and healthy food which lose your weight quickly. It has largest food database over 6,000,000 foods on it with 350 exercise tips training and daily updating. you can easily import recipes just visit on an only recipe site and import and track it with just one tab it like a miracle. 88% of people lose their weight within 7 days.

Diet Watchers Diary

Diet Watcher diary is a very complicated best diet android apps but it has a lot of features that why we adding it on our dieting app list. This app is available on Google play store to the cost of 2.19 USD Dollar. This app comes with Dropbox for backup and syncing, bar code scanner, Body mass index calculator. It has lots of basic features for those who want everything on hand approach. This application has no free version that means it’s good and has lots of features which help you to lose weight.

Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

Fooducate weight loss coach is specially designed for Diet food with calories and nutritional. Its suggestion about food means which food loss your weight, keep you healthy, achieve fitness goal to eat real food which is suggested by this application. This application show you how to eat right, it will change your diet, it motivates you to show photos. There are 250,000 Unique products with unique exercise for you.

Bodybuilding Diet workout plan

Bodybuilding Diet Workout plan helps you to lose weight and fitness which build your body in shape also. You can easily build your body by following the diet or exercise which given by this app. it is fully worked in offline mode and specially design for athletes. it also suggests you that what you will or when you will eat. You have an option that select off-season or in-season diet. It has 90% diet and 10% workout which happens in a Gym. this app gives you tips for a workout in very simple steps.

The Complete 5:2 Diet

The Complete 5:2 Diet application is also a paid application which is available on Google play store for the cost of 3.5 USD Dollar. It has a great feature like calories counter, body mass index, BMR, Target calorie calculator but it will not allow you to add your own exercise routine in. You can choose 2-3 workout plans for your first day.

Lose it !

Lose it ! is an another best diet android apps that something-something same as much you need. it also comes with food database, bad code scanner, calories counter and so more if you buy the premium version. It specially customises for weight loss plan which keeps you fit and healthy. This app gives you suggestion about food means which food loss your weight, keep you healthy, achieve fitness goal to eat real food which is suggested by this application.

Top 10 Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android Users (2019)


Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android Users- Hi guys, here we come with a very interesting article that is “Top 10 Best Selfie Camera app for Android Device”. The craze of taking selfies is not new, we all have been taking selfies since the camera become common in our life. Now the days, smartphones are coming with high-resolution front facing the camera, some phones are specially made for taking selfies.

Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android – Now the time we all have android phones with high- resolution front-facing camera that comes with 16 MP or more. But the stander camera comes in between 5 MP to 8 MP.

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It showing us that how the selfies craze is going popular day by day. The main reason behind taking selfies is social media platform, peoples are a craze for social media. They spend their minimum 2 hours in a day, millions of peoples are posting their new photos on social media sites.

Top 10 Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android Device

Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android
Best Selfie Taking Apps for Android

If you are reading this article that means you are also crazed for taking selfies. And you are looking best selfies application that makes your photo better. So here we have listed Top 10 best selfies taking apps for an Android smartphone. There are awesome apps that make your photo much better. So let’s check them out below and I hope you will like it.

1). B612

B612 is one of the best and very popular these days for taking selfies. There are so many features for fun that you will not find anywhere in other selfie apps. In this app, you can make the awesome video clip with sound, just press and hold the record button for recording.

This app also supports rear a camera that means you can record video through your rare camera as well. There are so many awesome filters in these selfie apps which you can choose or download according to your taste. But trust me it has awesome filters which you can use while clicking photos or recording videos.

2). Beauty Plus

Beauty plus is one of the best apps for taking selfies and I am personally suggesting you install this app on your smart phone. This app has a positive rating on Google play store and has best reviews by the user.

This app also adds radiant complexion for awesome face and photos. There is a skin smoothing makeover tool which helps you to retouch the skin tone and make your photo more awesome. It has one more tool for you that is blemish remover, with this tool you can easily remove your pimples and other skin marks.

3). FotoRus

FotoRus is another best application for an android device to taking selfies. This app will click your photo in high resolution. There are so many filters that will make your selfie photo into the awesome photo. The best feature of this app that every selfie you will take on this app.

you can make a profile picture on your Facebook or Instagram account without cropping. In this app, you will get so many awesome frames for making a collage and you can put text on it as well. The size of this file is 42 MB, you can easily install it on your Android phone for free.

4). YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the best and excellent apps for making the selfies awesome. There are a lot of effects who make you make your photo better. This app is also detecting multiple faces while clicking the selfies that means you click selfies in groups. You can also make cool video clips by using lots of filters for making it awesome.

It will instantly choose beautification level according to the weather. There is lot more tools like skin smoother which automatically dry your skin, makeup tool that will remove your wrinkles, pimples and fine lines. The best feature is that you can easily cut the background and use the new background for make photo better just like a green screen.

5). Perfect 365

Perfect 365 is Best Selfie Taking Apps for those who want to take selfie manually. With this app you can remove your pimples, face retouching also changes your hair or hair color and lots more. You can also clear or whiten your teeth, it will convert your photo into the model.

For girls, this app is very helpful because this app has more than 18 makeup tools that help you to customize your photo, you can change a shadow, lipsticks color, liner and more. This app is available in Apple app store, yes, this is only available for I phone users.

6). Retrica

Retrica is the most popular application on google play store with positive feedback. This application is my personal favorite because I am using retrica in my pc since 2010. You can click awesome photos with great filters, make a collage, videos and GIF as well.

There is also a stamp option that you can stamp your photo with replica’s original stamp or use more other stamps. You can instantly upload photos on social media platform by retrica.

7). Sweet Selfie

Sweet selfie is another very popular selfie camera that most of the peoples are using on their phone. It takes beauty selfie within a second with an awesome filter. On this app, you can also use emojis and stickers on your photo while taking selfies.

You can set the timer for a better click with filter or emoji and also support selfie stick. So if you are looking for best selfie camera that has a lot of filter effects and emojis then install it on your Android device.

8). oSnap

oSnap is not so much famous and also not good in photo editing app but there is one benefit that it taking selfies go well. In case you are going somewhere and you want to take selfies on the go, this app is very good for you.

You can take selfies with your front-facing camera and rear camera too. This app offers you to tap anywhere on the screen for taking selfies. You can click anywhere on the screen and it will take your picture easily.

9). Besti

Besti is another not so popular but it is the Best Selfie Taking Apps you ever use on your Android phone. It has so many fabulous features that make you picture much better. There are professional photographic filters which you can use for making the picture better.

It also detects your face automatically and adds a glow to your facial skin. It is developed by camera 360 a and you get it from Google play store for free.

10). Candy Camera

Candy camera is another one of the popular selfies camera app available in Google play store for the android device. 2 millions of peoples are using this application per day. It has real-time filter option that allowing you to see pictures with a filter before clicking.

There are 100 plus different filters which you can use before or after taking pictures. This app is also free to use and get it from Google play store for free.

Latest Facebook Tips & Tricks 2019 [All FB Hacks] – Best FB Tricks


Facebook Tricks & Tips 2019 – Guys Here Today We Share the Compilation of all Latest Facebook Hacks, Tricks & Tips 2019. These Facebook Tips, Tricks & Hacks are Useful for many People Around the World. Today Facebook is the Number One Hottest Social Media on the Internet Because of Their Kick-Ass Features. Facebook is Basically Developed to Connect Different People from Different Location World Wide.

It Helps The World to Connect People and Makes Communication with them. On the Other Hand, Facebook is also a Spot for Entertainment Where People Upload Pictures, Videos, and Status and Share with Their Friends. Check Out the Below List of All Facebook Tricks and Hacks. From These Tricks Maybe some of Them Helpful to You.

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Why do We need to know Facebook Tips & Tricks?

Facebook is the fastest growing social media network in the world and has very heavy demand on the internet. So It is important to update yourself on the internet and must know how these social networking sites work and we use the word facebook tips & tricks because you can easily understand. Below list is for facebook tricks 2019 that you can use to effectively use this social media network and use with shortcuts and explore more new things in this. You can do many things on facebook like the business, sharing information, uploading images, videos and do marketing stuff, earn money from facebook and do more lot of stuff.

Many of people I see that still don’t know the full features of facebook so that;s why introduce facebook tricks 2019 edition from which you can check all out of our facebook tricks and learn new things about facebook that how to hack facebook and how to secure facebook stuff like that. Many of site available on internet that share different things on internet so guys let me tell you we almost have all facebook tricks 2019 you need.

Best Latest Facebook Tricks & Tips 2019:

Guys Here is the Compilation of All Latest Facebook Tricks & Hacks 2017. By Using This you can Effectively use Facebook and Make your Work Easy. It Includes Tips and Tricks Related to Facebook that Many People Face Difficulty.Facebook Tricks & Tips 2016

25 Mind Blowing Facebook Facts & Figures You Don’t Know:

Guys Facebook is the Accidentally Founded Social Networking Site and Have Many Secrets, Facts, and Figures that Amaze you. It is about Mark Zuckerberg and Regarding Facebook Site.

How to Track Facebook Profile Visitors?

Now People want to Know that Who is View their Facebook Profile. This Trick is not Officially by Facebook but People still use it to Check their Facebook Profile Visitors.

Accept or Reject All Facebook Friend Request at Once

There are Many People Who have Daily Receive Many Friend Requests Especially Girls So It is So Irritating to Accept or Reject Friend Request One by One. It is so Time Consuming So Here is a Facebook Trick that can Solve your Problem. You need to Go Through this Below Link to View Tutorial.

How to Delete All Facebook Messages At Once?

Guys Whenever you Need to Delete all of Your Facebook Messages because of Some Reasons So Guys Now you can Easily Do this by Simple Tricks. There is Chrome Extension named “Facebook – Delete All Messages” that can Easily Delete you’re all Inbox Messages.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently?

When You Simple Delete your Facebook account It’s not Fully Deleted because you can Again Login in your Account with your ID and Password So Guys If You want to Fully Delete your Facebook Account Just View below Post.

How to Enable 2 Step Verification on Facebook?

Guys Facebook Security is one of the Concerned Topic on Internet. People who have Facebook Account also Face Issue Like ID Hacked, Stolen Password and Illegal Activities. So Here is a Coll Feature Adopted by Facebook Named 2 Step Verification. It Simple Enable user to attach with your Cell Phone Whenever your Want to Enter in Facebook Account They send Code in your Text Message and Confirm your Identity.

How to Hide Facebook Friends List from Others?

Many of Facebook Users do not want to Reveal Their Friends List for some Security and Other Reasons. So Guys It is the Basic Trick to Hide your Facebook Friends that People not able to View your Facebook Friends list.

How to Secure Facebook Account from Hackers?

It is Pretty Amazing that Facebook has Daily 600,00+ Hacking Attempts. So Facebook is the number one Target Social Media Site by Hackers It may be Either for White Hat or Black Hat purpose. It’s all Depend on you that how you Secure your Facebook Account.

How to Make Money with Facebook?

Facebook also Offers Individuals to Make money with it. Facebook is the Massive Source of Income if you Effectively use it to make Money. In This Post, you can See How you can able to Make Money with Facebook.

How to Download Facebook Videos?

It is very easy to Download Facebook Videos. On Facebook, there are many Videos that People are Like to Download But Facebook, not Official offers the Download Feature in Facebook So We use the Alternative Method to Download Facebook Video.

How to Use Facebook Messenger in Google Chrome?

Facebook have a Heavy Webpages that take the time to Fully Load in your Browsers So People are likely to use Facebook Messenger that is Light Weight. Facebook messenger is Specially for Mobile user But now you can also Use it on Your Browser with Handy Chrome Extension. It is Developed by some Developer.

How to Change Facebook Theme?

People are Bored to See that Blue Colour and User Interface Again and Again So it’s time to make Changes in it. There is very Cool Chrome Extension that easily changes Your Facebook theme.

Invite All Friends on Facebook Page at Once

Facebook Users are very Crazy about their Facebook Pages So they Invite their all Friends and gain Like on their Pages. But It is very Difficult to Invite Friends One by One So guys There is Kick Ass Solution for You that Now you can Invite All Facebook Friends on your Facebook Page at Once.

How to Block Apps & Games Notification on Facebook?

 It is Irritating that Your Facebook Friends send you the useless Apps and Games Request to Join and Play this Game Like Candy Crush and all others. So Guys Facebook Officially gives you the Authority to Block these Facebook Apps notifications and requests.

How to Track the Last Login on Facebook?

There are many Security Features Offered by Facebook. It is useful if you use it Effectively So Guys here is a One of the Features from Facebook Security that you can Check the Account Activity that Were you Last Login in What Browsers, Location, and Operating System.

How to Hide Facebook Status From Certain Friend?

There are Many People that Update Status but not want to Show their some Specific Friends because of Some Reasons So Guys You can now Do this Shit. Just Follow these Simple Steps to Use Facebook Feature.

How to Prevent Facebook Friends to Tag you in Photo?

People Want More Facebook Likes on Their Pictures So they Tag many People in it. So If you are one of them Tagged People So Once Check this Trick that nobody Able to Tag you in Their Pictures. Just Enable Timeline Review and You Done it Successfully.

Additional Facebook Tricks & Tips 2019:

Here is the Latest Facebook Tricks & Tips 2019 and the Updated List of Facebook Tips Such as How to Hack, Hot to Secure Facebook, Block Apps Notification, Track Login Location and Profile Visitors and etc More Facebook Tutorials and Stuff.

From Editor’s Desk:

Above is the Latest Compilation of all Latest Facebook Tricks & Tips 2019 in Which It Includes Security Tips, Hacking Tricks and Other Tips and Tricks Regarding Facebook. If you are Addicted to Facebook and want to know much about So You need to Check out Above List. You can View Full Article on new Web page to See the Full Tutorial of that Trick.

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