Best Way To Access Facebook Full Desktop Site Version on Android Phone!

Best Way To Access Facebook Full Desktop Site Version on Android
Best Way To Access Facebook Full Desktop Site Version on Android

Best Way to view Facebook in desktop version- Hey guys, I have a very interesting article for you that is how you can Access Facebook Full Desktop Site Version on Android phone. As you know nobody can use Facebook web version on their android phone because Facebook will automatically redirect you to the mobile version.

The Facebook developer made it responsive for our good experience which means you can use any device Facebook will automatically set according to your device. Now the days, Facebook is an addiction but it helps to keep in touch with friends, relative and other. The facebook is growing their security day by day which is good but some of us want to use the Facebook full version on Android smartphone.

If you are reading this article that means you are looking for a way which helps you to use full desktop Facebook web version on the android phone. Why some of us wants to use Facebook full web version? because the mobile website hide some important features of the site and it is very difficult to use in an android phone.

Best Way To Access Facebook Full Desktop Site Version on Android
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Facebook have their app, Messenger that allows us to use a quick and convenient way of accessing Facebook. If you want to see new feed then you have a Facebook app in normal version and light version or you only want to chat with someone, you can use Facebook messenger as well. But sometimes we need to view the full web version of Facebook.

Access Facebook Full Desktop Website On Android

Let us talk about what you have to do for using full website version of Facebook from your android phone. There are so many methods over the internet but we have three best methods which help you to view Facebook website full version on your smartphone. Below we will teach you how you can use the full desktop version in method and we will give you easiest step by step guidance of each method.

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Method 1: Put “Home.php” Facebook After link

The first method is very easy and simple way to view Facebook in their desktop version and it works not only in android, also work in ios and other devices. It works in any browser doesn’t matter which you use. If you have already logged into your facebook on mobile phone browser then it should take some time to load in the web version.

If you have not logged in your facebook account in your phone browser then Facebook login page does not look like desktop version but after logged in it will open in the web version. I am suggesting you, bookmark this link because whenever you type in your mobile browser, it will show you the mobile version of Facebook. You need to load the link everyday whenever you want to see the desktop version of Facebook.

Step1. Open any browser in your Android smartphone.
Step2. Now log in your facebook account in your phone browser.
Step3. After login goes to URL section and type “”.
Step4. Load the link and it will turn into desktop version automatically.

Note: For better experience enable rotate option. In landscape mode, you’ll get a better experience of images, videos, and other.

Method 2: Use Chrome Browser For using desktop version of facebook

With this method, you can view any website in desktop version on your phone. You can use this method when you want that means you can enable and disable this option according to your need. For this option, you need to download chrome browser on your phone.

Step 1. Open the Chrome browser on your phone, if you haven’t chrome browser on your phone then install it first.
Step2. Now go to URL section and type
Step3. Your Chrome browser will still show you the mobile version of Facebook. Tab on three dot top right side of the URL bar.
Step4. Now enable the “Request desktop site” option from the menu.
Step5. After enabling the option the website will automatically reload and show you the desktop version of Facebook.

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Note: if you want to go back on mobile site version, simply go to three dots menu and disable the “Request desktop site”. The site will automatically reload and come back in a mobile version. You can do any time whenever you want.


These two methods are very helpful for everyone and all time working method. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and helpful for you. In case you will face any problem regarding this article, leave your comment below on comment section.

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