5+ Top Ways to Access Music on Your Smartphone !

Today, our smartphones aren’t just used to call and text – most people use them for a range of other reasons, such as navigation in the car, keeping up with friends and family on social media, keeping on top of bills and finances, or simply listening to your favorite tunes. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive online library of music to choose from or want to save money by only downloading specific tunes to your handset, we’ve put together a list of great options to consider when it comes to putting music on your smartphone.

The Top Ways to Access Music on Your Smartphone
The Top Ways to Access Music on Your Smartphone

#1. Monthly Streaming Services

If you want to access any song that you choose from your music library, a pay monthly online streaming service is an ideal choice for you. For example, Spotify is a popular choice, along with Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Tidal. If you are currently at school or college, you may be eligible for a discounted rate due to your student status. If everyone in your family loves music, consider saving money with a family package.

#2. YouTube Videos:

If you know exactly which music you’d like to listen to and want to access it as quickly as possible, YouTube provides a great free service. All you need to do is type in the tune that you want, and you can watch the video too, for no extra charge. The only downfall of listening to music on YouTube is that if you close the app, your music will stop playing. So, it’s not always the best choice for anybody who needs to use their phone at the same time.

#3. Video to MP3 Converter:

If you currently use YouTube but would rather have the files downloaded to your smartphone instead of using the app, you might want to consider using a tool to convert the video file into MP3 format. Using this website, you can take all your favorite tunes from YouTube and turn them into downloadable files to store directly on your smartphone or MP3 player. If you are using an Apple device, you’ll need to add the files to your handset using iTunes.

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#4. Purchase from iTunes:

One sure way to get the tunes you want on your handset is to purchase and download them directly from iTunes. Here, you can download full albums or individual tracks, directly to your device. Although it will cost you, this is the best way to make sure that your files are safe and secure.

#5. Support Budding Artists:

If you enjoy listening to new and unusual music from lesser-known artists, SoundCloud is the perfect app for you. Along with the sister app MixCloud, you can use it to listen to the latest tracks from both professional and hobbyist musicians. If you enjoy making your own music, you could even upload it here for others to enjoy, too.

These are just some of the most popular methods of listening to all your favorite music using your smartphone handset. Which do you use and enjoy? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.