How to Add All Friends To Facebook Group By Single Click ?

Today we came up with some cool facebook stuff and scripts that you can now add all of your facebook friends in the group in just one click and your all friends added in your group in few seconds or minutes depending upon your friend’s list. In Previous we share a lot of facebook tricks such as Secure Facebook Account, Change Facebook Name after Limit and Other Facebook Tricks and Tutorials. Many of people manually add their all facebook friends to facebook group one by one. So it takes your precious time so guys, be smart use facebook tips and tricks to easily do your work. You can use below script to add your facebook friends in a group in just one click.

Add All Friends To Facebook Group By Single Click – Guys, Facebook is the Best Place to share Your Pictures, Videos, and Other Media. Facebook have wide Variety of Features like Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Events, Notes Like things that can also help to Promote your Content. Now Today we are going to Discuss Facebook Groups. It is the Place Where you can Perform Discussion about any Niche Depend on your Group. In Facebook Group there are many cool features like any of Post is only Posted in Group after the Approval of Admin So in that way you can make your Group a better place of Discussion Where you can only Approve the Suitable Posts that help others and Solve Problems too.Add All Friends To Facebook Group By Single Click

Sometimes we need a Wide Audience to Discuss any Agenda so we Manually Add Members in Group one by one. So today We Remove that One by One thing. You can Now “Add all Friends to Facebook Group by Single Click” You only need to Follow the Below Steps to add all Facebook friends in any group in Just at One Click. It can solve many of your Problem and Specially Save your Precious Time that you can use in some other Tasks.

Steps to Add All Friends To Facebook Group:

  1. First Login to your Facebook Account.
  2. Open that Group in Which you want to add all of Your Facebook Friends.
  3. Now Press F12 Button no Matter you using Firefox or Chrome. It Works on Both.
  4. Basically, it Opens the Browser Console or you can click right click and go to inspect element and go to console tab.
  5. Now Copy & Paste that Script in [ This Link ] and Hit Enter.
  6. Your Browser May shows some types of Refuse Error Don’t Worry It adds your Facebook Friends to that Group Successfully.
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You can also Check our Previous Posts on Invite all Facebook Friends at One click and Other Facebook Hacks that Enhance your Facebook User Experience. Guys Don’t worry about the Script It is Safe and Virus Free. You can Freely use it all Popular Browses Like Google Chrome, Mozilla etc.

From Editor’s Desk:

Above trick is fully working and tested by our team. You can use this script to add all facebook members to your facebook group in one click and one more important thing that you need to wait after 10-second cause when you adding member very fast so facebook will stop you and show facebook error that you are doing some script spamming thing.

So Be careful when you use this script when adding members to the facebook group. There is the man who searches about facebook group invite all friends and get some scam things on their site. But you can easily get this script from anywhere.