How To Add Background Music To Blogger Blog ? (Blogspot)

As you know Blogger/Blogspot is now the biggest free blogging platform nd anyone can make a blog for free on that and start blogging. So Now we came up with the tutorial that many of guys wondering about that how to add music to blogger blog post. So here is s clear definition that you can easily add music/MP3 to your blog spot blog many ways. One way we can show you below that is really simple and easy to implement. In this tutorial, we can add background music to blogger blog and when the visitor came to our site and it will automatically play music. This way we can amaze our visitors that came to our blog.

Here We share a Simple Steps that How to Add Background Music to Blogger? There are many Tips and Tricks available in Blogger that can Interact More Visitors So people are using many different things with his blogs. In which of these trick is one of them that You How to Add Background Music to Blogger Blog.

How to Add Background music to blogger blog / blogspot
How To Add Background Music To Blogger?

It’s Amazing when user Surfing on Website/Blog and Listen to Music that automatically starts when the web page is loaded. Embed any Background Sound and Music behind the Blogger Blog and Websites is too easiest work. One Day I was surfing on the internet and I see somebody blog and when I load that page It automatically starts the music and I amazed and check my computer’s background and I looking for where the music is played and I noticed that sound is coming from Blog’s Webpage. So I Search on Google and Found a Simple way to add Background music to your blogger blog and then I share this amazing Trick here.

How to Add Background Music to your Blogger?

  1. Go To Blogger Dashboard >> Layout.
  2. Click On “Add Gadget” >> HTML/Javascript.
  3. Now Copy the Below script and paste in HTML/Javascript Section.

<embed style=”width:1px; height:1px; visibility:hidden” autostart=”true” loop=”true” src=”URL HERE”/></embed>

NOTE: Replace Your Song’s URL With URL HERE and Save the Gadget and View Your Blog and Listen to Music While Surfing on Your Blog. URL must end with (.mp3) Extension because You Need to add the Direct link of that Song or Audio you want to Play on Page Load. If You have any Doubt with this Article So Leave your Comments Below. We Fix your Problem as Soon as Possible.

From Editor’s Desk:

This is one of the easiest ways to add background music to blogger blog. You can add SCM music player to blogger blog. You can add autoplay music to blogger BlogSpot blog that when someone visits your site it will automatically play that song you set it for your blog. It is closely related to add mp3 player to your blogger blog But you need to add mp3 player embed code to your site and decide position that wherever you want that player.

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