How To Add Colorful Scroll Bar in Blogger Blog ?

Add Colorful Scroll Bar in Blogger – It’s very Latest CSS Style in Blogger To Change Your Scroll Bar Into Colorful Scroll Bar. Now Today am Sharing with You “How To Add Colorful Scroll Bar in Blogger/Blogspot”. Add Colorful Scroll Bar is very Easy in Blogger. Everybody Wants that his Blog is Looking Better than Others So they Edited their Blog Default into very Attractive and Eye Catching Blog. So Guys Lets Start and Make Your Blog Looking Better. There are the lot of Things that you customize in blogger platform manually so guys if you are interested in more stuff check here.Add Colorful Scroll Bar in Blogger

Why You Do This?

It’s Simple that Default Scroll Bar is Very Dull and very Old that is Not Eye Catching, But when Fill Colors in Scroll Bar so Think when Visitor Come On Your Website and Scroll Bar Attract the Visitor Eye and Visitor Said “Humm Nice Customization” So that is Reason You Change Your Default Scroll Bar.

Steps To Add Colorful Scroll Bar in Blogger:

  1. Go To Blogger and Login Your Account.
  2. Click On Template > Edit HTML.
  3. Now Starts Real Work Press CTRL+F and Find This Code ]]></b:skin> and Paste the Below Code Above This ]]></b:skin> Code & Click on Save Template.

/* Colorful Scroll Bar In Blogger Blog */::-webkit-scrollbar {background:#ffffff;width:12px;}::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {-webkit-box-shadow: inset 0 0 5px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, #FF0000 6%, #FF0000 29%);}::-webkit-scrollbar-track {}/* Colorful Scroll Bar In Blogger Blog*/

What Can You Do with This Code? 

You can Edit This Code (top, #FF0000 6%, #FF0000 29%) and Change Scroll Bar into Desired Color Red, Green with HTML Color Picker Tool.

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You can Also Change Width of Scroll Bar by Edit this Code {background:#ffffff;width:12px;} For Example : (12px, 10px, 8px). and Change Scroll Bar Background Body Color By Replacing #ffffff with your Desired HTML Color Code.

So Guys It’s Really Easy To Do This So If You have any doubts in this post and Mistake made by me So Please Tell Me or Comment Below To Feedback.

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