After the credit score hack, Equifax stock Fell Down to 14%


Recently, Equifax company was under a cyber attack and a huge data of 143 million people’s personal identifying data has been compromised and also a whopping amount of $2 billion dollars has fallen down in the stock market.

Credit Score business Equifax stated that on Thursday, the cyber attack took over 143 million people and the data and the privacy of the users got compromised, which led to the security issues of the company. The social security numbers and the personal data information that is used to identify the user identity are checked and accessed.

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It also led to the whopping loss of $2 billion dollars in the market cap on the next day after falling out to 14% in the stock market. The stock market did not like it and is now facing quite an issues about the loss it incurred.

Since from July 29th, the company was aware of the cyber attack that is going to create all this fuss and mess but has not done or taken any preventive measures to terminate it. Also, the public was notified about the cyber attack on the other day. Several questions are being raised from the investors who put a lot in this firm, about the information being not provided by the company earlier.

Ilya Fushman, who is a general partner at Index ventures talked a lot about the ongoing scenario, in podcasts with several leading people on how they are going to recover and get this situation under them, without further getting damaged.


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