All You Need To Know About Microlearning



Just like online live classes and courses are two effective modes of imparting education virtually, microlearning is one such innovative approach to ensure the smooth conduction of online classes. This teaching and learning technique is quite a popular one among the students due to a variety of reasons. As its name suggests, this educational model is all about learning small lesson units and studying or learning these very units for a short period. 

Microlearning is an incredibly good way to let the students gain knowledge in a short term, absorb the information quickly, thus enhancing the effectiveness of this method. The holistic approach of microlearning makes this method a widely used one while delivering lectures or explaining concepts via the best app for online teaching

In this blog article, we will look at what microlearning is and shed light on the benefits offered by it. 

What Is Microlearning? 

Microlearning is the technique of learning in the online mode by taking in knowledge from small sections of a particular lesson, and that too, for short durations. Teachers may deliver the lessons by presenting some content in the form of text, videos, clips, images, graphs, or even by using games, quizzes, and even small tests. 

The topics discussed in microlearning are usually simple and taught to the students in a way that they get to have a proper grasp of the subject within a short period. It helps in providing the students with the required flexibility so that they can devote their time to various other activities. 

This model of providing the students with bite-sized training acts as the ideal way of teaching because students tend to have a shorter span of attention. Moreover, since this training method has proven to deliver great student success, it is widely used in various institutes and coaching classes. The lesson modules usually vary from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. 

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The idea is to make learning an interesting activity so that the students don’t get bored after sitting through long spans of lectures. The short bursts of learning fascinate the students in learning more about the topic. As a result, their interest and attention levels in the micro lessons are maintained properly. 

Benefits Of Microlearning For Students 

#1: Assures Better Student Engagement 

Often, teachers struggle with finding the means to make the students engage in the class hours actively. However, with microlearning, the students participate actively in the class because the content presented is way too engaging. The quizzes, educational games, videos, and multimedia resources present in the learning content make the students get hooked to the class, thus increasing their engagement rate. 

#2: Ensures Maximal Utilisation Of Precious Time 

Microlearning is the best way to ensure time is used optimally. By dividing the entire learning duration of each session into a span of 5 to 20 minutes, it is assured that the students get to utilise the entire time span just for their learning, and can conduct their independent learning at other times of the day. As a result, no time is spent discussing fluff or irrelevant matters. 

#3: Makes The Learning Interactive By Taking Aid Of Various Visuals & Infographics 

The learning process is made super interesting by integrating crucial visuals, and infographics such as videos, texts, graphs, games, quizzes, and so on. As a result, no moment is spent in making the students feel dull and this ensures the continuity of an interactive learning process. 

#4: Assures Greater Facts Retention In Students 

Since the lessons are taught to the students in short bursts of time with each lesson being for about 15 minutes to the maximum, the students get to remember better and that too for a long period of time. Small amounts of information get absorbed in their minds, and thus they remember better, for a prolonged time period. 

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Final Words 

Microlearning is a great way to approach the students with their learning topics and infuse in them the much-needed knowledge they need to gain for great academic performance. Since this method doesn’t take up much time for either the teachers or students, using this technique in classrooms can prove to be beneficial in several respects. Teach and learn better with microlearning!