8 Amazing Android Apps That still Many of Users Don’t Know !

8 Amazing Android Apps That still Many of Users Don't Know !
8 Amazing Android Apps That still Many of Users Don't Know !

You may not believe me, But There are millions of android applications available at the Google Play Store. Every second, thousands of them are being downloaded. But, There are some apps – which are not very much popular. Still, they are quite unique and useful in accomplishing their task. Android is one of the used operating systems on smartphones so I recommended to you to know about How to effectively use Android that it can reduce your work with little smart work.

Although, the android market is growing each day – So, keeping an eye on the latest apps in the market is an issue of great influence for your friends. You can annoy them with showing-off your techniques and intelligence just by using a new app in the market. So, be careful and read about of them.

I have tried many apps to perform some best android tips & tricks, but only a few satisfied me. After getting information about facebook tricks. I decided to make a list of these Unknown, But Amazing Android apps. So, Today I’m going to share those Amazing Android Apps That still Many of Users Don’t Know. Let’s have a Look at them, one by one.

List of Amazing Android Apps That still Many of Users Don’t Know:

8 Amazing Android Apps That still Many of Users Don't Know !
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There are many good and worthy applications out there at Google Play Store. But There are some amazing applications at the top of my list. We’ll have a look at them in this section and know a brief introduction about them.

#1 Secret Voice Recorder

Secret Voice Recorder is as amazing as its name. You can secretly record the conversations of your surroundings, or interactions. The Best thing is that You don’t even need to unlock the device itself. Just press the ‘Power Button’ 3 Times. And, It’ll automatically start recording. Very useful feature in various situations – Like, “Spying, Sting operations or recording your classes.

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#2 Fancy app

As the name, Fancy App is a great tool for fixing your corrupted music files, or Files from another format to your desired player. This happens to many times, that I’ve downloaded songs in some ancient file format. And, my modern player doesn’t recognise it as the sound file. So, All I need is to pass the file through Fancy App. Then, Everything seems like a pie.

#3 Smart Phone Lock

If you are over possessed with the security of your android device. Then, Smart Phone Lock is the app designed for you only. After installing this app, You don’t need to be afraid of someone watching you entering the PIN or pattern Lock of your Device. It changes the Passcode every minute. Which makes your phone, a hard thing to crack. The change of the PIN follows the time pattern as, At 10:42 it will be ‘1042‘ and, At 12:02 your PIN will be ‘1202‘.

#4 Greenify

Greenify will make your life much easier and better. Because It has the ability to turn down the least used apps, from your background. It saves quite a large space on Your RAM, by Stopping the background activities of unnecessary apps. It is quite handy on the devices with less RAM and lag due to less memory. So, manage your device smartly with Greenify.

#5 Blackmart

Blackmart is an amazing app, Like Google Play Store. It is a third party App Store for android devices. Which provides all Google Play Store, along with their cracked versions. Blackmark has everything from music to videos, Developer to Newbie apps. It is like Darknet Websites like they are not available on web but they exist. Blackmart contains many additional apps, that you may have needed for your device. You can have look at it. And, Experience the Journey with Blackmart.

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#6 Tubemate

Tubemate is the first choice of music and video lovers. Who want to listen to their online selected collection, even after the connection is gone. It is all possible with Tubemate. it allows you to download YouTube videos to the device. And you can now play them whenever you want.  It is also beneficial, for other stuff – e.g. learning new things from YouTube, technology breaks, new mobile phones etc.

#7 Tasker

Tasker is the first choice of the AI lovers. Who want to automate their life, to reduce the additional stress of life. Tasker allows you to make a schedule for changing your phone’s profile, WiFi, personal hotspot etc. at the specified range of time. You can use it to automate and control many things, such as making your phone at silent while your class.

#8 Zanti

Zanti is an amazing android app, provided by www.zimperium.com. It is a mobile penetration testing tool. You can test the security of your WiFi network using this simple tool. Zanti is Quite powerful in brute force, Uncover authentication and DNS Attack. Quite useful for the IT guys! Who need to check the security of the network before opening it for sensitive data.

I hope that you would like this Article. If you are in doubt or you have any query regarding anything related to this article. You can leave a comment below in the comment field. I will try to help you out with your query. Thanks.