Top 10 Best Android Brainstorming Apps to Boost Your Creativity !

Best Android Brainstorming Apps
Best Android Brainstorming Apps

Best Android Brainstorming Apps 2018 – Android is a great platform to learn and implement the knowledge. A good application helps you learning many things, including mental development. Brainstorming apps are one of those mental improvement apps. They lead you to connect and relate various ideas and situations. You can plan new projects, Solve Problems and generate ideas. So, Today I’m going to talk about Top 10 Best Android Brainstorming Apps. Let’s have a look at them. best mind mapping app android 2018

Top 10 Best Android Brainstorming Apps:

Best Android Brainstorming Apps
Best Android Brainstorming Apps

Although, there are many good and worthy applications out there at Google Play Store. But There are some applications at the top of the list. We’ll have a look at them in this section and know a brief introduction about them.

#1 SimpleMind

SimpleMind is a Thoughts mapping brainstorming app. The user interface is quite simple and easy to use. There are various tools available for creating the relation structure. But in the free version, you can only create maps. There is no option for printing or exporting files to share it with someone else.

#2 MindBoard

MindBoard is an awesome freehand drawing application. You can either use a keyboard to enter text into the maps, or you can draw the text using stylus or finger. The user interface is quite simple and helpful. You can select between various colours and drawing tools from the menu.

#3 iMindMap

The creation of great Tony Buzan, The Real creator behind the mind mapping technique. So, you can yourself assume the capabilities of this amazing brainstorming app. You can create mind maps very easily and there are plenty of tools available for your help. Have a look at this great application.

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#4 Mindjet

Mindjet is not only able to make you able to make mind maps on your device. But you can also, make notes and save your scheduled tasks. You need a Mindjet account to start working with this application. And after that, creating mind maps is just a play of the child. The application is available for MAC, iOS, Android and windows too.

#5 Grapholite Diagrams

Grapholite Diagrams is another great rival in this top 10 list. This application has a great user interface along with the capability of making mind maps. You’ll get addicted to this one. The app is full of flow chart characters and design. which makes it easier to understand the created mind map during any presentation.

#6 Mindomo

Mindomo is an another powerful and basic tool for mind mapping. It is a great alternative for all the other brainstorming applications, because of its cool and neat user interface. Connect you mid mo app with Youtube, google, Facebook and create maps of your users or other stuff for free.

#7 SchematicMind

SchematicMind is a great android application, which provides almost all the functionalities of mind storming application. And it is a free application. You can visualise your mind maps more easily by attaching images to them. The tools provided by the application are also very helpful in creating big and complex maps.

#8 MindMapper

MindMapper is also a great android application. It is an android version of popular windows application. You can create your own mind maps and share them on other devices, via dropbox or some other cloud based service. You can also print them by exporting them into famous PNG format as an image.

#9 SharpMindMap

SharpMindMap is a graphical user interface android application. Its easy interface helps a user in navigating through menu tools and options to create a good mind map. You can also export the files and print them via different methods.

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#10 MindSketch

Last, But not least. MindSketch is a good application for creating flowcharts, diagrams and mind maps. It provides various tools and shapes for keeping the text and ideas. You can relate them in the interface. And export them later using cloud storage or direct printing.

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