Apple’s Stocks Dip low as Microsoft makes a Comeback after Eight Years

Tech-giant Microsoft’s stocks have managed to close above Google for the first time in eight years. The rapid development in Cloud Computing, research and development are responsible for this steady rise. The latter has lost grounds on accounts of investor apprehension on iPhone demands and service faults.

The 10-Q filing reports stated the respective market capitalizations with Microsoft banking on its Cloud Computing stronghold:- A strategy which was laid down by Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) way back in 2014. It can be said that this technology giant is reaping dividends by reducing the dependence of Windows OS Software for PCs and Laptops.

The market capitalization rivalry dates back to the 90s which saw a revolution when Apple overtook Microsoft’s stocks in 2010 mainly due to the entry of smartphones in the market. The other reason was the piracy of Windows OS throughout the world and the entrance of the Torrent and Magnet download systems.

Apple's Stocks Dip low as Microsoft makes a Comeback after Eight Years
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With the demand for mobile phones skyrocketing over the years, investors deem it wise to put their bucks into cloud computing which is quite promising. Microsoft Azure is one such platform which provides a wide range of cloud services including storage, computation, analysis, and networking.

Apple, on the other hand, has failed miserably to satisfy its existing consumers as reports of poor hardware systems, faulty devices and lack of new features have tarnished its reputation. Online reviewers and websites have consistently blamed the company for saturation in technology and degradation of quality.

Microsoft has invested prodigiously in AI as well, and it is working wonders for them. From helping farmers create localized predictions to assisting them to preserve ancient architectural sites for future generations, Microsoft is doing its best to stay at its peak.

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