Are you attracted to the curved hourglass figure? Find out the complications associated with it.

hourglass figure

hourglass syndromeMost people will relate to this word called ‘fat-shaming ‘or ‘body shaming.’ It is one very common problem which has always been there in the world. The truth is, in every era, it can be easily observed that people with good body structure are always appreciated. As a consequence, anyone on the heavier side is put to shame. To reciprocate to these issues, people consider different ways. One such common way that ‘body conscious’ or ‘figure conscious’ people develop is the ‘Hourglass syndrome.’

What is hourglass syndrome?

It is medically denoted as a psychological disorder due to which people purposely suck their tummy inside. But this is extremely uncomfortable; therefore, it is a disorder. Because it is difficult to keep the stomach in a certain position forcefully. It is definitely related to psychological behavior because it takes a lot of conscious effort to maintain the posture so tightly.

What happens in hourglass syndrome?

  • The upper muscles activate when the person sucks the abdomen tightly as the diaphragm is pulled to the opposite side. This process leads to inflated lungs.
  • During the process, the person continues to hold the abdomen in caved position. It pulls both the diaphragm and the lower ribs inwards.
  • Making a conscious effort to keep the belly sucked in gives a tiny waist that interests most women.
  • It also makes the belly button up-turn and a crease that comes across or over the navel horizontally.
  • There is an imbalance between the lower back and the restricted abdominal muscles.

hourglass syndrome

Is hourglass figure any good?

Well, most people, due to the phobia or to react to the constant embarrassment caused due to a fat body, choose to suck in their tummy. This is a toxic manifestation that prolongs until the person realizes its dangers. In an attempt to fit into smaller-sized clothes, people squeeze themselves into tight body-hugging outfits while sucking in the belly. Most of the time, they don’t understand why they are out of breath. So to answer whether it is good, it would definitely be a ‘no.’ As per a report in the Washington Post, it is an eye-opener for young people out there. It talks about people getting into the shackles of physical detriment to get a stunning figure. The scientists have unveiled numerous physiological and psychological subsequent implications related to the superficial appearance. As per the president-elect of the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, prolonged pressure on the pelvic region will cause incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

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Causes of the syndrome- hourglass figure

 A shocking fact about hourglass syndrome is that it can rewire the brain’s natural functioning.

  • People who get constantly embarrassed about heavy weight develop a mental condition to get into shape instantly.
  • It is said that 30% of infants develop stomach gripping due to poor muscle formation.
  • Patients who suffer persistent discomfort may develop stomach gripping. It is a response pattern to protect muscles after any injury.
  • Muscles get habituated to continue protection post-recovery also.
  • The wrong way of exercising also has an impact on hourglass syndrome. This happens mostly for children who don’t the have right training, and incorrect posture or exercising brings this complication.

hourglass syndrome

Treatment- hourglass figure

Just as it took years of practice and conscious effort to get into the shape or train the ab muscles similarly, it will take time, but you can retrain the muscles to get into a normal position.

  • Physiotherapy is known to be the best way to treat the disorder. A simple exercise by positioning the body on all fours is best. This posture helps to relax the stomach. Next, feel the gravity and take relaxed deep breaths. This will ensure that the belly and the ribs are expanded. Without lifting the shoulders, the stomach must feel the thighs. The idea is to take relaxed breaths every time. A minimum repetition of 3-5 times every day will improve the stomach grip.
  • More enhanced practices include rehabilitation for core muscle stabilization. There are complex techniques involved to treat the entire body posture referred to as Dynamic Nerumuscular stabilization.
  • During physiotherapy, the diaphragm is activated. Then the overloaded muscles are relaxed to release the tension in the abdomen and the back. The cobra or the seal position is used to stretch the muscles. The back muscles are stretched with the child pose.

What happens in chronically affected patients?

Let’s say the person is habituated to stomach gripping it leads to a more complex and painful lower back. It mainly harms the lumbar spine and the pelvis region. Middle-aged patients or younger ones can recover with proper exercise. The pain manifested in the lower back, chest, ribs, and spine is examined. Consequently, the exercises help to relieve the tension rooted in the muscles. One of the common reasons for hourglass figure is the incorrect way of doing crunches which leads to acute or chronic instability of the lumbar spine.

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To Sum up:

Though it is a rage to have a small waist, drastic and unhealthy habits prove to have hazardous results on health. However, even if it has been prevailing for a long time, it can be reversed. People find it very attractive to have an hourglass-shaped body but forcing the organs to train in a certain way results in long-term complications.