Artificial Intelligence Fears Obvious, says Google CEO Pichai

Artificial Intelligence Fears Obvious, says Google CEO Pichai
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The Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing areas are the most explored by top IT brackets in recent years. AI indeed has a promising market and Google has always kept its R&D strong on it. Artificial Intelligence can be seen as the root of the driverless cars and automated systems that can detect and operate diseases.

According to Sundar Pichai, fixing the research after the development of the product is not feasible in this era. Doing so can cause technical hazards and therefore companies need to think of efficient guardrails before implementation of AI in their projects.

Surveillance, Observation, Mapping, Weaponry, and Robotics are all being roofed under the AI Operations. Elon Musk and his company SpaceX has reportedly compared Artificial Technology hazards as drastic as nuclear weapons.

Artificial Intelligence Fears Obvious, says Google CEO Pichai
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Google is under refurbishment and some YouTube videos under the scanner have been removed. It is said that thy contained violent conspirational videos. After the Congress session, Pichai and his company are swiftly tidying up their servers and it is to be seen whether they are able to cope with the potential threats posed by AI.

Although, it is still not clear in which area would Google deploy the Artificial Intelligence systems and under what circumstances. Lawmakers are on a lookout for the very same implementation process and adaptation.

Pichai also mentions that even though AI can pose many risks, it certainly has some tremendous benefits and is one of the best things humans can possibly be working on.

After the release of AI Ethics by Google this year, it became clear that it was pretty serious upon securing its systems and also working hard on the research methods. The ethics put a straight ban on AI Enabled devices that could cause harm to human lives. Also, surveillance norms with respect to the diplomatic immunity of respective countries were also mentioned by Google Inc this year.

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