Home Android Audials Radio App: Best Android App for Recording Internet Radio!

Audials Radio App: Best Android App for Recording Internet Radio!

Audials Radio App
Audials Radio App

Audials Radio App: Doesn’t matter how far the technology has gone, people are still enjoying listing to the tracks on the radio. But, while listing to a song on the radio the major drawback was NO-GOOD QUALITY RECORDING OPTION. Well, luckily we have this amazing new app named as Audials Radio. Which makes it easy and yet maintain the highest quality while recording a track on the radio. Audials Radio App is well offered on Android platform and is FREE to use.

Audials Radio App
Audials Radio App

Audials Radio App: Recording Internet Radio!

Here I’ve selected Some reviews of the application which will definitely help you in understanding about it. I’ve used this before writing here. So, You can be sure about the usage. Before you download the app, let us help you in learning about this app. So, let’s see what kind of features it offer.

#1.  Awesome and Easy to use a look

The best thing about the app after knowing it’s free is easy to use interface it has. The app, as already said before, uses Android platform but also is eligible to perform on desktop versions too. A user can easily use it after installing with or without signing up. But, to sync the app with the desktop version, sign-up is necessary.

#2. Exploration

The great thing about the Audials Radio App is that it provides you with over 80,000 Internet radio stations from all over the world. Also, your ability to filter out according to your selected band, artist or other characteristics which are also quite easy to do. See our next feature to understand more.

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#3. Feature named as ZAP

This feature is really amazing and takes cares of keeping your time really enjoyable. Using this option will allow the app to make the app stick to the interest of yours. Zap feature will monitor the station you most like to listen to and will make further suggestions based on the interest you have.

Eliminate the hard work and just tap the ‘Zap’ button to enjoy listening to your favorite style from all over the world. Also, while enjoying your music if the stations come across a disturbing commercial than the Zapping feature will automatically redirect to a new station with the similar content you were enjoying before.

#4. MP3 and Equalizer Option

Basically, the app is made as an Internet Radio platform but surely not restricted to it. The app can be used to play audio files from your own music collection. Also, it offers Equalizer Option to set your personal preferences to choose from other variables that are built within the app.

The app can also play the videos too. But for sure will have restriction with the video formats.  This feature, not only shows how amazing this app is but also help to keep your smartphone memory free as you can you this app as Mp3 player, so, you can get rid of other players installed on your phone.

#5. Connectivity

As the player offers an android version, it also offers installation on desktop versions. This makes it really great that while you’re working on your laptop, you still can enjoy the tracks saved from your smartphone by syncing the phone app with the desktop version. For sure, you need to be signed in before you can really do syncing.

#6. Alarm System

This is really crazy about the app that it allows you to set a sleep time as well as a wake time. So if you’re a person who likes to fall asleep while listing to music and also want to wake up by listing a favorite track of yours.

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#7. Filtering good quality stations

Since there are many radio stations those use a bit lower quality of sound, the Audials Radio App can filter out those station for you and will offer you the only best quality Internet Radio Station. This makes sure that you can save the best Mp3 quality while you’re saving a music track.

Conclusion: The Overall Impact of the app:

As per the feature and the controls this app offers, the Audials Radio App is one of the best apps in its kind. It acts like a single spot that will not only provide you Internet Radio from your country but also from across the world and will serve as a fully-loaded place to enjoy unlimited and undisturbed music entertainment.