5 Awesome Tips for Conversion Optimization (2018)

Increasing visitors’ engagement on your website requires what we call Conversion Rate Optimization, abbreviated as CRO. If you have a website, you probably know the struggle of increasing conversions. If for some reason your business still doesn’t have a website, visit a site like BestWebsiteBuilder today and choose the best platform for your website. It’s about time. Below are five tips that you can apply to infuse new vibrancy into your CRO strategies. Irrespective of whether you are a newbie or a professional CRO, the following under-the-radar tips will help ramp up your website’s conversion rate.

1. Utilize Micro-Commitments on Your Site

Micro-commitments are small high impact tasks that condition your target audience to say “yes” to you habitually. These small actions may range from posts shared on social media to newsletter subscriptions. The point to note here is that every micro-commitment can potentially snowball into a massive action for your benefit.

For example, some blogs target sellers who use their website to compete with other online businesses. They may strategically and prominently place a banner enticing visitors to sign up for “free business lessons” at a visible placement. Businesses pursuing online success with minimal effort will be enticed to sign up to such offering – in fact, being the website’s newsletter.

2. Be Personal

Using a recipient’s name in the subject of an email results in a much higher open-through rate. You could do one better by having your client’s name on both the landing page and the email copy. However, exercise caution and avoid over personalization as this may have the exact opposite, off-putting effect.

Consider sending out a “birthday wishes” email to your clients and include a gift. It’s a great practice to have a recipient see multiple mentions of their name in an email spiced up with a recognition of their esteemed value to your organization.

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3. Maintain Consistency and Satisfy Clients Needs

Visitors are likely to abandon a website whose being inconsistent. An Easter holiday-themed advertisement that features your brand mascot in an Easter bunny costume will lose its edge if a web visitor clicks through only to find a highly professional but non-themed website. Always endeavor to meet the expectations of a user to enhance visitors’ trust and bolster conversation rates.

Ensure that your landing page is constantly reviewed to match the contents of your metadata such as your title page and the page’s description. Review your PPC ads to establish the highest performing ones by tinkering with the metadata. You could spice things up by employing dynamic text based on the surfing behavior of visitors and your most important keywords. Interchange H1 tags and other text positions on your landing page to align them with your ad copy. Should you be using video or display advertising, let their look and feel align with both the landing page and the ad copy.

4. Develop Razor-sharp Targeted Landing Pages

It’s a no-brainer that the more landing pages you have, the more chances you get to engage with your target audience. In a study reported by HubSpot, firms that increased their landing pages from 10 to 15 witnessed a 55% jump in leads. This is perhaps not only because the additional five landing pages presented more points of engagement with clients, but also because it gave one a chance to make changes after testing which elements of a page are doing better than others.

5. Test, and then Test again!

Testing rules CRO. Whatever type of testing you go for, be it A/B or multivariate testing, most of your assumptions will invariably be tested. The following are elements of your ads and landing pages that you can start checking:

  • Thoroughly test your entire click-through-action (CTA)
  • Experiment with various video thumbnails and images
  • Experiment with various titles and H1 tags
  • infrastructure and design;
    the style of the button and its color, where it’s placed, the ad copy, etc. For instance, “Get a Free Copy of My E-book Now” is more inviting than a plain “Download”.
  • Shift things around, i.e., push the video clip nearer the top of the page while at the same time lowering non-essential text further down, etc.
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