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How to Ban Specific User from Facebook Page ? 2018

In Previous, We cover many of useful facebook tricks & hacks 2018 that can help you to use this social media platform in  an effective way. Facebook is improving or adding latest features day after day. But many of people not aware about new features. So, we can bring you a new tutorial that related to the facebook page. If you are admin of some facebook page or thinking about to create new facebook page so this thing may help you in future. Many of people use facebook for socialisation, marketing, promotions, posting images, videos and other activities but if you are managing any kind of page so you need to aware about all its features.

Many of script Kiddies use bots to commenting on facebook pages, like bots comment on many of you facebook page’s post at one time and do spam to promote messages, link or another kind of thing. So this can irritate the other organic users so facebook has the feature to block the specific user from a facebook page. By using this feature you can ban those users who do spam on your page’s post and improve your post’s quality.

There are two ways to ban a specific user from the facebook page that one method is for those users who like that facebook page and other is for those who did not like that facebook page and just leave spam comment on his page. On the official facebook help they can show the steps to ban users / person from facebook page but here we can do some of the improvement in this article to clarify that how you can properly ban users from facebook whether they like your page or not.

Steps to Ban Specific User from Facebook Page Who Like that Page :

  1. Log in to your facebook account and open your facebook page.
  2. Go to the Top right corner and click Settings >> People and Other Pages.how-to-ban-specific-user-from-facebook-page
  3. After that, you see the next page and type the name in the search bar of that person  you want to ban or remove from the facebook page.
  4. Now Select the person and click on setting button right side of the search bar and you see their options there.
  5. Three options are “Assign Page Role”, “Remove from page likes” and “Ban from the page”. You just need to click on Ban from the page.how-to-ban-specific-user-from-facebook-page-1
  6. Now that banned user is not able to find your pages from his profile.

Steps to Ban User from Facebook Page Who didn’t Like that Page :

This is method only applicable if that user you are going to ban do some comment on your facebook page’s post. So you can follow these simple steps to ban that users from your comment section.

  1. Now again, go to your facebook page and find that post on which he commented.
  2. Click on the drop down button of that person’s comment and click on “Hide Comment”.how-to-ban-specific-user-from-facebook-page-2
  3. After that, you see some options and in which you also see the option to ban that user.how-to-ban-specific-user-from-facebook-page-3
  4. Click on Ban User and In future that person not able to comment on your facebook page again.

From Editor’s Desk :

We can publish many Facebook Tricks & Tips. But in the End, am gonna tell you that with using this guide you can block person whol like or page or not. Many od users just visist your facebook page for spamminga nd do shitty comment. So you need to ban those users who just do shit on other pages and make fun of that. You can delete and ban that users. If you face any type of problem regarding this article so please let me know and leave a commnet below. Our team reply you as soon as possible.

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