Top 5 Tools You Need to Know About to Run an Effective AdWords Campaign !

Five Best Tools for AdWords
Five Best Tools for AdWords

An AdWords campaign is a form of marketing which uses specific keywords and phrases in order to draw more traffic to a blog or online shop. WillbeCoded AdWords management is something which normally consists of several groups of adverts all working in concert, and all concerned with a different aspect of the business it is supposed to be advertising – geography, product type, and so on.

The campaigns can all be focused on one particular aspect if that is what is wanted, but there is a choice to have several groups focused on different points, and this might be more efficient in the long run.

Top Five Best Tools for AdWords:

Five Best Tools for AdWords
Five Best Tools for AdWords


BuzzSumo is a tool which acts almost as a specific search engine for people who want to find popular content. Instead of needing to find out what is popular bit by bit, BuzzSumo allows users to run a search on that topic which covers all websites, blogs, social media, and more almost instantly. Users are able to refine their search criteria and analyze the content which they are given in order to fully understand the popularity of certain products.

AdWords Scripts

Using AdWords Scripts gives people a means to control and expand their AdWords data in a completely free browser-based format. The tool itself uses JavaScript, but only on a very basic level, leaving it open for use by everyone. AdWords Scripts helps with many different aspects of an AdWords campaign, including interacting with outside data, previewing your work, and proper syntax.


LeadPages is a tool which allows people and businesses to collect email subscribers, though it should be noted that it has no part in email marketing software. While it can allow you to make lists and follow the people whose emails you have, you can’t use it as a way to send newsletters and advertising directly to the subscription list.
What LeadPages does give users templates for many different things which can be used in their marketing campaigns.

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AdWords Performance Grader

A free report, including a final grade, on your overall AdWords performance, based on a detailed review of the following areas:
AdWords Performance Grader is a way for users to get detailed reports on their advertising campaigns and how well they are all doing. As a form of AdWords management, it, therefore, helps to find where an AdWords campaign is doing well or doing poorly, in a variety of areas. These areas include (but are not limited to): money being wasted, scoring, click-through rates, account activity, long-tailed and short-tailed keywords, landing pages, mobile-specific advertising and PPC best practices.

AdWords Editor

This tool is essential for working on any large campaign\number of campaigns in Google. AdWords Editor allows for bulk edits and optimizations, meaning that instead of making each change individually across the entire campaign, changes can be implemented once, and will take place through the entire set up. Additionally, while this tool is similar to the normal interface used in AdWords help, this version is about three to five times faster than the original.


AdWords campaigns are a form of marketing which uses adverts comprised of both text and other media in a bid to gain more traffic at a certain point. Since the rise of the internet, this has become a very popular form of marketing, with the result that there are many tools being developed to help people optimize their campaigns. Five of these tools are discussed above, namely AdWords Editor, AdWords Performance Grader, BuzzSumo, LeadPages and AdWords Script. All of these tools highlight different areas of the AdWords campaign and its needs