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Top 10 Best Android Car Racing Games Apk Free Download !

Best Android Car Racing Games
Racing Rivals - preview

Best Android Car Racing Games – From the beginning of my childhood, when I started to understand the world around me via using my toys as a tool. I still remember that without knowing any particular reason, I just fell in love with my car toys. As I’m a 1994-2000 birth child, we just didn’t get familiar with phones as the newborn of this 2000+ era does. But even then there is a difference of technology between children of my decade and children of this decade, though we have something in common.

Although, there are many racing games out there – here in this article I’ve come with best racing games for android free download. You can simply read about there features and download the games in your android device. I hope, this article will really help you in finding the dream racing game for your taste.

The common thing is that we have the same taste for our games. The method of playing them can be different but the thrust of racing, high speed, drifting remains same. So, Today we are gonna talk about Top 10 Best Android Car Racing Games, which I am fond of playing.

10. Racing Rivals

As the name of the game says itself, like other racing games; it has very good and nice user interaction and response. But the speciality that makes it a Number 10 game on my list is that while running it uses very fewer resources. which means that it uses very few network and memory resources. that’s why the experience with the game is much smoother and fluent.

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The game contains cars from the real world like from BMW, McLaren, Dodge, RWB, Acura, Ford etc. IF you are looking for a game having fast pace races, then this game is the clear winner.

Racing Rivals
Racing Rivals – preview

9. Traffic Racer

As the name of the suggests that you have to race in the traffic, unlike other racing games; this game will force you to use all your driving, drifting and controlling skills when you interact a fast moving car into a traffic area. In the real world, you may not face this kind of scenario, but it is very dangerous in the real world also.

In this game, you have to race in the high traffic to earn points. And after earning sufficient amount of points you can buy any car within that amount. To earn more points, you need to go fast in the traffic. The game has a collection of 21 cars and 4 different modes. The Total setup is of approx. 42 MBs of Data.

Traffic Racer
Traffic Racer – preview

8. Real Racing 3

An amazing game with tremendously high graphics and feel like running the car really. It provides real looking tracks and maps and the user interaction with the game is very smooth and fluent. You can play multiplayer mode in it with the bots and you can establish your own lap timing against the lap timing of the bots. On completing various games and challenges, you will earn new cars and upgrades of your mechanical components of the cars. but if you’ll damage your own car badly then all the points that you’ve earned in the challenge will go in repairing your existing car, hence it will be difficult for you to get a new car or upgrade early in the game.

Real Racing 3
Real Racing 3 – preview

7. GT Racing 2

It is an amazing professional style racing game. GT Racing games are produced by one of the famous game developers in the Computer gaming field, “Gameloft”. You may try the online multiplayer option also, to experience another awesome side of the game with your peers. The game has a feature directing you to ride on a particular line of track and helps you in earning extra points, then you can use these points in either a new car or upgrading an existing one in your garage.

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GT Racing 2
GT Racing 2 – preview

6. Beach Buggy Blitz

It is a “The Top Developer’s” collection, and they have created an amazingly awesome game with very few realistic features. Although the game has no features that seem like the real world, but its cartoonist view and layout are so gentle and unique that it attracts the user to play it. Not even below 10, but above 10 also play this game with deep interest.

The main concept of the game is that you have to drive your beach buggy on the beach (or track) as far as you can by considering in mind all the difficulties and  stoppages that may come in your path while driving.

Beach Buggy Blitz
Beach Buggy Blitz – preview

5. Fast & Furious 6

The game is inspired by the famous action movie series ‘Fast & Furious’, The gear shift ability given to the user may lead to the difference between the winning or loosing of the user. Multiplayer with online gaming is also possible with this setup. Winning a challenge prepares and upgrades your current ride to handle the courage and difficulty of the next bad and sneaky challenge. you have to take care of the perfect timing of releasing and getting nitro while in the race.

Fast & Furious 6
Fast & Furious 6 – preview

4. Hill Climb Racing

It is one of most addictive and a Fun game that I have ever played. Its simple and nice controls of gas and brake, the challenges that keep on inspiring the player to play more and more. The game itself has no graphics competition with all other games but still has very effective results in the android google play store market. That’s why it score 4th rank in our Top 10 games list.

Hill Climb Racing Best Android Car Racing Games
Hill climb racing – preview

3. Drag Racing

This amazing game proves that ‘every father has a father’, as this game scores more than Hill Climb Racing in creating an addictive player and it scores almost max. on the google play store list. And the best part about this game is that it is totally free available. The Game also has the multi-player mode, if in any case you wanted to get out on the internet and challenge anyone with your driving skills.

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Top 10 Best Android Car Racing Games Drag Racing
Drag Racing – preview

2. CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a simple Drag racing game, which means no need of caring about the steering wheel, you just need to shift your gears at the right time while racing on the tracks. The indicators will tell you all about, when to shift the gears and when to make the right turn. You can win premium or simple currency, depending on the rank on the race you have won, and then you can buy cars using that earned money.

 CSR Racing
CSR Racing – preview

1. Asphalt 8 | Airborne | Best Android Car Racing Games

This is a super amazing and on the top of my favourite listings games. It provides the same addictive gameplay but with a realistic environment, the graphics quality is much much better than the other games. Players can earn points via completing the career mode and unlock new rides each after the successful completion of a challenge stage. The amazing graphics response and the Sound effects will definitely excite the rider out of you. Due to the amazing experience with this game, it acquires the 1st place on the Top 10 listing of the Best android Car racing games.

Asphalt 8 | Airborne | Best Android Car Racing Games
Asphalt 8 | Airborne – preview