Top 10 Best Cleaner Apps for Android Smartphones 2018


Best Cleaner Apps Android – In this era of smartphones, Android has become the most powerful OS Out there in the market. But As someone once said, “With great powers, comes great problems.” And due to low RAM & ROM space, it becomes very difficult to even get a single swipe on the device. And then, I came to know about the Cleaner applications comes for android memory management. After using few of them, It seems to me like the topic needs an article on it. So, Here I am with a proper article on best cleaner apps for android 2018. Let’s have a look at them each one by one.

Top 10 best cleaner apps for android in 2018:

Best Cleaner Apps for Android SmartphonesCleaner applications are those, which will help the user in managing their device low Memory easily. The memory can be easily managed by these applications. Have a look at them.

#1 Clean Master

Clean Master is an amazing android application. It allows you to manage your device in a very easy and efficient way. It looks for all unnecessary applications running in the background and gathers the junk count information. When you’ll click Clean. It will boost your whole device and thus helps in increasing your battery life.

#2 CCleaner

Another amazing android application, which will make things simpler for you. If your phone is facing some issues due to low RAM or ROM space. You just need to download this amazing application and it will keep checking in the background about Unwanted applications consuming extra RAM. After detecting those apps, CCleaner will close them to free up RAM for next processes.

#3 CM Booster

One of the world’s smallest sized Cleaner application out there in the market. It is only 1 MB of size but allows the powerful tools to manage the device memory and battery life in a better way. The cleaner is free but comes in with inbuilt ads display. you can remove these ads by buying the premium version of the application.

#4 Systweak Android Cleaner

The application helps in saving battery, cleaning the cache of apps and boosting the speed of the device. It optimises the device and removes junk from it while increasing the performance. You can easily notice the boost of 1-2 hours of battery life, after installing this awesome android application to your device.

#5 App Cache Cleaner

Another amazing candidate for the Top 10 list of cleaner apps for android. It has an amazing fast ability to gather information about junk files, cache and processes in the kernel of android device. The one-click boost feature allows you to free up a lot of space, by simply closing the unwanted background applications.

#6 DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is another candidate for the competition. Like all other android cleaners, it also allows the user to make using their device much easier and reliable. The application boosts the battery life of your device with increasing he performance. It is a game booster, junk file cleaner, battery saver etc.

#7 Avast Cleanup

A certified and reliable android device cleaner application. Rated 4.7 out of 5 in the Play Store, and downloaded by over 100000+ customers. The application cleans and boosts the device performance and battery life of the device. I’m using this cleaner for my personal device.

#8 The Cleaner

Another amazing android cleaner application, which deals with the maximum performance in the short time boosting of the device. it keeps a track of the background applications and closes the unwanted and most resource poisoning applications from the process.

#9 Android Booster

Another application in the field of android memory management. This app allows you to manage the intense resource poisoning processes and you can blacklist the unwanted processes from running in the background.

#10 AVG Cleaner 

The last, but not the least. AVG Cleaner is here in the competition. And it has secured the 10th place in the Top 10 best cleaner apps for android in 2018. This is due to the limited scope of the usage of this application. but this doesn’t affect the reliability of the application. I have personally used this cleaner and got very good experience with this one.

At last, I hope that you would like this Article. If you are in doubt or you have any query regarding anything related to this article. You can leave a comment below in the comment field. I will try to help you within 24 hours. Thanks.

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