8+ Best Launchers for Android 2020

This Post is Specially for Android users who Like Customization in their Android Smartphones. Here is a List of Best Launchers for Android 2020 that are Likely used by Millions of Users World Wide and Have an Awesome Rating for these Best Launchers for Android 2020.

On the Internet, there are Many Launchers for Android with Different Different Features. So from These Launchers, we Short Listed Some Best Launchers for Android that are used in 2020.

List of Best Android Launchers You can use in 2020

If you bought an android smartphone and didn’t customize it, you may probably not use the smartphone smartly.

Like other platforms like Apple, blackberry, etc. don’t provide the facility to customize the user interface of phone and user has to live with those classic interfaces. Still, with android in hand, you can personalize your home screen and app icons with almost no effort by simply downloading a launcher.

It customizes the phone without making any permanent change to the Operating system.

1.) Action Launcher 3 – Best Launchers for Android

Action Launcher 3 - Best Android Launcher

If you are a great fan of windows and are addicted to the layout they provide to the users, this Launcher is suitable. This launcher is rated as Best Launchers for Android that provides the bar similar to Windows Start Menu, which comes up at the right of the display, and it contains a list of your favorite Apps, although you can customize the list, icons, layout of the apps.

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2.) C Launcher | For Simple Geeks

C Launcher | For Simple Geeks

C launcher is a simple, effective, and efficient launcher that will help you reach every corner of your smartphone within seconds. It contains thousands of themes to customize it; you can also customize your phone manually with the help of its step-by-step guide to customize the phone.

3.) Dodol launcher | For the Beginners

dodol launcher | For the Beginners

The launcher is very simple and neat, as it really doesn’t completely customize or change the UI of your android smartphone. Still, at the same time, it will not waste your phone’s battery by displaying unwanted and crazy animations on the screen. “Less is more” fits this launcher perfectly.

4.) Smart launcher

smart launcher

Smart Launcher is also Deserve in the List of Best Launchers for Android. Instead of showing you the simple and rectangular arrangement of the apps in your smartphone, this launcher customizes the most used apps in a circular ring at your home screen. If you need them, it will be easier to access them from the circular ring layout. To a certain limit, it is a smart launcher as its name.

5.) Hola Launcher | Best for Efficiency

Hola Launcher | Best for Efficiency

The hola launcher comes only in about 1 MBs of the pack, and it contains lots of icons, a reorganized interface, and awesome themes. It is also very light on the processor, as it uses a tiny portion of CPU resources. It requires less RAM, CPU, etc. These amazing reasons made it the most efficient launcher among all.

6.) Apex launcher | Best for Customization

Apex launcher | Best for Customization

Apex Launcher is one of the most popular and Best Launchers for Android. It is a custom launcher available right now, with more than a million downloads from the Play Store and an average rating of 4.3 stars.

It offers near-endless customization options, a complete home screen, app drawer control, gesture settings, tons of icons, themes, launch animations, and transition effects. There’s also a paid version, which adds even more features to the already-formidable free launcher.

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7.) Nova launcher | Best for Everyone

Nova launcher | Best for Everyone

The launcher itself is a legend. The more than 5 million hits on the App stores is proof of its uniqueness; the option provided in the launcher is also unique.

The “Icon-Normalization” feature is one of my favorite features. At the back of the simple android screen, this feature uses complex algorithms to ensure that each icon on the screen is using the appropriate area on the screen.

This simple feature of Nova launcher makes the icons good and neat in view. And increase the appeal of the launcher.

8.) GO launcher Ex | Best for Simplicity and Style

GO launcher Ex | Best Launchers for Android

GO Launcher EX has had more than one hundred million installations and has a 4.5-star rating, making it the unparalleled Android launcher extraordinary. GO is as polished a free launcher as you can find and features some excellent animations and 3D effects. The downside of GO Launcher is that there is a lot of cross-promotion, which can get a little annoying.