10 Best Android MMORPGs 2018 Updated

10 Best Android MMORPGs 2018 Updated
10 Best Android MMORPGs 2018 Updated

Best Android MMORPGs 2018 – We all are on the same page when we say that Role Playing games on Android are the best. These small tiny games with strings os stories attached to them are satisfactory for a huge number of people. With the release of World of Warcraft on android platform, it got a pretty huge fanbase pretty quick. Just like this, there’s a new trend of best Android MMORPG is emerging up between users. This because of their unique design and endless possibilities. So let us discuss today about some of the best android MMORPG games which you can try today on your android phone.

Best Android MMORPG Games and Apps 2018

So we have tried a bunch of so called best android MMORPG games from play store and listed out some of the best of them in the list below. We hope you will get to see some of the best android MMORPG games here on this list. So without further delay, let’s go.

1. Arcane Legends

So arcade legends is a great entertaining android game for years now. Its a great android MMORPG with great features. It has great PVP modes and a CO-OP mode for the users. When the game starts, you have to choose among three options. Each option and character comes with unique characteristics and skills. The best part about this android MMORPG game is that developers are quite active and they provide regular updates for this game. So you don’t need to worry about any kind of bugs and problems while playing this game.

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2. Dungeon Hunter 5

You might have heard of this game many times. If you didn’t then let me tell you that this is one of the best android MMORPG game you can try right now. It is the most popular title when it comes to android MMORPG games. It comes with beautiful graphics and fascinating gameplay. But watch out, as the game itself is super addictive. And if you are worried about Co-op mode and pvp mode, then don’t worry because it contains all those modes. We must say that this game is the best among all in terms of graphics and animations. But you need to use a phone with a fast processor to play this game.

3. Eternity Warrior 4

Eternity Warriors is another big title for Android MMORPG games. It is as good as Dungeon Hunter and delivers awesome graphics. If you want to enjoy the best single player oriented android MMORPG game, then this is the best option for you. It has a great heart touching storyline and beautiful graphics. You can join PvP battles, join guilds, loot boxes, etc.

4. Order and Chaos Online 2

Order and Chaos online 2 is sequel tot he most popular game –  Order and Chaos online. Its is their best title for open world concept. It has got thousands of virtual missions, battles to playa and number of missions to complete. Furthermore, you can also improve your tools and equipment via using various crafting system inside the game. There are five different races in the game. You have to choose one among them. The game has all features including Co-op mode, player vs. player, etc.

5. School of Chaos

This game title is my personal favorite. In this game, you have full control of the player. You can bully, fight with anyone and more exciting things which you can think of. You name it, and the game can do it. So this makes is very unique among other best android MMORPG games. By all means, im not encouraging bullying in physical environment but its a lot of fun when you can do it virtually in School of Chaos online. In general, it has the vibe of the typical school environment. Fight to earn my respect, as they might say. All characters in the game are customizable, and there are many fighting moves which you need to master if you wish to survive.

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6. HIT

Hit is another great conception of MMORPG games. It has a huge gear system, has minimal controls, challenging quests and fascinating graphics. Like most RPG games, you can create or customize your game avatar aka character. Also, it is an open world game so you can engage with different players as well. The game is regularly supported by developers, and they release regular updates for the game. Furthermore, you can play this game even in low-end phones because it requires very less processing power.

So guys, these best the best android MMORPG games which you can try this vacations in 2018. Please make sure that you play these games on a powerful smartphone. All these games require high graphics processing powers. Also, don’t play for too long as they are bad for your eyes and over health. Thank you for reading, come back again to read more article like this.

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