Top 10 Best Multiplayer Game Apps for Android 2017

Best Android Multiplayer Game 2017 – Game is a part of everyone’s life as like social media people spend there sometime on it. Games make our day. No, one People in the world who can not play games in their childhood stage.

Taking about me I am very crazy about games when I was 5 to 13 years old. I spend my minimum 5 to 6 hour to playing games. Firstly I start with the remote game which looks like a phone it has the small screen on the top and some buttons on the rest of part. Then I was bought PlayStation everyone wants play station game. But now the time we all are busy in studies, works and others. We do not have time to sit on the front of their computer, laptop play station. but we all have a phones and our childishness is still living inside us. Below we pick best android multiplayer games for your android device. I am sure you just do not stop your self to play these games at least once.

10. Action for 2-4 Players


As You Read the name of the game says itself that it’s a multiplayer game. Action for 2-4 Player is a series of three games. All Local two to four players can play this game. Three of them have great Features and Physics. There is a Tablet Soccer where you join a soccer game with 2-4 Players. Second is Tank Fight Where you Shoot Your Friends Tank and Let them fulminate. Once how survives wins the round.There are five different maps. you play in a team as well. and The Third is Car Race The name says everything about this game. Yes, its a racing game where you have three awesome Tracks and you have ability to change speed and the grip of the cars.

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9. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour


Modern combat 4 is a completely new story. This game has main Features that is a possibility to realize very qualitative and realistic graphics. If you compare the Modern Combat 3 with Modern Combat 4 you can realize they improved their multiplayer mode. The Android multiplayer game comes with many modes like comprising zone control, battle, capture the flag, with the best ranking methods.

8. Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Blackout is similar to their previous games in the series. The player can Shoot, reload their weapon, knife enemies, change and pick up weapon. You Can create a squad team, add your friends and test team skills against other squads in dynamic multiplayer. Some peoples are still preferring its previews version that is Modern Combat 4 But my point of view is they both are great.

7. Real Boxing


Real Boxing as the name signalizes you, a boxing game. Real Boxing Brings you the most gladden, this type of boxing experience you can not ever see on steam. There has great features ultra-realistic motion capture, with super graphics. You can train your boxer to use the skipping rope, heavy bag, and mini bag. There is the real-time multiplayer mode, career mode,3 belts, virtual currency, much various equipments much more.  You should download it today.

6. 8 Ball Pool


Every One love Pool game and Now you do not need to go somewhere you play on your android or ISO phones as well. You play offline or online as your wish want to play. You play single with the dynamic player, play online with other people, enter tournaments to win trophies improve your skills in the practice arena. You have the ability to customize your cue and table. Every 1 vs 1 match you play if you win the match you get coins. You need to increases your coins to buy new items in the pool shop. Play more matches to increase your ranking.

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5. Teen Patti


Teen Patti everyone knows about this game. Teen Patti is a three card game. It is a best and largest multiplayer card game in the world. You play this game live all around the world and emulate your friends and other. Every New user will get 1,00,000 free Chips on download. Million of the user playing every day. You create your Private table as well and invite your friends to that can chat with a user as well. you also use your chips to bet on live cricket matches. Beware of other fake teen Patti games ” Octro Teen Patti “is the original Game app.

4. Minecraft


Mine craft is a game about blocks where you breaking and placing the blocks to the built structure to protect against nocturnal monsters, but according to game players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things. You can also adventure with friends. My Craft allowing you a large amount of freedom in choosing how to play the game. It’s look like a 3D game.

3. Mortal Kombat X

best android multiplayer games

Mortal Kombat X is a fighting Video Game. It was released on April 14,2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. After This Nether Realm Studios Mobile Team developed a version for ISO and Android Devices. Mortal Kombat X is a ground breaking fighting and card collection Game. There you Create your own team and lead them to earn experience and new special attacks. You can challenge other player teams on online If you have mortal kombat hack apk. Its high-quality visuals so your device have to be 1 GB ram unless performance is not optimized for your devices and 1.5 GB minimum space is required on your android devices.

2. Clash of clans

best android multiplayer games

Clash of clans is a multiplayer game in online. In this Game, you build your own village and you will attack to another players village for earn gold and elixir and Dark Elixir, which you used for build defenses for protecting your player from other players attacks. You can battle with other players to take their trophies. you join with other players for the ultimate clan. defend your village with a multitude of Towers, Bombs, Mortars, Bombs, Traps, Walls and Cannons. Clash of Clans announces very proudly that they got five million five start reviews on google play. You can also get a clash of clans hack from the Internet. There are many sites that currently hosting COC servers.

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1. Asphalt 8: Airborne – Best Android Multiplayer Games

best android multiplayer games

Asphalt 8 Comes with the highest amount of content and more of options and also be listed in out best android multiplayer games 2016. You drive your dream cars through 13 exotic settings based on Awesome location like Venice, I cleaned stab Diego Beach. The manufacturing of is best in the world especially Lamborghini, Pagani, and Bugatti. This game allows you to hit the other racing cars and doing acrobatic maneuvers on the air stunt. It has amazing graphics and sound effects.