8 Best Android Wallpapers Apps Free for Android Device !

Best Android Wallpaper Apps
Best Android Wallpaper Apps

Are You Looking for Free Android Wallpapers Apps?

Yes, of course. You are Landed on the Right Web page. We have a list of best wallpapers apps for the Android smartphone. Without wasting time. Let’s Do it !

Best Android Wallpapers Apps Free- Wallpapers are the Best things to make your electronic device look beautiful. And, when we are talking about an android device. There is no reason for not having an application available for that purpose. The same is the case with Wallpapers. There are many good Wallpapers Apps. So, Today I’m Going to talk about Top 8 Best Android Wallpapers Apps For Android Devices. Let’s have a look at them, one by one.

List of Top 8 Best Android Wallpapers Apps For Any Android Devices Free:

Top 8 Best Android Wallpapers Apps for Any Android Devices !
Best Android Wallpaper Apps

Without proper wallpapers setup, our digital devices would look like an alien technology. Because, wallpapers are the things – which adds little asthetics to the “How the device look like?” And, asthetic is what makes us more human thantechnology do.

Although, there are many good and worthy applications out there at Google Play Store. But There are some applications at the top of the list. We’ll have a look at them in this section and know a brief introduction about them.

#1 Tapet

Tapet is almost new in the android application race. But, it is being popularised very fast. Tapet doesn’t really offer any free Wallpapers to the user, instead, it asks them to select a pattern and colours. And it generates a pattern Wallpapers for them. The algorithm is quite awesome and generates beautiful patterns.

#2 Wallpapers

The default Wallpapers application by google is not that much famous among users. But it is the most used android Wallpapers app. It allows the user to select the desired Wallpapers from their gallery or an external image from the web. You can also select from some textures or create your own textures inside the application’s options.

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#3 500 Firepaper

500 fire paper is an amazing Wallpapers app, available free at the Google Play Store. The application changes the Wallpapers based on the live feed you selected. It keeps on downloading the Wallpapers from the website, which is a beautiful photography website. Thus, results from awesome Wallpapers and application.


HPSTR is the choice of those who doesn’t like to do any effort, meanwhile, they also love to have pretty Wallpapers on their screen. SO, If you are a hipster as us! then this is the app for you. Just download and activate it, and it will do the rest of the things for you. You can also buy their ad free pro version from the play store.

#5 Zedge 

Zedge is one of my favourite Android Wallpapers apps. The simple and easy to understand User interface, allows you to select the Wallpapers of your need. There are more than 10,000+ Wallpapers available all sorted by categories. All you need to do is tap few times at the right spot.  And you are ready to go.

#6 Backgrounds HD

Background HD comes under the category of one of the most Downloaded and used Wallpapers android apps. The application’s simple user interface allows you to select from the available options. Or, You can also browse or search for the required Wallpapers for your device. The application is available free at the Google Play Store.

#7 Muzei Live Wallpapers

Muzei Live Wallpaper provides live Wallpapers for your device. It decorates your device by classical art or the Wallpaper of your selection, time to time. You can set the Wallpapers changing sequence and period by selecting the option of the application. The application is Free at the Google Play Store.

#8 Wallman

Wallman is a decent Wallpapers app for your android device. As it provides a simple option for the users to download the desired Wallpapers from the options and you can save them for future. Connect your google account with the app and it will save your settings in the cloud. The application is free available at the Google Play Store.

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voila, That’s it. You’ve reached the end. And, I hope that you would like this Article. If you are in doubt with anything related to this article. It can be apps, Using apps, new apps or whatever. Just leave a comment below in the comment field. I will try to help you out with your query. Thanks.