Top 10 Best Android Wear Games for Students | 2017

Best Android Wear Games 2017 – In today’s scenario, android wear games are becoming very popular among students. Maybe you will not expect it, but these types of games exist and are specifically made for smartwatches. Android wear was initially introduced by Google and now all types of smartwatches have become their one of the most commonly used categories.Best Android Wear Games for Students

On the other hand, the concept of smart wearables is not new in the market, as there were also gadgets from fitness trackers and smartwatches from Sony Ericsson which have already enjoyed the huge market share and no matter how weird the product is. But with Android Wears, smartwatches became a popular product category with some superb standardized features and appearance.

List of Top 10 Best Android Wear Games for Students:

This platform is increasingly gaining more popularity with students and Android users and on top of that, the Google play also keeps piling up with some new and exciting games for all students. Below mentioned are some of the best and top 10 Best Android wear games for students:

1. Invaders

One of the best android wear game for students is invaders game which is easily available on play store. This game runs perfectly on any smartwatch and is very easy and addictive to play. Therefore, when it comes to arcade games, this is the most popular one among the students.

2. 2048

Another most commonly played android wear game by students is 2048. Basically, it is a simple puzzle game and is a good way to pass the time. The main idea of this game is to combine different squares with the same number which will help you in making a large number.

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3. Shazam

This is a must have android wear game for every student. You can use your smartwatch to easily launch this game and then the tracks will appear in your main smartphone app. Further, it becomes very handy if you have only seconds before a track ends and you are fumbling for your smartphone.

4. BiDot

Another interesting game which is mostly played by the students is BiDot in which you have to control all the red and blue colored dots by keeping them in the places from where they belong. It is a game that will always be incredibly fun and now specially brought for Android wear users. You can carry it anywhere now and can play all the time.

5. Rubik’s Cube

This game has been widely acclaimed as one of the most challenging logical puzzle game which is very common especially among students. In this android wear version of this game, you can easily pinch to zoom and do swipe gestures on the small screen of your smartwatch.

6. Ingress

This superb game is specifically for those who have never played. It is basically a live multiplayer game in which you have to literally travel to various places around the city to hack and maintain various portals. Further, it is one of the best multiplayer game in this genre and even free to download.

7. Wear Messenger

This app is for those who want to send and receive messages on a priority basis. You can use this if you have to send lots of messages daily as it is very easy and hassle free to use. It also comes with various keyboard options and easily customizable alerts.

8. Bubble Shooter

This game takes your bubble shooting experience to a totally new level. It is a fun game that makes you addictive as soon as you start playing it. You just have to get your fingers moving quickly to get all those bubbles pop which you are seeing on your screen.

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9. Space War

This is a classic scrolling shoot up the game for your android wear. It also features superb graphics and puts you in strict control of a space ship which you can control to destroy all incoming enemies.

10. Ladder Rush

Last but not the least is this runner style game in which you have to help a boy to climb up various ladders. It has various colorful graphics and easy controls. It has an in-app strategy which moves around purchasing coins to revive during a game. So, above-explained are some of the best and top 10 Android Wear games for all students. So, you can choose some of them, which suits your choice the most.

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