6+ Best Anti-Ransomware Tool To Protect Your Computer Against WannaCry !

Best Anti-Ransomware Tool To Protect Your Computer Against WannaCry
Best Anti-Ransomware Tool To Protect Your Computer Against WannaCry

Protect Your Computer Against WannaCry: As we all are aware and admit that Ransomware attacks are taking place and increasing day by day when it comes to security and privacy of our systems. There is a software named WannaCryptor 2.0 is used to bring out the biggest ransomware attacks.

So, let’s talk about the best Anti-Ransomware tools to protect our systems against Wanna cry. At Avast, the security researchers 57,000 detections of WannaCryptor 2.0 ransomware in 99 countries. And it has ruined the almost life of many big companies and banks. As, It has encrypted all the data and asked for money – in exchange of decrypting it back.

And, All of us can;t give away money. But, also the data we lost has the great value of its own. Thus, this ransomware seems to be a pain in the ass for most of the people on the planet. Although, there are many solutions available for this problem. So, Here I’m going to share few of them. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

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Protect Your Computer Against WannaCry

So, here are some Anti-Ransomware tools for protecting our systems from entering this ransomware. Some of them are here. They are not the permanent solutions of the problem. But, they protect you from being infected by the problem. So, as prevention is better than cure. Thus, we must have known about them too.

Best Anti-Ransomware Tool To Protect Your Computer Against WannaCry
Best Anti-Ransomware Tool To Protect Your Computer Against WannaCry

#1 Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware

This software checks our whole system and finds the ransomware. It first checks all the activities going on in our systems and when it finds any ransomware then it blocks it before it affects the user files. So, it is one of the best solutions for preventing the ransomware infection in your system.

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#2 Trend Micro Internet Security

It provides you many advanced online protection features. But, for 1 PC only which is beneficial for the user. It is made to protect your privacy on social networking. You can also try the free trial of the product for almost 6 months. And, then you need to purchase a license key.

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#3 Cyber reason Ransomware

It protects your computer with 99% of ransomware. It detects the files and warns the users about the ransomware that their files are at the risk and helps the user to stop the ransomware with just one click. The program is specially designed to filter out the ransomware. And, thus it will help you in protecting the data.

#4 Zemana Anti-Malware

It protects your system from Ransomware and as we all know that Ransomware are increasing day by day in security threat. With which everyone is at risk. So, Zemana Provides a full-time protection of the files. Whenever you are online or executing unknown programs.

#5 Bitdefender Anti- Ransomware

It protects your systems from existing Ransomware. It protects from different Ransomware like Locky, Party etc. BitDefender made their name by providing high-quality service to the users. so, you must have at least one of these anti-viruses in your systems.

#6 Kaspersky Internet Security

It is one of the popular Anti-malware solutions. It also has anti-ransomware capabilities. It also protects your system from privacy and personal information. It is an award winning software. This tool also brings additional features like the ability to stop unauthorized usage of the webcam.

These are the best Anti- Malware for your systems. Try them out and protect your systems from different Ransomware. That’s all from my side. I hope, That you’ll like this article. If you want to ask anything related to the article or want to suggest something, You are welcome in the comment field. I’ll be happy to read your comments. And, I’ll try to answer the query within 24 hours. Thanks for your time & Support.

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