Top 8 Best Augmentation Reality Apps for Android You Need to Check Out in 2018

Top 8 Best Augmentation Reality Apps for Android in 2017
Top 8 Best Augmentation Reality Apps for Android in 2017

Best Augmentation Reality Apps – Augmented Reality applications, aka AR applications are becoming more and more famous and interesting as the technology is evolving. These applications are also known as Virtual Reality apps. They provide a virtual platform, where the real world and computer world can interact. So, Today I’m gonna talk about Top 8 Augmentation Reality Apps for Android 2017. I hope they’ll help you in enjoying Your life in a better way. best augmented reality games androidTop 8 Best Augmentation Reality Apps for Android in 2017

List of 8 Best Augmentation Reality Apps for Android :

Let us have a look at the Top 8 Augmentation Reality Apps. Which will make your phone and your life much more interesting by combining two Different worlds? Pokemon Go

#1Ingress – Best AR Apps for Android

Pokemon go maybe the Hot AR game out there. Before Pokemon GO, Ingress was the first augmented reality game by Niantic. They used the GPS Technology to track the player and provide the massive multiplayer fighting ability on your device. You must give it a try. I’m sure that, you’ll definitely like this one. best augmented reality games android

#2. Ink Hunter – Best AR Apps for Android 2018

An amazing application, which you need when you are thinking of making some tattoos on your body. The application comes into play if you wanna try the design out before even implementing it on your body. You can try out some inbuilt designs. The application also has the option, where you can add your custom designs and try them out.

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#3. Star Walk – Best Augmented Reality Games Android

Knowledge of constellations and the stars in the sky has long been a way for travellers to find their way home. But, with the evolution of technology… We’ve got Maps and GPS for locations. The most interesting thing about this app is if for any reason you can’t know your location in an area. Just open the application and point your camera towards the Sky (at night, obviously). And it will give you all information regarding your current location on planet earth.

#4. Layar 

Another masterpiece, which will let your Hard reading content into soft. In other words, It will allow you to scan any package or page that has digital content to bring it up. Layar also scans QR codes and has AV playback capabilities. It also allows you to share your results and data over social networking or other sharing methods.


Another awesome VR android game. This is like playing the classical games such as Space invaders, Galaga, Asteroids etc. The only difference here is that you are standing right in between those dangerous things. The game experience is very good and appreciable. Aliens will fly around you and you need to kill them all. The application also provides a multiplayer option. You should give it a try.

#6. WallaMe

Another amazing creation, which will let you Leave secret messages for helping out others about a place you visited. Those messages can only be seen by the user using WallaMe app on their device. So, In a way, this is kind of making the human network much better and strong. You should try this out, and know what people think about a place you visited.

#7. Star Chart

This maybe an educational application, but it works very amazingly. You just need to open it on your device, point out it towards the sky. And it will tell you every known information about it. The best thing is that it also works in the daytime, when it is very hard to see any star in the sky. It does all this, without any delay or pressing a button on your device. The functions work as amazingly fast.

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#8. Pokemon GO

One of the Best and Most known Arugmented Reality application. It has earned so much in a very little time span. I think, it is the first time in the market when a game has provided a VR platform on your Android device and became so much famous in this much little time.

The game uses GPS to locate you and provide the Basic information on the screen, related to Pokemon and Pokemon centres. You need to move your phone and look through the camera to see Augmented Reality in action. The main purpose of this game is to catch as many Pokemon as one can. Prepare battles of Pokemon and win Pokemon of other players.

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