Top 8 Best Business Apps for iPhone | 2017

Best Business Apps for iPhone

Best Business Apps for iPhone – A business man is always busy with work, he ain’t got much free time for himself to be chilling with his phone. Sometimes, they are travelling or in hurry with keeping things moving. You can’t always have a desktop around you all the time, that’s where the phone applications play so important role. Business apps have changed how one can easily refer or complete tasks through your phones.Best Business Apps for iPhone

There are thousands of apps within the business category, but which are the best business apps for iPhone ? Don’t worry, we will list that down for you.

List of  Best Business Apps for iPhone :

Time is money they say, so you save your time on that research. As we tell you the best business apps for iPhone. You may like it or may not but This list  will  help make your workload easier

1.) Microsoft Office

Let’s are honest MS office is one of the best business apps, and it has been on multiple devices. Almost everyone is familiar with the Word, Presentation, and Excel which are daily used somewhere or the other if you’re in the cooperate world or running a business. Now MS office on your phone lets you view and edit the presentations, the excel sheets and edit word documents. So no more waiting to get to your desktop to see the data sheets or some important document, it calls all be done on your phone.

There is the Keynote, pages and etc from apple but let’s be honest. Even though apple keeps updating it to make it the best but the cross-platform and diversity of MS office are unbeatable. So MS office is a must.

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2.) Adobe Acrobat reader – view, annotate & share PDF’s

Say you got a document or a file on pdf. Apple doesn’t really openly has an editor or support for the PDF file’s, just can view it. Having a third party PDF reader can be so useful if you want to make changes and comments or edit things and share the files across platforms. Just by few taps on your iPhone.

3.) Scanner Pro – Scan any document to PDF with OCR

I cannot stress enough on how important scanning document is. Even if your, not a business man , their can’t be a need for sending someone or needing a document urgent. With this app you just click a photo of any document or etc. you can edit it within the app, it makes it clear and crisp for the perfect send. It also has a support for images. It is an essential in the business category. Definitely one the best business apps for iPhone

4.) Indeed Job Search

Just like many other job search apps, this is indeed. This app is doing so well in its genre that it has been on top for a while. It allows you to search for the right job. You give your resume or create one profile. It sends across millions of companies who are of your interest to find you the perfect job.

5.) Slack – Team Communication

Slack to be on the best business apps for iPhone. It has unknowingly started to replace emails. There more than 4 million active users daily on slack. It is a real-time messaging and file sharing application, where your whole group or team can communicate and throw in files or even talk one to one personally or in-group. It syncs your data over all other devices. It has a powerful search for looking into old files archives and stuff. It is literally a game changer. A must have application.

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6.) Skype for business

Skype made for the business professionals , allowing them to easily make conference video calls and other business communications with up to 250 people. It is also integrated with MS office , so it is easier to send up files, work and much more.

7.) PayPal Here

PayPal Here works with a small card reader with your device to receive payments. Each swipe can cost up to 2.7%, still lower than other in the field. The app keeps adding features in the updates, including the ability to process checks, electronic invoices, and payments from a customer’s existing PayPal account.

8.) Pocket

The simple useful app, Pocket makes it easy to save videos, articles, and whatever else you find online so that you can find them later all in the app. It’s useful maybe when you are busy to read or watch something but you don’t have time, so u save it for the night or anytime when ur free , you don’t need an Internet connection to view what you’ve saved.