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Best Casino Online Apps For Your Iphone 13

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More and more people in the United States can now play casino games on their phones thanks to more states okaying legal Online Cricket Betting ID. Sports betting is also seeing a rise in online play as the 2021 NFL season kicks off. The great thing is that you can play wherever you like, whenever you like. 

Casino apps change the way you experience betting. You can try out new slots that you won’t find at your local casino (if you even have one) and get special sign-up bonuses that help you play more. That said, if you open the App Store on your iPhone 13, you’re going to be flooded with a ton of choices. So which one is really the best? Which will give you the easiest experience and best value for your money? Read on to see how the Top US online casinos stack up in the app world


MGM has one of the biggest and most advanced casinos in Las Vegas–it has arcade-style games and virtual reality attractions. So it makes sense that it would fully embrace technology with gambling apps. BetMGM has a vast selection of online slot machines that offer a fun new take on the game. MGM services grant all the features you’d expect from a brand name betting service, including welcome packages for new sign-ups and a great selection of games. 


Unibet isn’t as famous as the Vegas casino brands, but its app still offers a solid experience. Unibet has a clean visual design and simple menus, making it a great choice for the casual player. It also provides both casino and sports betting so you can pick your battles. It’s best feature, however, is it’s many blackjack options. If card games are your weakness, Unibet was made for you. 


This casino app comes highly rated, and for good reason. It gives you all the games in one package: live dealer games, a huge selection of casino games, horse race betting, and more. The app itself is also very stable and runs quickly without crashing or lagging. 

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FanDuel is your premiere destination for sports betting and fantasy football. It comes with generous welcome packages that let you hit the field running. That doesn’t mean it lacks casino stuff, however. FanDuel’s app features roulette games and more. 


The 888 casino app is all about them slots. It has hundreds of different slots games with fun animations and fast loading times. For those who don’t want to get bogged down by too many games or don’t care about sports, 888 is here for you. Just put some money in, pick a slot with a theme that appeals to you, and get playing. 


One of the best parts of casino apps that we haven’t talked about yet is loyalty programs. Many online casinos offer VIP memberships that give you points and rewards the more you play. Longtime Borgata users report great satisfaction with the app’s promotions and customer service. While this service is only for those in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, It’s one of the best casino apps around when it comes to quality of service and customer satisfaction. 


We’d be missing out if we didn’t include one of the major names in sports betting. DraftKings handles sportsbooks for the country’s biggest organizations, so it’s a solid place to play for big prizes. It also has traditional casino games included in the app. If sports is your passion but you want to play the occasional slots, DraftKings should have a spot on your iPhone’s home screen.