Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions of 2018 | Must Try

Best Chrome Extension of 2017
Best Chrome Extension of 2017

Best Chrome Extensions – Here, we are going to tell you about chrome. Yes, every web user is very much familiar about Google Chrome Web Browser and Best Chrome Extensions. This is the world’s best browser and the most using browser also. It is also very good at securing your personal data and encrypts it for your safety. It is very good easy but, there are many ways which will help you to make chrome better. Now, all web browsers are getting so damn productive that – we can’t call them just a tool to visit the desired page.

It has gone much more than this. Yes, every web browser has its own advantages – and disadvantages. But, Chrome is the best choice when you are preferring highly productive, multi-purpose. And, extension rich web browser. You should have much more careful while selecting the web browser. You have to make sure that you have to get the best chrome extensions as well.

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List of Best Chrome Extensions List of 2018

Best Chrome Extension of 2017
Best Chrome Extension of 2018

Here, we are providing you 10 best chrome extensions for this year. We have categorized these extensions in such a way that it would be possible to find the appropriate one easily. Extensions are kind of small software or apps that are used for adding extra features to your web browser. Here is the list of 10 best chrome extensions of 2018.

#1. Musixmatch

Everyone loves music, nowadays music becomes a soul mate kind of thing. At every single min, we want music to be with us. Then why not when we are working on the web browser. So here chrome is providing you that, Musicmatch is a musical chrome extension. Through which you can search song via YouTube which will also display the lyrics too. You can also able to customize the background, the font and the style of the musixmatch. This is also the most downloaded extension in chrome, it will get updated regularly with the latest trend.

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#2. Last Pass – Password Manager

When you are surfing online, working online, you make the different account on every other different website, then remembering of each password makes you so hassle, and also it can make you very difficult to dig out all password from your brain at the time. This Last pass – Password Manager Chrome extension is providing you a free password manager which will help you to remember all different password and help you to manage it also.

#3. WOT

WOT is the chrome latest extension which will help you to find out that which sites is good or not, this are very popular extension used across the worldwide. This will give simple grades through the trustworthiness of the website. When you will install this WOT as your chrome extension, after visiting any website click WOT button and it will show you the complete information regarding that website.

#4. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a very effective chrome extension used very widely across the world, this will help to block interrupting content from your web browsing path. Through this, you can also able to get rid of ads. Rather than locking the ads, you have the choice to integrate some lists with the blocking process so that the tool itself block all listed ads. This will also allow to filter and helps to lower usage of CPU memory.

#5. Google Dictionary

Google dictionary is a very wise option to use, it is very useful to those who find hard to understand words while browsing the web. This is very intuitive and easy, you just have to double click on the word to see the meaning. This will not only effective for English language only, this will also help you to find the meaning in the different language too. You can easily able to read and write.

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#6. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail Chrome extension is an email scheduling service. This will integrate with the Gmail and allow you for scheduling and track your mail and messages sent. This is a very effective and superb feature, through this you can send drafted mails even when you are offline. This will also make your inbox stay clean by the option of postponing the arrival of some messages.

#7. Blur

Blur is a chrome extension which will help you to stay protected from online frauds. Blur will also allow you to do different things as managing your passwords, securing online payments that you make and also gives you privacy option by tracking all. Even when you adding multi-platform support, blur will help you to secure all completely.

#8. Hover Zoom

Hover zoom chrome extension will help you to display enhanced pictures with a better experience. Through this, you will not have to visit the website for full-size image. Hover zoom is also supported videos file and for zooming.

#9. Earth view from Google Maps

Earth view from Google map will help you to view an overwhelming view of the whole world. Whenever you click the Earth view icon this extension will give you a satellite image, can you can also able to save that satellite image to desktop also. It has many other features also like glaring at earth.

#10. Click&clean

This click&clean chrome extensions is a privacy protection that will help you to analyze your web browser activities. It will also help to find whether your data is vulnerable to surveillance or not and also other sorts of compromises. This will allow an automatic setting which will clear all your browsing history by just one click only. This can do well for active internet user.

So, In the end – I Just wanna say that, If you find this article useful or you want to make any contribution to the content. Please feel free to comment below. I’ll be happy to read them. And, I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.

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