Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions that Help Chrome Users the Most !

Best Chrome Extensions 2017 –  Hi Guys, Today we provide you best and useful article for you that is Google chrome Extension. As we all know that Google chrome is one of the best browsers for our computer or laptop. we all are using Google chrome Because it is lightweight browser with good features and faster also. Google Chrome cover 35% of web browsers market with 69000 plus Best Chrome Extensions which helps you to do work in an easiest way. If you spend your more time on the internet for doing work that time these extensions help you to do work fast and easy. Google Chrome have a lot of extension for you but the main point is which one is best? but now we test a lot of extensions and give you some review of best Google Chrome Extension which makes your Chrome more better.Best Chrome Extensions 2016

Too Many Tabs For Chrome – Best Chrome Extensions

Too Many Tabs For Chrome Extension is one of the best extension in chrome for manage tabs. Most of the time When we find some information, we open lots of tabs that time you can not find the tab which you want because it not to mention the tab titles. But now you do not face that type problem because this extension helps you to view all tabs with Birds eye. You also have a search option that means you can easily search with your tab title name.

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is one of the Best Chrome Extensions for finding the meaning of the word. Now you do not have to need to go new tab and then search your word on google, you can easily search your word by using this extension. You just double click on the word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble. You can also store your words history which you have looked up so you can read them later again. It also can translate all type of language in your language of choice.

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Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is most use full and popular Best Chrome Extensions for remove ads. We are always facing ads problem when we open any site firstly ads comes to us. It’s very irritating but now no ads you can easily use the internet By using this extension on your chrome. This app also protects your privacy against anti-malware and anti-social tracking feature. It will Block every type of ads like Animated Ads, Auto play sound ads, overlay ads, pop-ups, Expanding ads, Facebook ads, Web-mail ads and all annoying ads.


The pocket extension is also very good feature in Google Chrome. Most of the time we search in chrome for find something but when we find the same page after some time or day, we can not find it easily But now Use Pocket Extension which helps you to view page later. If you want to view later which site you have opened then put it in the pocket. The pocket extension automatically syncs your computer so you can view it anytime or anywhere even you do not need the internet connection. This Extension is completely free for everyone, You also upgrade it in premium version for more feature in pocket extension.

Add This

Add This Is a great and Best Chrome Extensions for sharing anything or anytime with just one button. This extension allows you to immediately share, bookmark, print, translate the page in just on click. You can easily share your data on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networking sites with one easy to use the tool. Add this extension supports over 300 services, like Facebook, Twitter, Email, Print, Facebook Lite, Google, Favorite, Messenger, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Blogger, Yahoo mail, Tumblr, Hotmail, Orkut, What app, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

Grammarly For Chrome

Grammarly for chore is the good extension in Google Chrome for Check spelling and grammar mistake. Using this extension you never type wrong spelling or grammar, It helps you to type right spelling or grammar which easy to read for the user. Adding Grammarly to chrome Provide you great feature that your spelling and grammar will be vetted on G-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and nearly everywhere else you write on the web.

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Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a popular extension in Google chrome and Best Chrome Extensions for Remotely access computer. This extension allow you to access your or other computer remotely through chrome browser. Chrome remotely Desktop Provide remote assistant to Window, Mac and Linux users, or access your window and Mac desktop at any time, all from the chrome browser on virtually any device.

Tab Outliner

Tab Outline is best Extension in Google Chrome for manage Tabs. We all are using Internet for finding new things or knowledge, Some time we open lot of tab and we can not understand all tab position but now use this Tab Outline Extension. This Extension helps you to manager your all tabs in easy way which you understand easily. This Extension provides you a tree of tabs which are active in your chrome browser. Tree Style Feature is now on by default for all new user and you easily understand all tabs.

G-mail Offline

G-mail Offline Extension is provide you to offline access, you can easily read it, responded, searched and archives without network access. G-mail Offline extension will automatically synchronize messages and queued actions anytime chrome is running and an internet connection is available.


Last Pass is awesome extension in Google Chrome for saving password. Last Pass is award-winning password extension. You can save your password on this extension and give secure access. Save your all password or Username on Last Pass and it will help you to log In automatically to your site or account and sync your password everywhere you need them. You also Add your site, edit your site, view your site, delete your site and organize your site.