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Top 10 Best E-Commerce Themes for Shopify !

Top 10 Best E-Commerce Themes for Shopify !
Top 10 Best E-Commerce Themes for Shopify !

Shopify offers you a lot of templates for web stores. Some of them are free another are chargeable. When developers make a template they try to do it for some specific purposes. Some of them can be done for multi-stores, where are a lot of unlike goods. Such templates will be focused on short info and good navigation system in order to provide a convenient use and fast search.

Top 10 Best E-Commerce Themes for Shopify !
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Other templates provide big pictures for the half of the screen, small menus and the absence of search button. These ones are likely to be suitable for a few products of some of the brand goods. Such kind of templates usually focus on specific details of every item in your shop and would be absolutely awful for any kind of multi shops. Before you choose something for your shop, you should think about purposes you want to reach.

1. Supply

Supply is designed for different kinds of multi-stores. Usually, such stores have large inventories that made navigation a very important thing. It allows you to browse well with ease through all categories the shop has. You can integrate this theme into a Product reviews app. Supply is a free theme, so you don’t need to spend any money. It is available in two styles. The first one is called “Blue” and it is a dark variant of the theme. Another one is made in soft beige color and it is called “Light”.

Supply is a highly functional. It can be transformed into brand goods shop as well as it can be used for some stock goods. It is provided with a very convenient search feature that allows navigating through the site very fast.

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2. Venture/Snowdevil.

Another free theme which is one of the best choices for winter, outdoors or sports equipment. Snow devils name isn’t a random one. This theme is provided with stock photographs which hints you about some specific range of products it was made for. The venture is designed mostly for snowboards, skis etc. It has a convenient structure, which is built for a large number of products. There is a multi-column menu which you can use for featuring product details and images. There is also a big stock of standard images that are suitable for a slideshow on your homepage. The main page has an ability of promotion one of your item that needs more attention than others.

3. Boundless.

One more free theme which is suitable for stores that are related to fashion. It is also good for desktop as well as for mobile viewing. The great advantage and disadvantage of this template are that it gives you an opportunity to feature every item individually. When you open a demo page you will see an enormous photo on your screen and a small menu at the bottom of it. Very good for promotion of any piece of clothing. It won’t be comfortable to work with a huge amount of goods, however, it is a very convenient theme for fashion clothes. Boundless is offered in two color schemes: black & white and vibrant. The last one has soft red and black colors.

4. Pop.

Like the previous Shopify theme, Pop is a good choice for a limited number of products. It provides a great presentation for a limited number of goods allowing you to focus attention on product’s details. As an example, this template will be suitable for some kind of small beauty shops that will promote only a few products. Or it can be used for offering some specific blends of tea. As you could already guess, this template is designed for mostly brand oriented products. Pop doesn’t even have a search button as it is useless for a few products.

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5. Minimal/Vintage.

A very simple free theme. A gentleman’s set of features without any difficulty settings. Probably, it is one of the best themes for vintage clothes, though it is widely used for more modern goods like digital cameras, computers, sports equipment etc. The Minimal template has three different styles: the vintage styles itself, fashion style and the modern one. All of them are pretty similar. The only small difference is a color scheme.

The main advantage of this template is a high number of settings and its simplicity.

6. Simple or Beaty theme.

Like a Pop template, this one is designed for a small range of products. As you could understand, it was created for beauty products, however, it doesn’t mean it is bad for any other type of goods. It is optimized for mobile devices. You can install via this template a lot of widgets and put a social media buttons on some of your pages. The theme has two styles: Light and Beauty. Light is a minimalistic variant that is done in white color with some black frames. The Beauty style more colorful gamma: soft red, grey, white and black.

7. Timber.

Well, the Timber template isn’t a classic Shopify template. This is a theme that is designed to make other themes. It is a frame-end framework that allows completing any theme in a fast and convenient way. It can be used by users of any levels. TImber provides you with a bunch of functions that will help you to create a new standalone theme. Search functions and some social media features are used with this template too.

8. Annabelle

It is made not by the Shopify, but by the community. Annabelle has nice slide variations and three pretty mini banners. You can use this template for any goal you want to do to a wide range of features and settings. It is possible to use Annabelle for a large number of goods as well as for some small number of products. It is suitable for any kind of web store. The template offers you three different styles for different purposes. The color scheme of the standard style variations is pretty the same. It is done mostly in black and white colors. Though the theme is highly customizable, so you can probably change its color.

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9. Fleur de Lis.

Fleur de Lis is one of the best themes of 2016. As you could guess, it is made for florists. Probably, this is one of the best florist themes for e-commerce you could find. It has outstanding visual experience. A big amount of features and dynamic settings allow customizing the template not only for florist’s needs but and for other goods aesthetic goods like gifts, crafts, beauty etc. A narrow line above the main page picture represents your menu. Above the picture, you can place other images with links that look pretty cool. If you are looking for nice aesthetics and good functionality this is your choice.

10. Anywhere.

The first and the only chargeable template in this list. Anywhere is a totally responsive Shopify template. This theme was designed mostly for different brand wear as well as for some multi-stores. It offers you 4 different styles which differ from each other not only with color schemes but with some features too. Anywhere is customized for desktops and for mobile devices. Convenient megamenu allows your customers to navigate through the site with ease. If you don’t like the standard look of one of the styles you can change it in any way you like due to an enormous amount of settings.

This is a small list of nice Shopify templates. There are much more of them on the official site of Shopify.