Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone You Need to Try in 2018

Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone
Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

Best Fitness Apps for iPhone 2018 – Fitness is important if your fit you will feel younger and look younger for your age while maintaining good health. You need health & fitness in your life, to keep you mentally and physically active or build up a good physique, which you can show off on the beach.

Now technology is so advanced and over the years researchers did their stuff and came up with thousands of app, which help people maintain good health & fitness. You don’t need all the apps on the App store, right because we are going to tell you the top 10 best fitness & workout apps iphone. best free fitness apps

So, the list will have apps from a mixed perspective. Their Use, Ratings, and Popularity. Without any further, ado following are the best iPhone apps for iPhone in 2017.Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

1.) Yoga Studio – iPhone Fitness Tracker App

Yoga studio has won so many awards and has been mentioned all over the place. Believe it or not, Yoga is essential for your lifestyle. The gym may make you tough on the outside but yoga is for internal organs and internal health. It keeps you fit, relaxes your mind and what all. The app features more than 70+ yoga + meditation classes. And has over 300 + poses and their instructions for you to follow. From beginners to pros everyone can follow it accordingly. iphone fitness tracker app

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2.) Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

The app consists the largest food database of more than 5,0000,000 foods to track your diet throughout the day. To make it easy, it features a step tracker and a barcode scanner, making sure that you’re able to record everything in your diet. It can help everyone, from gym freaks for the gains or the ones who want to lose weight. You have total information and control on your diet through this application right here. Just record what you ate and it will tell you its content and calorie count and many more helpful features. It’s associated with Under Armour. Definitely, the one to be included under best health & fitness apps for iPhone.

3.) 7 Minute Workout Challenge

 7-minute workout is well-developed the workout program that is appreciated globally. The app provides you with 12 exercises, which require no other equipment or tool. You need to perform the exercise within 30 seconds with the rest time of 10 secs, making it a high-intensity workout, which helps you allot with your health and fitness. Whether it is for losing fat or gain strength. It even makes your metabolism rate well and up and improves cardiovascular health. The app is amazing and a must have, because it makes 7 minutes of your life ‘count’ in the best way, which only makes you fitter with proper guidance and instructional video.

4.) Running for Weight Loss: interval training plan, GPS, how-to-lose-weight tips

If you love running, this is the app you have been looking for. Running helps with weight loss and maintaining a good cardiovascular system of our body and increases stamina. This app logs in your speed; your distance covered with the help of GPS and it even maps out your run, which is kind of cool. One can set goals and start their run, as they will be updated timely about their run through the apps voice audio. It is also integrated over the apple watch. So get running I d say.

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5.) Full Fitness : Exercise Workout Trainer

Full Fitness not only provides instructions for hundreds of exercises, but it sorts them by body region, the muscle of target, and the equipment needed. The app is easy-to-use and guides your way to creating your own custom exercise routine. It keeps a track of your progress as you perform each exercise. You can check your Progress graphs, and email or backup the results online. for the information and guide it contains, it’s definitely way more worth than its price. So grab it now because if you want to be fit this is one of the best health & fitness apps.

6.) Flowing ~ Meditation & Mindfulness

If you are stressed with workload or have insomnia or you just want a calm environment to relax. At the moment this app is FREE for the week, So if you just read this before Sunday. GET IT. 

Getting back to it, the app has many sounds recorded in psychoacoustic 3D for headphones. It just feels As if you were there. It has unique sounds like of the wind, rain and much more. It’s a great way to just relax your mind.

7.) Nike+ Training Club

Nike’s official app has a collection of 30 to 45-minute workouts that are based on your goals and fitness level. In short, the app guides and helps you to perform each exercise with how-to videos and lets you share your achievements with friends through social media. It has workouts for all and also intelligently recommends what you should be doing according to your body type and level.

8.) Pumping Weight

Pumping Weight is a well-developed application which helps you with familiarising to the exercises and movements you need to know for targeting specific muscle groups . The app doesn’t make your workouts the same, it keeps mixing every day to give you good results and not just the same boring workout every day. You can check your BMI through the app and stay workout accordingly.

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9.) Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

Lose it tracks your calories intake throughout the day. It stores in your height, weight and other details and designs your own custom diet and fitness routine for you so that you can lose weight and be fit. What more can you ask in from an app? Very useful for those who need diet plans and calorie details and nutrition value.

10.) Daily Water Free – Water Reminder and Counter

Water plays a very important role in our body, in many ways. It is essential for us humans or any living being. It has allotted more to do than just fill your thirst.  While it is not to say that the more water your drink, the healthier you will be, too much water will also hurt your health, drink a healthy amount of water and drink water in right time is vital to your health. best free workout apps for iphone

Daily water is the app which helps us to track the quantity of water we drink and remind us to drink water in right time. it can really be helpful if your working and you need a reminder to have a glass of water which can maintain your health and make you fresh.

Hope you liked the top 10 best health & fitness apps for iPhone.  The list was ordered keeping in mind the value and use of the applications. Let us know your thoughts in the comments 🙂