Top 10 Best Free Spy Apps for your Android Device | 2018

Best Free Spy Apps for Android
Best Free Spy Apps for Android

Android is one of the most effective and powerful OS platforms. It allows users to perform extraordinary things with a tiny device. I have used a lot of applications on my android device. But the experience with SPY applications gave me this idea to research and write about Top 10 Free Spy Apps for Android in 2018. These apps are basically used for tracking down someone’s activities on their device. You’ll feel like a hacker after using these applications. So, Let’s start with the first one.

List of Top 10 Free Spy Apps for Android 2018:

Best Free Spy Apps for Android

Spy apps are kind of helping tools – which lets you know about things, when you were not around. So, In a way – they help you in maintaining law & order within your gadgets. You can keep an eye on the misuse of any of the gadget. You can easily Download & install these free Spy Apps in your device to have a look at their potential.

This list of Top 10 Free Spy Apps for Android, will provide you with a better understanding and knowledge of the popularity of these applications on Play Store. May the Best application win!

#1 iKeyMonitor Android

One of the most famous Android spy application. which makes it possible to Shield your business, trade secret, kids and more from Internet dangers. It allows those parents to keep track of their child’s activities secretly, because the application can hide itself and work silently in the background, without knowing. Thus, it allows a layer of additional security to your android device.

#2 Mobistealth Android Monitoring Software

Another parental controlling application. Amazingly created and beautifully designed, This application allows parents to monitor the activities of one device from another android phone. You can also locate the other device, and find their text messages, emails etc. This application comes into play when you need to find a stolen phone with this application. This allows you to catch the thief easily, using little social engineering techniques.

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#3 M-Spy

Amazing spying application for your android device. It is very useful if you want to listen to someone’s conversation quietly. Just install the application and set up your PIN for the app. Now, You need to put the phone in the range so, it can catch the audio voices of the person you want to spy on. This application also allows finding your lost phone, even in silent. You need to send a special message from the other device to your phone and your phone will make a call to that number automatically.

#4 Spy Camera OS

Another example of a free, but amazing android application. Spy Camera OS is an open source application. which allows users to take pictures secretly. You need to make the setup for secret photo-shoot of the target before you execute your evil spying plan on the victim.

#5 Track It-Call, SMS, Data Monitor

This is another amazing android application, which allows the user to control the target device remotely. You can access, SMS, Emails, Calls, Location of the device. It works even when the GPS of the device is off. So, This application comes in handy when you want to track someone’s phone or your own lost device.

#6 Ear Spy

The James Bond – 007 type application, which allows you to do cool things. It allows you to hear the tiny sounds and vibrations around your with increasing the sensitivity of your device’s mic. It amplifies the small sounds to hearing range and you can easily listen to the talk of the relatives sitting in the next room.

#7 IP Cam Viewer Lite

An award winning application, which makes your life much easier. It gives you powers like a tech GOD. After installing this cool android application, it allows to remotely view and control your IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, traffic cameras, CCTV or WebCam from an android device. The amazing thing is that, after detecting motion in the camera… The app starts recording the source of motion.

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#8 MSycnh

Another rival in the TOP 10 list of spyware applications. It is the simple but very useful application, which allows recording the calls, GPS location, messages, web history, images, videos, audio, Viber photos and much more like recording your surroundings. The best thing is that it all does it secretly in a background, and no one can know about its activity.

#9 Spy Message

The amazing android application allows you to send a timed message to another device. This timed message will reach to the specific person and after the specific time limit. The message will delete itself from the target device. So, there will be no footprint of your activity. So, This application can be proved as a confidential chat between two individuals, without any traces.

#10 Automatic call Recorder

This amazing android application allows you to record the specific calls silently in the background. Best for concerned parents, who thinks their kid going in the wrong direction. Now, you can simply confirm your doubts before confronting your child for the wrong things. This can be proved as a life-saving application. Thus, serves more than a simple android application.

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