Top 10 Best Free Facebook Games to Play in 2018

Best Free Facebook Games 2018 – Facebook is one of the most known and used Social networking Platform. which is not only used for connecting with friends, chatting, sharing pics, videos, or articles. It also provides the platform for the gaming. you can also play online best free facebook games via its games feature. But there are plenty of games on the facebook.

Where user gets annoyed by all those options. So, today we are here to share some of the top games of the facebook, which you can play for your enjoyment. We’re sure that you’ll definitely get better results and pleasure by playing these selective games. Here, these games are top games from the survey of facebook. So, here we’re sharing them with you.

Best Free Facebook Games List | 2018

Best Free Facebook Games

Here, I’ve created a list of few games – which are famous on the online social networking platform. I’ve researched and analyzed the top most games (based on the player ranking). And, I’ve found out these games, listed below. So, I Hope that you’ll find this article useful and these games will help you in spending your free time in enjoying.

#1 Candy Crush Saga.

The most popular game of the game store of Facebook is the Candy Crush Saga. This game is like a disease. It is very difficult to get rid of playing this game once you started playing it. Facebook asks for payment for extra moves and lives. It is the sweetest puzzle game where you can match and switch hundreds of level and enjoying the delicious puzzle adventure. The Game is rated 4 starts by many people all around the globe. You can either play it alone or challenge your friends into the game.

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#2 Farm Heroes Saga

 The Maker of this game is same as Candy crush Saga. You can rescue the farm islands using farm heros in this game. the game is very much instructive and enjoyable. In this game you have to stop the Rancid the Raccoon from spoiling the precious farm lands. You can also enjoy hundreds of levels of strawberry switching, carrot crunching and help Farm Heroes to save their farm islands. The game is also very interesting and great in the sense of pleasure.

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#3 Subway Surfers

“Subway Surfer” is an adventure game with an average of 10 million users per month. This game lets you run endlessly and as fast as possible along the subway escaping the approaching train while helping the animated characters, Tricky, Jake & Trash to dodge the cranky inspector and his dog.

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#4 Pet Rescue Saga.

 This is another awesome game form the Maker of Candy crush saga. In this game you have to rescue the pet from kidnapper by matching two or more blocks of the same color. Due to the limited moves you have to plan them carefully. You can also improve you puzzle skills with the help of this game. The game itself has same basics behind the Candy crush saga, but with the different angle of perception.

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#5 Trivia Crack.

 It is a quiz type game. The game contains 6 sections defined as Categories. User need to spin the wheel and the pointer on the category decides the type the question you have to answer. After that you’ll get bonus and new unlocking by giving correct answer to the asked question.

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#6 Dragon City.

 It is one of the best adventure game out there on facebook. This is because of the design and play style of the game. In this game you need to make a virtual world of dragons, where you can get hindered of dragons. you can easily breed them and hatch them. you’ll become a dragon master by training your dragon and making them in battle with other players.

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#7 Bubble Witch 2 Saga.

As the name of the game contains ‘Saga’. You can easily guess that this game is another creation of the the maker of Candy crush saga. The game is awesome in its own. In this game you have to help the Stella and her cats to stop dark spirits that are plaguing their land. While bursting bubbles you can enjoy the exiting adventure and win new levels. You should give this game a try. The concept behind the Algorithm of this game is similar to candy crush and other ‘saga’ games.

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#8 8 Ball Pool.

One of the best time pass game. The game is very awesome and the controls are very simple. This maybe the best online pool game ever. You can play it with friends, and create custom tournaments. More than 10 lakh players play it all the time. The game requires the better Que and more precision of the player.

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 #9 FarmVille 2.

Another great game in the game store of facebook. In this game you can make your own 3D farms with the help of tools provided in the game. You can have friendly animals and friends who will help you in maintaining and building and expanding the farm. Awesome game with great time pass usage.

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#10 Cookie Jam.

Another awesome game, but the interface seems similar to the Candy Crush Saga. That’s why I’ve put it into the last place.  This game have fun and challenging equal parts. While you traveling bakery you can set sail on this new puzzle adventure and explore mouth-watering patiss from the world you have to crunch you cookies before they crumble. You may starve while playing this game, so keep your food with you while playing.

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At the end of this article named “Best Free Facebook Games 2018”, I hope that you’ll like the games that I have told about in this article. Any query or suggestion is heartily welcome. You can leave them in the comment field below.  we’ll try to accomplish them. Thanks.

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