(5+) Best Free Music Android Apps in 2020


If you have a hobby to listen to music in your free time so you must need to read this crazy post. Every youngster is addicted to listening to music in their smartphones and computers So, that why guy am I here to talk about the best free music apps for android where you can get free music without paying any penny.

You can use these android apps to listen to your favorite music and download it in your smartphone. We can make this list of apps according to the rating and popularity of these apps. You can choose your desired one that better suited to you. Many of the time I faced that problem of not getting the right music according to our need so that’s why we compiled the list of best free music apps for android.

Best Free Music Android Apps
Best Free Music Android Apps

Spotify Music – Best Free Music Android Apps

Spotify is now the best android app to listen to songs online and you can get most of all songs around the world. This android app can have vast numbers of songs search that users can listen to on their android devices. You can also create a playlist in this app that you listen repeatedly like the list and albums of your favourite songs etc. You can play any music at any time. Moreover, if you want to listen to your songs offline then it also allows you to download your track for offline listening. You can also buy its premium services that include the following.

Features of Spotify | Best Free Music Android Apps :

  • Play any song, any time on any device–mobile, tablet, or your computer
  • Download music for offline listening.
  • Enjoy amazing sound quality.
  • No ads – just uninterrupted music.
  • No commitment – cancel any time you like.
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Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the best known free music library where you can get your desired songs with a lot of features and facilities that every music listener must need. You do not need to sign up in this app and there are no more annoying ads that interrupt you while listening to your favorite music. In this app, you can also listen to the favourite radio stations and sort your music with the help of artists, albums and more.

Features of Google Play Music :

  • Radio curated by experts for anything you want to hear
  • Store up to 50,000 songs from your personal music collection
  • Smart recommendations based on your taste
  • Listen on Android, iOS, and the web

Free Music Player: MixerBox

Basically it uses the third parties API that lets you play online music via this android app.  It is a pretty good app in which you can get a variety of different songs from different artists. You can get this android app free from google play music without spending any money. Currently, this app has 4.1 user rating and have a very good review from average end-users.

SoundCloud – Music & Audio

SoundCloud is a Platform for Listen high-quality music and lets you play the latest songs. It is used by most people who use Soundcloud as compared to other android music apps because of its popularity and it also available on the website platforms so you can play online music on their site also. In SoundCloud, you can put your own songs and make playlists and also promote your songs to make it popular. Currently, SoundCloud made some changes in it that are disliked by users but in future it will be fixed. You can get this app free on Google play store. Soundcloud is also deserver to get listed in Best Free Music Android Apps.

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Features of SoundCloud :

  • Discover new and trending music you won’t find anywhere else
  • Listen to your favorite tracks and artists from a variety of genres, countries, and artists
  • Connect with friends and your favorite artists to hear what they share
  • Personalize your listening experience by liking favorite tracks to listen later


Pandora is the best Android app for free music I ever have seen. It include all the features that a music listener must need. This, you just enter into the music world where you can play any type of song and also found most of hit popular old songs. You can get your favorite music according to the artist.

Already a Pandora listener? Even easier. Just log in and enjoy the same free radio service. Your Pandora is the same across the web, on your phone, on your TV, and in your car – access your free personalized radio wherever you want to hear great music or comedy. It is rated by 1.6 million users and has a 4.4 user rating that is excellent.