10+ Best Free Word Document Recovery & Repair Tools

Looking for Free MS Word Document Recovery & Repair Tools ? Just Go Through the article and you can get the solution. Recovering Lost Microsoft word has become one of the great challenges for the Noobs. But, Don’t worry – As, there are many Free Word Recovery tools available for recovering lost word documents, resumes files ads panels and much more official files that will make your office life much easier.

As the importance of documents Get Increased,  sometimes it happens that we lose our important files –  so that may be a Very Frustrating moment and we need some tool to recover Lost Word documents. There are many tricks to recover a lost word document.  So, I am going to talk about those tricks in this article.

Best Free Word Document Recovery & Repair Tools
Best Free Word Document Recovery & Repair Tools

You can try some basic hacks for word document recovery. If 10 tricks won’t work you can also try third-party applications that I am telling below in this article. Let’s dive into the list of best MS word repair tools.

List of 10 Free Word Document Recovery and Repair Tool Online

Although, there are many tools available on the internet for repairing a corrupted word file. But, Here I have selected some of the top word file recovery tools that may help you out easily depending on their user rating.

#1 S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Word

S2 recovery tools for Microsoft word is at the top of the list.  The simple and easy to use user interface helps the user in making the right decisions based on its requirement of the files. It separates different files and displays them separately based on the user’s requirement.

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With this Best Free Word Recovery tool in hand, you can simply select the path for the files to be recovered and simply click on the recover button after selecting the path. it will select the folder for any recovery mode file and it will be displayed on the screen.

#2 Kernel for Word

Kernel for word is another creative tool to recover corrupted ms word files.  It is an advantage and it allows simple user interface which helps the user in recovering the file very easily.  Moreover, this tool is available for free to be used. so, you can simply download it and try it how to recover your own word documents that are important to you.

#3 Stellar Phoenix Word Repair

Unlike other MS word recovery tools –  stellar phoenix word repair tool is a great alternative for recovering corrupted ms word documents.  With this Tool, You can recover the original texts, fonts, hyperlinks, headers and Other Word Related Information that may be very useful in your word documents.

#4 DataNumen Word Repair 2.5

One of the best taglines tools available on the online market is this Data Numen Word Repair tool.  They claim to be the best among all the other tools and they are sure. If any other tools can repair as same as their official tool, the company will pay a full refund to the client. This tool has a create simple user interface which allows user to easily access the data that they want. Which is very helpful indeed.  but, the downside is that this tool is paid so you can try it’s free version.

#5 Magic Word Recovery 1.0

Another amazing tool to recover lost word files is magic word recovery 1.0.  This great tool as various format support for ms word versions you can also recover older versions of ms word documents from word 2007 word 2013, 2016 and much more. And, This tool Give Few options to select any other methods from the list that you want to perform to recover your important last word document. So, you must give this one a try if you really want to find your lost word files.

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#6 Remo Repair Word

Remo repair word to is another most popular and widely used ms word files recovery tool that is available online. And, it is available for free to use.  Simple and attractive redesign user interface blouse simple slim and used to handle and recover their important files easily.  If you will recover using this tool the files may have the possibility of recovering the text font, font size margins and other important properties related to the word documents. Other tools sometimes lose this property while recovering the important file.

#7 DocRepair

Among the list of best word files, recovery tools are doc repair.  This tool provides the same facilities as to recover the word files easily for the user.  The DocRepair Free Word Recovery tool has the ability to restore and recover one of the oldest version of word documents that are not even possible to recover. The only downside with this tool is that it is also paid. but, the good news is that you can Use  It’s Free Version for Trial Period.

#8 RS Word Recovery 2.2

Rs word recovery 2.2  Tool is A great alternative to recover erased and lost Microsoft word documents. The tool can be run on complete hard disk to scan through all the potential folders with lost important word files. The best thing about this to believe that it also supports open office and adobe pdf format.  Which is a very handy feature to have. This tool deserves one shot.

#9 Easy Office Recovery 2

Ever heard about a tool that is capable of not only recovering the lost Microsoft office documents but also allows you to recover the other formats. Like ms excel, outlook and powerpoint, one note and all other possible ms word office tools file. Extremely simple and easy to use – user interface makes it very User-friendly. You can use its trial version for free and recover all your important ms word document files in just one simple click.

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#10 Hetman Word Recovery 2.2

Last but not the least, hetman word Recovery 2.2  is another great and one of the best word file recovery tools.  It is a great alternative for recovering DOC, ODT & DOCX  file formats. These file formats are not supported by all of the Other tools but this one allows you to recover and save this file formats.  unfortunately, this tool is also paid but again you can have a free trial of 30 days for this tool to be used.

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