Top 10 Best Horoscope Apps to Look into Future !

Best Horoscope Apps – Horoscope is the well-known and most common method of predicting the future. People believe that the knowledge of horoscope can help them in predicting the future activities and events going to happen with them. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the Horoscope But can’t resist my curiosity for any article on a horoscope. So, In this article, I’m going to explain Top 10 best horoscope apps to look in future. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

List of Top 10 Best Horoscope Apps to look in Future:

Best Horoscope Apps to Look into FutureHoroscope is one of the things that everyone wants to read at the start of their day. So, they can know better about the day coming ahead. And, this article we are talking about the best astrology app 2018. You’ll find all the possible information regarding your daily horoscope and the things you need to stay away from.

There are quite a large number of applications available on the Play Store. Which will allow you to check your horoscope and future predictions. But Here I’m providing a list of top 10 apps. Lets start with the first one.

#1 Personalized Astrology

An Amazing Horoscope application, with a simple User interface. You need to add few of your personal details for getting started with this application. It provides daily horoscope, astrology charts updates, biorhythm, numerology updates. You can get this application from Google Play Store for free.

#2 Galaxy Tarot

Another Free android application which has focused more on Tarot than providing textual horoscope. If a you are guy like me, who prefers tarot than Reading long horoscopes. Then this is the application for you. You need to pick a card in order to know a hint about the near future. The application is full of horoscope encyclopedia. The user interface is better and simple to understand. Which provides a better User experience.

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#3 Astrologer

Astrologer is another amazing android application which has quite rough user interface. Because Developers has only focused on the information, than the way it provides information. But, if you are more into astrological details then this application is for you. Simple to use, and contains daily update of all the zodiac signs. So, you can be updated about your zodiac on daily bases.

#4 Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone

Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone is another good application for the horoscope fans out there. It is considered as one of the Best horoscope application, because of its beautiful user interface. All the information about your zodiac & horoscope, you can get via daily notifications. It is one of those applications, where you’ll feel good to spend money. As, the Quality content they provide really worth it.

#5 AstroSage Kundli

AstroSage Kundli is an Indian mythology based android application. It uses constellations, Zodiac, birth-date & birth-time information to calculate the possible future events that can happen. The simple interface of the application provides various options of Lal kitab, KP System, predications, varshphal. They provide daily updates of the features. Which makes this application more reliable to use.

#6 True Horoscope

True Horoscope 2015 is another android application with similar capabilities. It provides daily horoscope updates, astrology horoscopes, zodiac updates of you and your friends. The application offers weekly and monthly updates for the current year. Know your future via this application. Share it with your friends through Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

#7 Horoscopes by

Using Horoscopes by application will provide you access for over 20+ daily free updates. The App provides astrology, horoscope, zodiac, constellation options. All through the wheel based menu of the application. The application provides various gestures to access your notifications.

#8 YourSelf

Another amazing android application focusing on the astrology and numerology to know your horoscope. The User interface seems to be a little bit outdated, but the functionality of the application is around perfect. It allows you to know more about yourself and your loved ones via their future and current behavior.

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#9 Zodiac And Astrology

Zodiac and Astrology is great astrology and horoscope application, which allows you to know more about your future via zodiac and tarot. The Visual User interface makes it better for the user to read the information and zodiacs. Again, similar to all other horoscope applications – Zodiac and astrology also provides daily updates and notification in the content.

#10 Easy Astrology

Easy Astrology is one of the easiest horoscope application for android. With simple user interface, It requires only your date of birth to calculate your zodiac sign. It keeps on updating predictions about your future in your device. It contains a lot of other options about horoscope for better user experience. This application uses some of the assumptions from Indian mythology for future prediction.

In the End, I can only suggest you to not to depend too much on horoscopes. Because, they are not based on any scientific calculations. Although, I hope that you would like this Article. Throw your doubts or queries related to this article, via comments.I would love to help you out. Thanks for your time.